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Episode 4

Okay let’s start it

Laksh was sitting in his study room. He was doing some work. But he can’t concentrate in the work. His heart is saying him to go and look swara once as she was in the state because of his piya. Suddenly he heard someone is knocking On the door.

Laksh – Yes come in.

Swara comes inside.

Swara – I’m sorry for disturbing you this time. Maa has sent your dinner and you hadn’t ate anything after coming from office.

Laksh – swara are you fine?

Swara – what will happen to me?I’m fine.

Laksh – yah okay you had taken your dinner or not.

Swara – after sometime I’ll take. First you eat then you can work. And I know you need time. I don’t know what’ll be our future. Till that i want to do friendship with you. It’s okay not as husband wife we can stay as friends.

Before laksh says something his phone rings. He saw piya was calling him . Swara also saw that.

Swara – laksh we are not husband wife right. You married me to save mine and my family respect. Thanks alot for that. And I’ll not say anything to you. You can enjoy your life. You can talk with her. And saying this she left.

Laksh understood swara said all these as she was hurt. Then he received the call.

Piya – what happened? Why you didn’t pick my call.

Laksh – nothing happened. I was in washroom that’s why .

Piya – I want to meet you.

Laksh – piya this time. No one is slept till now. How will i come.

Piya – you have to laksh. If you loves me then come. Otherwise I’ll come there.

Laksh – okay I’ll come but not now after sometime when everyone will sleep. I’ll call you.

Piya – okay bye. And she cuts the call.

Piya – maa he was coming.

Piya’s mother -good beta.

Piya – you don’t worry I’ll not let him go from me.

Piya’s mother -I also want that and i know my daughter she’ll never lose. I have faith on you.

Piya – thanks maa. And she hugs her mother.

Here laksh thought what to do . If he’ll go or not. He knows that he doesn’t love swara. But if piya comes here then she’ll again hurt swara. After everyone left laksh went to his room. He saw swara was sleeping in the bed. So silently he goes to washroom and then he gets ready . he did everything silently but his bad luck that while he was trying to find the car keys his phone rings and swara wakes up. He saw piya was calling him so he cuts the call.

Swara – laksh where you are going?

Laksh – Actually I have a important meeting so I have to go.

Swara – it’s okay but this time.

Laksh – yah you sleep I’ll go.

Swara – okay bye but please drive slowly.

Laksh – yah thanks bye.

And he left. He sat in the car. He was driving the car. He did it so many times. After everyone sleeps always he goes to meet piya. But today he wasn’t happy. He was feeling guilty as as he lies swara. Finally he reached the place. It was the place where he always meets piya It was a park usually no one is there at night. So both meets there. He gets down and saw piya was standing there. He goes and hugs her.

Piya – you forger me laksh.

Laksh – how can i forget you. You are my love, my life.

Piya – then why you marry that swara.

Laksh – I told you na actually her wedding was fixed with some other person . But he runs away. And maa gave me her promise. So i marry her.

Piya – but laksh what is that’s need. You love me pakka na.

Laksh – why you have any doubt. I want to ask you something.

Piya – okay.

Laksh – why you gave swara poison. You know that was very powerful poison. If doctor doesn’t come may be she had died.

Piya – i’m sorry laksh. Actually on your reception day i saw your marriage news. I became very much angry. You know na how much I love you. Then how can I saw your marriage news. I became very much angry. You know na how much I love you. Then how can I saw her with you. That’s why in anger i gave her poison. Please forgive me laksh. I’ll not do such thing again.

Laksh – promise me.

Piya – yes laksh your promise.

And she hugged laksh. Laksh also hugs her.

Piya – okay laksh I have to go now. Maa doesn’t know that I’m here. Are you had kept your car that side but i kept at the back side. Okay bye.

Laksh – yah you go. See you. And love you.

Piya – love you too and saying this left.

Laksh stood there till piya goes. Then he turns to go. But he was shocked that see someone. That was Swara. Laksh saw her. It can clearly seen that she was crying.

Laksh – swara woh..

Swara – no laksh please don’t tell anything. Laksh after you told me that you love piya i thought to do samjhota with it because you are my saved my family. I thought it’s okay you don’t love me,you need some time. I thought till that we can be friends. But laksh i never thought you need to say lie. When i went to give you dinner that time piya calls you. And i told you to talk with her because you will be happy. Why you lied me. If you had tell me the truth then I’ll let you go. Why i’ll oppose you.

Laksh – i’m sorry swara. But if i had told you then..

Swara – then what laksh?Please i want to trust you. I know we both are not husband wife but please for our family’s happiness we can be friends. We can’t let them know what’s the reality right. I’m going. If your important meeting has finished then you can come.

Laksh – yah i’m coming.

After sometime both returned back. Laksh went to his study room and swara went to sleep.

Laksh saw piya’s photo. Laksh was used to write diary if he was depressed. So he started writing diary.

My pov  (laksh guys)-

God what mistake i did that you brought me in such a situation. You know na how much i love piya. I had saw swara once or twice in the collage. I was her senior. And as usual as our gange started their ragging .I know swara as maa always told us about her. But i had never talked to her. When i saw her that day i know if I’ll not stop my friends and if maa will know that i was in that gange then maa will beat me. So i saved her and she goes to her class after saying me thanks. Then i don’t remember when i saw her after that. I think i saw her directly in the mandap. One day at our collage i met piya. Piya was a very beautiful and good girl. She loves to help others. She is my classmate. And we are friends. But when this friendship changes to love i don’t know. Our relationship has completed six years. Before some month one day i took maa to a coffee shop . there piya was already waiting for us. Piya comes and takes maa’s blessings. After some talking maa ask piya about her family. I don’t know what happened to maa suddenly that she get up and when I asked her the reason she told me clearly that if I’ll marry piya then maa will do suicide. And saying this maa left.

Piya told me that she’ll try her best to win maa’s trust. Then we goes to attend swara’s wedding. There we came to know that Vicky run away. I know Vicky from college time. Then maa took me outside. And she cries. When i ask her reason she told me that Swara was an orphan. And then she hold my legs and ask me to do something. I help her to get up and give her promise that I’ll do everything what she’ll told me. Then maa told me to marry swara to save her. As i promised i said yes for marriage. Even i marry her. But today I’m feeling guilty. Today i told swara that I love piya. I know she was very good. She comes to me and told me that we can became friends. Before i said anything to her piya calls me. I just don’t know what to do that time . Then swara told me to receive the call . She was innocent but I don’t love her. Today I lied her. I know she was hurt but I’m promising you god from tomorrow morning I’ll not hurt swara again and I’ll do friendship with her. And I don’t know what you had thought for me but i’ll try my best to pass in your every test. Okay bye but I have to think how to bring swara’s smile back . I have to surprise her. And then he gets an idea. And he slept.

Precap – laksh gives his surprise and swara goes to meet piya.

Friends I’ll not be able to upload it’s next part till 7th or 8th. Actually I’m going somewhere and there network problem is there. So if possible I’ll upload it’s next part.and hope you all like this part .I’ll wait for your comments.  Okay till then bye and take care.

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