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Episode 3

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All family members became tensed for swara. All are praying for her. Ap saw laksh was not there. So she makes some excuses and left to find laksh. After she searches many places she saw laksh was sitting in the bench in the garden. So she went near him.

Ap – laksh you are here.

Laksh – maa i warned you but still you let her meet swara.

Ap – laksh I know that and I’m feeling guilty for that also. But now you have to stay near swara.

Laksh- maa why you forced me for marriage.

Ap – laksh you know very well that i just hate that girl. In fact if you marry her then she’ll destroy our family. And if it comes about swara I like her very much .Your papa also want this marriage.

Laksh – but maa i don’t love swara.

Ap – laksh that day when we reached to attend swara’s marriage i wasn’t happy. Because always i want to make her our bahu. I think god had listened our prayers.

Just then Dp calls Ap to come as swara regain consiousness.

Ap – laksh let’s go. Swara regain her consiousness.

Laksh – no I’ll not come.

Ap – but why beta?

Laksh – maa today she was fighting for her life because of me .How will i face her.

Ap – beta nothing like that. You are not responsible for this. She needs you now. I know you don’t love her but beta you had taken seven pheres with her. You have to keep those promises. Now let’s go.

Laksh – okay.

And both of them left to swara’s cabin . Swara saw laksh comes. She can saw the guilty on his eyes. He wasn’t facing her. She didn’t understand why laksh was doing this. She remembers that girl and her warning.

Ap – beta are you fine now?

Swara – haan maa.

Just then doctor comes there.

Doctor – Dr swara how are you now?

Swara – yes doctor i’m fine now.

Doctor – Dp ji your bahu was herself a doctor. So i don’t think she’ll neglect her health. But still you all have to take care her.

Dp – doctor if we can take her home?

Doctor – yah sure but you all have to make sure that she rests at least for tonight. Because I know her she never rests. Dr Swara please take rest.

Swara – but doctor only for tonight .

Ap – okay my doctor bahu .Now let’s go.

And after sometime all of them returned to maheswari mansion. Ap takes swara to laksh room and makes her sit there.

Ap – beta now you take rest. I’m going now after sometime I’ll send juice for you and you have to drink it.

Swara – maa can i ask you one question.

Ap – yes beta.

Swara – maa where is laksh. After we returned from hospital i didn’t saw him.

Ap – beta he’ll come . He went for one important meeting. Actually it was very important that’s why. You take rest. And saying this she left.

Swara – where are you laksh. Till now i don’t know you love me or not. And who is that girl. I don’t remember if i saw her or not. But why she said that I’m coming in her way. Then she slept.

After some hour laksh comes back. He goes to his room and saw swara sleeping. So he thought not to disturb her. And he left to his study room . He goes there. He opens his laptop. There was a couple photo. He touches that and cried. He says I’m sorry. And then he slept.

Next day before swara wakes up he gets ready and left for his office. When swara knows about it she finds something fishy. Then she waits for laksh. But he didn’t come. Somehow the day passed. Swara thought to saw the whole house and started walking. While walking she saw a room infront of that it was written don’t enter otherwise you will be dead and some naughty smilies. She finds it suspicious and entered the room . When she entered she saw a big photo of laksh in the wall. She understands it was his study room.
There she saw a laptop. She opens it but to her surprise there was no password.

Swara – are laksh didn’t gave any password. It means he don’t have any secret. Let’s see. When she opened it she became shocked. She has tears on her eyes. She had seen that photo. It’s laksh and a girl’s photo. That girl who has came in their reception and she only injected poison to swara.

Swara – no god this can’t happen . She wipes her tears and tells no swara you are thinking wrong. May be she was his best friend. This is possible na. Then she saw a folder named my love piya(role played by pakhi of ek mutthi aasman, guys now she was playing the role of riddhima in ishqbazz ).Swara was shocked to see that folder. But she gather courage and opens that folder. There she saw so many photos. But after seeing some she closed that folder because she has no more patience to see them. She runs to her room and after closing the door she cried hard.

Swara – god why you did such things with me?What i had done. Why you are punishing me god. Now what I’ll do. First my marriage get fixed with Shaan i didn’t question you. Then Shaan run away. Then you send laksh my love. I happily get married to him . I thought may be now he was loving me. Are why you let this marriage happened? What I’ll do now. Everything got over. Laksh wasn’t happy. After our marriage the thing i was doubting that became true. Then she heard some footsteps sound. She knows that someone is coming towards room. To avoid she quickly wipes her tears and sits in the bed. And started reading magazine. She saw laksh was coming there.

Laksh – swara are you fine now?

Swara – she couldn’t control her feelings more. Her heart telling her to cried loudly. But she control herself. And replied hmm.

Laksh – i want to talk with you.

Swara – yah tell me.

Laksh – swara I know you have so many hopes from me. But I’m sorry because…

But before he finishes

Swara – you don’t love me. You love that girl who came in our reception right.

Laksh – yes i love her. We both are in a relationship since my college time. Her name is piya. I got married to you as for the first time maa ask me to do something. I know piya did wrong with you. I’m really sorry for it. If possible please forgive me.

And saying this he left.

Swara – she sits in a shock. Before laksh comes she knows that he loves piya but her heart was saying may be now he doesn’t love her. But after laksh said she can’t decide what to believe. Oh god i lost.

She heard her phone was ringing. She saw riya calling. She answered the call.

Riya – oho madam after marriage you forget me. So much selfish haan. You got laksh that’s why..

Swara – no riya i didn’t get laksh. I lost him riya.

Riya – hey you are crying? Swara tell me yaar. Please.

Swara – riya now only laksh told me that he don’t love me. He loves piya from college time. Riya my love wasn’t that much strong. I lost everything. Riya why this marriage happened. After this marriage i again started dreaming all those dreams. They will never fulfilled.

Riya – swara please stop crying. Tell me clearly what he told you.

Then swara told everything to riya including that poison matter.

Riya – what? Is that piya mad . She tried to kill you. And laksh what he was thinking about himself. Now you both are husband wife. How can he tell like this. Okay talk with Suraj  (guys riya was already married. And i had forget to mention her role will be played by vidya of saath nivana sathiya and Suraj by yuvraj of tashan e ishq )

Suraj -choti how are you?

Swara –  bhai I’m fine . (Actually guys swara calls suraj as bhai and suraj calls her  choti. Suraj has no sister and swara has no brother so both are brothers and sisters. )

Suraj -have you taken your medicine?

Riya- common suraj she was a doctor.

Suraj -she and doctor. Are doctor toh door ki baat she wasn’t a good patient.

Swara – bhai i’m a doctor now. So stop teasing.

Suraj -seriously you and doctor. I don’t think so.

Swara – she wipes her tears and tells bhai you are insulting me haan .

Suraj -really choti i don’t think. Are i’m saying truth.

Then their cat fights started.

Riya – oh god both again started. Okay you both continue i’m going. Till I’ll return just finish these.

Suraj -you are my wife that doesn’t mean you will disturb me and my choti talking.
Hai na choti.

Swara – Yes hey riya ki bachhi you go na. I’ll talk with this person.

Riya – okay baba i’m going .ans saying this she left.

Finally after sometime suraj became successful to bring swara’s smile back.

Swara – thank you bhai.

Suraj – really but why?

Swara – you did all this drama to stop my tears right.

Suraj – are my choti became intelligent. You know choti your tears are very much precious for me and riya. How can we let destroy them. Don’t cry and don’t worry.

Swara – you know what laksh loves that piya.

Suraj – yah i had heard all your talking. Swara it’s okay.

Swara – bhai but I love him.

Suraj – swara you are not getting my point. Okay tell me if that stupid Shaan didnt run away you have to marry him right. Now tell me what you would do after becaming his wife.

Swara – then I’ll tell him my feelings about laksh. And ask him forgiveness and ask him some time.

Suraj – i’m saying that only swara. Just think nothing changed in your life. Only position changed.

Swara – what position?

Suraj – choti now you are in Shaan’s position and laksh in your position. No difference in this.

Swara – you are right but what I’ll do now.

Suraj – choti you only give the solution. Now laksh needs time .You have to give time to him . as you said he loves piya from college time na then it wasn’t easy for him. Just give sometime. Don’t tell anything to him and one more thing don’t cry because if you will cry nothing will change. Just face it choti.

Swara – yah you are right bhai. I’ll not cry after this.

Suraj – now you became my choti. Okay I’m going to eat bye.

Swara – bye.

It ends with swara’s determining face.

Precap – laksh point of view.

Sorry guys because in this episode i didn’t give laksh point of view. Actually my health wasn’t again good. So for today i can write this much only. And i had read all your coments. Many of you want previous laksh right. Guys I’ll write but just wait for one or two episodes more. Then you got your previous laksh. Again a big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrry. And please don’t get angry. Give your beautiful coment I’ll wait for them. Okay till then bye and take care.

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