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Episode 2

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Swara and laksh reach maheswari mansion. Although swara knows arnapurna but she never came to maheswari mansion. She became so much happy to see the house. Before they reached there Ap and Dp had already reached before them. And the house was fully decorated . When car stops laksh goes outside. Swara thought laksh will help her to come out. Ap comes and opens the door and helps swara to come out. Swara comes out and tried to find laksh .finally she saw him. He was standing in front of main door with his friend. He was talking with him.

Ap – swara come beta. We’ll do the ghar pravesh.

Swara – Yes aunty.

Ap – no aunty beta call me maa like laksh call me. I’m also your mother.

Swara – okay maa.

Ap – acha beta meet my daughter uttara and she is my devrani sujata. So swara bends down and takes sujata ‘ s blessings.

Sujata -didi our bahu is so beautiful na.

Ap – haan sujata okay we’ll talk later first start the ritual. Okay uttara beta you come with swara I’m going to check everything is ready or not.

Uttara- don’t worry badi maa I’ll come with bhabi.

So Ap and Sujata goes inside.

Uttara – bhabi hi.

Swara – hi.

Uttara -I knew it my bhabi will be so much beautiful .I always gave challenge to my friends that my bhabi will be best. She’ll be a angel. And see today i won the challenge.

Swara – but how do you know that I’ll be your bhabi.

Uttara -Actually if I’ll say truth na you will laugh. Promise me you will not tell anyone.

Swara – you are like my little sister why i’ll tell any one.

Swara – are bhabi all of my friend na were just crazy for bhai. When ever he goes to drop me in college all of them came to bhai and started their flirting. One day i became so much angry and told them that my bhabi will be more beautiful than all of them.

Swara – acha then I’ll not tell any one. Then she saw towards laksh, till now he was talking with his friends.

Just then Ap calls them. So swara goes and stands in the main door.

Ap – are laksh what are you doing there? Come here beta and stands with swara. I have to do arati of both of you.

Sujata – are aja laksh.

Laksh comes and stands near swara. Swara saw him and smiles but he didn’t reply. Then swara enters the house. But after she entered laksh straightly goes to his room. Swara feels something strange but she avoids it.

Ap – swara beta come and sit here. I know you are tired but just wait for some time more. Actually today evening you have to do the aarti it was our family tradition. So beta please sit here.

Swara – it’s okay aunty. I’m sitting here. You don’t worry .I’m not that much tired.

Ap – I know you from your childhood beta. You will never tell that you need rest. If it wasn’t the tradition na then I’ll send you to take rest. Okay beta I’m going to prepare all the things .You talk with uttara. Saying this she and Sujata left.

Swara talks with Uttara. But her eyes are trying to find laksh . She want to talk to him . her mind was saying that laksh was forced to marry her. Maybe he married her as Ap tells him . But her heart is saying that may be laksh loves her so to save her respect he married her. There was a big wala fight was going between her mind and heart. She was confused if laksh loves her or not. While talking with Uttara sometime she wants to go to laksh room and talk to him. Finally evening comes. Swara goes to Uttara’s room to change and after wearing a new saree and accessories she comes down.

Swara – god please let me see laksh once. You know na what is going through in my mind. Are how much selfish you are. You can saw clearly na I’m in a very big confusion please help me to get rid of this. Okay I’m sorry I’m selfish you make it possible so that i married laksh. Sorry haan i told you selfish. Okay at least let me saw him once.

Uttara – are bhabi you are ready na. And with whom you are talking.

Swara – nothing uttara baas aise hi.

Uttara – I know you are not happy with this marriage. Badi maa told me in which situation you get married to my brother. But I’m promising you you will be happy.

Swara thought are buddu why i’ll be sad. I don’t know it was my destiny or something else but I’m very much happy that finally i got my love.

Uttara – okay bhabi let’s go. All are waiting for you downstairs.

Swara – okay let’s go. And both reached the temple.

Ap – swara you came. Okay beta take this plate. Just a minute beta till now laksh didn’t come Uttara beta go and call your brother.

Uttara goes and call laksh. And laksh comes there.

Sujata – are laksh you had weard pink colour serwani and swara was also wearing pink colour saree. You both are looking so good.

Ap – you are right sujata. Okay laksh go and stands near swara. You also have to help her in aarti.

Laksh goes and stands near swara. He holds swara’s hand and both completed the pooja. Then they take all elder’s blessings.

Ap – swara tonight you have to sleep with Uttara. Actually it was our tradition that tomorrow morning you have to go to our kuldevi temple .okay beta.

Parineeta -devar ji you have to wait one more night. Hai na Adarsh.

Adarsh – yes laksh I know what you are feeling. Don’t worry I’m with you.

Laksh – no bhai nothing like that. And saying this again he left to his room.

Again swara missed to talk with laksh. Swara couldn’t sleep. She remembers all her moments with her family her best friend riya everything. She was crying. Quickly she wiped her tears in the fear of that uttara will wake up. Finally she slept. Next day morning she wake up early and gets ready. Then she went to temple with Ap and Sujata. All the day  passed but she can’t talk with laksh. She thought after the reception she’ll talk with him.

At evening

Swara saw the maheswari mansion was completely decorated with flowers and lights. It was looking so beautiful. She can saw clearly the reception venue which was going to start in the garden area. All guests were started coming. So Ap comes and gives swara saree and accessories. She gets ready . her eyes are trying to find laksh in the crowd. But she thought may be he was busy .Then when all the guests come Ap and Sujata takes swara there. Swara reaches near the stage. Till now she was walking with her pallu. So she didn’t saw anyone. Ap told her to raise her pallu. And goes to stage. So swara raised her pallu. Suddenly one hand comes infront of her when she saw it was of laksh. Laksh forward his hand to help swara to come to stage. Swara gets up and stands near laksh. She smiles seeing laksh and laksh also slightly smile.

After sometime uttara announces for dance . so every couple go there. Swara saw towards laksh and she thought may be laksh doesn’t want to dance. But to her surprise laksh forward his hand and asks for dance. So swara happily gives her hand. As they came all focus were on both of them . Both of them danced for sometime. Then they return to the seat and sits there. So everyone starts coming to them and they take pictures with them and gives gifts also.

Ap was standing beside swara and she was helping swara to know all the people. Swara saw a mother and a girl were coming towards them. As they proceed further swara saw laksh and Ap face were became changed. Swara can clearly saw that both became worried as they were coming nearer. Swara doesn’t understand anything Finally that lady and that girl reaches near them. When they reaches there laksh comes infront of swara as he wants to save her.

Girl – don’t worry laksh I’ll not do anything to your wife. Are you forget to call us. So I thought i should come here to congratulate you.

Laksh – please i know whatever happened is in hurry. I didn’t get time to inform you. But please keep swara away from all these. She is innocent.

Swara stood there as such but she was not understanding anything.

Girl – don’t worry laksh believe me I’ll not do anything with her.

Laksh- please you go back I’ll tell you everything.

Girl – okay you want that I’ll leave okay I’ll go but please bring her to front once me and maa will give her this bouque we’ll leave it’s my promise.

Ap – okay laksh let them meet.  all guest are present here. Don’t create any issue. Let them meet.

Laksh – but maa if she’ll harm swara. Maa she doesn’t know anything.

Ap – laksh we all are here. She’ll not do anything.

Laksh – okay maa as you wish. And saying this he returned to his place.

Girl – swara you don’t know me na. It’s okay your husband will definitely tell you about me. Okay take this bouque. Have a very good life ahead. And she hugged swara. Swara feels something strange but she avoids it. She hugs swara and tells you did a big mistake by coming in my way. You have to pay for it. And you know what I’ll give you punishment death. You have to die.

Then they left. Swara was shocked as she doesn’t know anything. Who is that girl and how she comes in her way. She thought she’ll ask laksh about that girl later. Then she kept that bouque to a side. After sometime swara feels like someone is trying to chock her neck. She cant breath properly. And then she falls down. Then what happened she don’t know.

Laksh – swara what happened? maa swara please check her.

Ap – are swara what happened? Please get up beta. Adarsh call the doctor immediately.

Adarsh – yes maa and he goes to call doctor.

Ap -laksh take her to the room.

Laksh – yes maa. And he takes swara to room.

After sometime doctor goes inside and he checks and comes back.

Doctor – Dp ji I had given her first aid we have to take her to hospital.

Laksh – but what happened to her?

Doctor -she was injected with poison.

Ap – what but how? She was infront of us only.

Doctor – I saw a small mark near her neck. May be someone injected that poison while she doing any work or may be with out her knowledge I mean any one who hugged her and injected it. Okay let’s take the patient to hospital. We have wash away all the poison from her body otherwise anything can happen.

Dp – please don’t say that we’ll not let happen anything wrong with her. Adarsh go and bring car now only we’ll take swara to hospital.

Adarsh – okay papa. And he left.

Dp – are laksh what you are thinking about. Take swara beta we have leave for hospital as soon as possible.

Laksh – hmm and he takes swara and left to hospital.

It ends with laksh worried face.

Precap – if swara will be alive?and laksh point of view.

Guys i’m fine now. Okay bye and take care and don’t forget to give your sweet coments. 

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  1. Janavee

    Who is that girl? Sorry I’m new here.,

    1. It’s okay dear but till now I didn’t mention who is that girl
      You will know in next epi

    2. Pari123

      You will know in next episode

      1. Janavee

        Thanks for replying ?

  2. nice one dear….

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  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm as always di.Loved it.Plz post nxt part ASAP bcz I wanna know laksh pov is he love her or not.But yeah, don’t give stress yourself.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Thanks Uma yah I’ll update asap

  4. Awesum n big one nd pls save swara..eagrly waiting fr nxt part update asap

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  5. Mica

    omg….. suspense ?
    eagerly waiting next….please pari, ! luv it luv it luv it.
    please bring my naughty, witty laksh in this ff
    i missed his old character soo much.
    in swaragini serial, he changed already.
    ty so much, and god bless u.
    btw, your link/prev link isn’t working.
    this link maybe can help http://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=LOVE+BLOSSOMS+AGAIN

    1. Thanks mica I’ll post it

  6. awesome….

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  7. wow di nice awesome episode..loved swara here but what happen with laksh so silent make him like cheerful happy going like previous ff Nd suspended full waiting for next part

    1. Pari123

      Thanks dear but for that you have to wait for one or two episodes more

  8. Full of suspense…. O god… Bt it was awesome dear… Loved it… ??????n who was that girl… ???eagerly waiting for the suspense to be revealed…
    N how r u….. Fine na…. Tc… Bye… N Ha update soon….. ???

    1. Pari123

      Thanks vidhi I had already submitted it

  9. Shloka

    Wow… pari di u again rocked….
    I am ur biggest fan over here…. u r my fav. Writer… honestly speaking…. i just love ur writing style and the most importantly ur awesome story line…. i have read each and every episode of all ur ffs.

    1. Pari123

      Thanks sholka i’m happy that you loved my story and I’m your fav thanks a lot for this

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