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Episode 19

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Everyone finishes their breakfast and went for their own work. Dp,Rp, shekhar and Adarsh went to office. Now only ladies stayed in the house. All are busy in work.
Somehow the day passed. All returned from office.

Ap – what happened ji? Today it was your meeting right.

Dp – yah it goes well.

Dadi – means you got the deal.

Shekhar – yes, maa we got the deal.

Adarsh – we got it only because of laksh maa.

Dp – yes, because of me we got this and many more.

Rp -yes bhai because of him in the last eight months we got several deals which we had never thought to crack.

Adarsh – now we are on the top of business companies of India. Today only i checked the paper and we are number one.

Dadi – it means double happiness.

Pari – yes, but where is laksh?  The main person who is behind this happiness he is only not here.

Adarsh – where can be? The same park.

Ap – we got everything wealth,name everything but we lost our laksh. When he’ll became my previous laksh that naughty one i’m dying to see him like that.

Dp – that will happen only when his happiness will return our swara will return. With out her he was incomplete.

Ap – then find her na. I just want them together.

Dp – i’m trying my best. Noone knows where is she. I had tried everything to know where she did her transfer. Now in which hospital she is working. What you thought till now i had tried my best but whenever i ask the officials they just tell us that her file was lost. But when we pressurised them they told us that it was swara’s order only to keep it as secret and they can’t break them.

Ap – but swara misunderstood right.

Dp –  she had always trust laksh but that day situation was different.

Sumi – but shona should wait na. Why she left suddenly. She didn’t even bother to inform her parents. May be she never thought us as her own parents.

Dadi – no its not like that. Don’t lose hope. I know god will soon give us some clue so that we should find her. Now let’s have dinner. When laksh will come he’ll have it.

Then all takes their dinner. And left to sleep.

Scene shift to a park where a person was sitting in a bench in the park. Some lights fall on his face he was laksh. He was holding a mobile and continuously seeing it. He was seeing all his moments with swara how they got married, how they enjoyed being friends everything. He was crying. He holds his phone tightly and started crying more.

Laksh – when swara when you will return. It’s already eight months i didn’t saw you. I know you are angry on me but what was our family’s fault in it. Why you are punishing them for me. I’m a idiot,duffer, idiot everything swara whatever i’m that’s okay na after all i’m yours swara. I know i took soo many times to understand that i love you. That day i was with piya but i never though that you need me mostly. Thanks god that you saved. But why you left swara. That day i realised how much i love you. Please come back swara. You remember this place. That day we gave promise to each other to stay unite right now it’s enough swara please come back. Now i can’t take it more. I need you swara. Your laksh needs you swara . Just come back once na them I’ll never let you go away from me. Please swara come back. Okay i have to go now all were waiting for me. Bye good night see you tomorrow.

Next day morning

Ap – laksh you wake up beta.

Laksh – yes,maa.

Ap – listen today you have to take your breakfast with us.

Laksh – woh maa actually i have..

Ap – no need of acting. Today you have to otherwise I’ll not eat anything the whole day.

Laksh- okay I’ll come.

It ends with ap’s happy face..

Precap – revelation of past and where is swara???

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  1. Mica

    i dunno, Pari..where is Swara..don’t ask me, huhuhuhu

  2. Mirna

    Eagerly waiting to know the past dear 🙂

  3. awesome post the next part soon dear

  4. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Huhhh,abb patah chala Mr. Idiot ko swara ki kimat??.. But confused di..Keep going di.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  5. Mahjabeen

    Huhh finally he realised after a long time dat he loves swara….well da chap ws amazing…watng egrly fr nxt

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