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Okay let’s start it

Ladies were gussiping about swara. Her character, her behaviour everything. One lady told that it was happen due to swara only. Because of her only her family had faced this day. Swara listened everything silently. She was not hurt for the first time. Now it became her friend only always getting taunt from other people that she was orphan .but she had never complain to god that she was an orphan because she got such a family who loves her more than may be her real parents do . suddenly she heard her dadi was saying something.

Dadi (to that lady)-excuse me but you are here to bless my swara not to tell about her .Till now i never allowed anyone to talk about my swara then who are you. And she wasn’t orphan. We are her family. I know today she got such a punishment which we can’t forget anyday. But I’m proud of my swara that she always stood for other’s.

Lady -whatever parvati ji she was very much abshagun for your family. Okay tell me who will marry her.

Sumi – listen she was not abshagun for us. She was an angel for us who came and fills happiness in our house. And may be youare forgetting that day if swara didn’t reach on time na then your son had died. You remember na swara saved him. She always helps all of you but when she needs your support you are saying bad about her.

Swara heard everything. She was sitting in the mandap. She remembers that day when sumi had brought her to home. That day she was very happy shekhar had brought chocolates, toys everything. That day she knows that it was her family. Sumi and shekhar always keeps their promise. That wanted to make swara a doctor. And to make happy swara tried her best and became a doctor. But today what mistake she did. She knows that she wasn’t happy to marry Shaan. But still she tried to be happy as her family is happy in it.

Lady – are sumi now nothing will
happen?your swara will remain alone all her life. No one will marry her.

Lady 2 – you are right. Are who will agree to marry that girl…

But before she finished another voice is heard.

Voice – my son will marry swara. I’ll make her my daughter in law.

Everyone saw towards that lady. Swara also raised her head. That lady’s face is shown . She was Arnapurna ,Sumi’s friend.
Ap – what happened? You all became shocked. Are you all are really human beings i’m getting doubt. Swara’s marriage break. Instead of giving her hope to forget this day you all are talking about her.

Then she goes near Sumi. And tells Sumi you know na i always loved swara. In fact I want to make her my bahu. That day when you came to my house to give us swara’s marriage card me and my husband both became sad. Because we were thinking to came to your house that day to talk about swara.

Dp -yes shekhar ji we want to make her our family member. But that day we thought swara will be happy. It’s okay that day what ever we want to tell you now I want to tell you. He and Ap folds his hand and tells please give your swara’s hand for our only son laksh. We want them to get married.

Swara saw riya. Riya slightly smiles. Riya came to her and helps her in standing.

Shekhar – we know Dp ji laksh was very good and kindhearted boy. And we are ready for the marriage but if laksh was agreed in this.

Ap – you don’t worry we came here with laksh only. Laksh come inside beta .and shekhar ji he said yes to marry swara.

Laksh came inside. He was wearing a blue colour serwani. He came and stand near Ap.

Swara saw him. He was her love only. Now she wasn’t believing that she was dreaming or whatever happening is real.

Sumi – laksh beta i know you from your childhood. If you are happy with this relation na.

Laksh doesn’t say anything. He only nods his head.

Dp – sumi ji i think you should talk with swara once. She was very much sad in all these. We are elder so it will be easy for us to accept all these. But she was not .Just talk with her once.

Ap – haan sumi go and talk na just before sometime only she saw and tolerate everything. So you can understand na.

Sumi – haan I’ll talk her now only. Sumi was crying but it was of happiness That her shona will be happy na.

Ap – and till that we are waiting here only.

Sumi and dadi takes swara and riya to a room.

Sumi – shona I know it wasn’t easy for you. Please beta try once na I’m sure this time nothing bad will happen.

Swara – she wipes sumi’s tears and tells okay maa I’ll marry him. But promise me after this you and dadi will not cry.

Dadi -promise meri bacchi I’ll not cry. Are if ill cry more my makeup will be spoiled na then who will do my make up. That time you will be in mandap na.

Swara – are dadi just look at your eye liner. It was completely spoiled. Come I’ll do your make up.

Dadi -are swara don’t worry I’ll ask that girl what is her name are woh parlour wali payal .she’ll do it.

Sumi – shona we are really sorry. You did everything whatever we told you to do. You agree to get married to Shaan with out asking any questions. We are sorry . We did a mistake in choosing a life partner for you.

Swara – are maa what is this. If you know that Shaan will do such thing. No na then no need to say sorry.

Dadi – are riya stay with my swara. We are going to tell them that swara is agreed for marriage. And after the preparation we’ll call you. And saying this they left.

Riya – shona i want to cry.

Swara – why?you are not happy that I’m marrying my laksh.

Riya – are i’m not telling for that are i missed to beat that Shaan.

Swara – I’m very happy riya.

Riya – she also hugs her and tells finally swara god listened your prayer. I’m very much happy for you.

Scene shift to outside.

Dadi -swara agreed. Let’s do preparation.

Ap – are what is that’s need . see na laksh is in serwani,pandit ji also here. Then why to make late just call swara.

Sumi – haan. And after sometime swara comes and marriage completed with all ritual.

Then swara’s bidai also happened. Swara and laksh sits in car and started to go towards maheswari mansion.

Swara – she saw towards laksh (he was seeing the scenario ) and think i don’t know you love me or not but I’m promising you laksh I’ll fulfil all the promise i gave you while taking seven rounds. I’ll try my best to became a good wife and a good bahu.

It ends with swara’s smiling face.

Precap – swara and laksh reception and an attack on swara during reception.

Friends I’ll not able to update for next three to five days due to health problem. So if possible I’ll update on 3rd or 5th August. And don’t forget to give your coment. Okay till then bye and take care.

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