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Episode 18

Okay let’s start it

Swara and laksh were silent in the car. Laksh tried hard to start a conversation but swara knowingly avoids it.  Laksh didn’t understand what was the reason he thought may be she was acting. They went to a park. Swara goes ahead without uttering a word. She went and sits in a bench. Laksh comes running behind her. He saw her sitting alone because no other one is there.

Laksh – swara what is this? You didn’t talked with me. And why you are sitting here. Let’s go there na. There were so many people are there.

Swara – no laksh you go. I’ll sit here.

Laksh – but why? you are good at home. What happened to you when i was at washroom.

Swara – nothing laksh sometimes we can’t express our emotions. Forget it you go.

Laksh – now i’m not going anywhere tell me what happened?

Swara – no nothing….

Laksh – he went and sit near her and again ask her..

Swara – i said nothing laksh you go please.

Laksh – swara now tell me please.

Swara – i know you will not go na I’m leaving sit here. And she stands to go but laksh holds her hand.

Laksh – I’ll not let you go so easily. He stands up. He went near her and holds her face. Swara look at me. So swara with much pain saw to his eyes. Laksh could easily see all the tears on her eyes. Swara please share with me. Why you are crying. Tell me swara. I can’t tears on your eyes.

Swara – i said nothing . And today I’m missing riya and suraj bhai more that’s why. You go .And she went from there. But she couldn’t go far away from him. She comes back running and hugs him tightly.

Laksh was surprised to see her like this.

Swara – laksh please don’t leave me. I love you more than my life. I know you don’t love me but please don’t lie me. I had always a dream to stay with you in my whole life but i was wrong laksh truth was that you can’t never forget piya. You both guys are perfect for each other. I came in between you both. But i can’t stay with out you laksh. Please. ….

Laksh don’t know but he also cried. And he hugs swara more tightly.

Laksh – swara why you will go anywhere. No need of that. We are friends right. Please swara don’t cry. I don’t know but i can’t see you like this. I can’t saw you in pain and that’s because of me please swara don’t tell like this again . If i had did any mistake then please tell me.

Swara realises and release him.

Swara – sorry for hugging you. Now let’s go. And she walks ahead but again laksh holds her hand and sign her not to go. But still she managed to go. So laksh holds her hand again and pull her towards him. Now swara and laksh were very much close to each other.

Laksh- whatever i had did i don’t know that it was my destiny or something but i can’t lose you swara. And without you i can’t see my life ahead.

Swara – no laksh these are not true. Your life and my life was different. You love is piya and that’s true and one more truth is that you will never love me laksh. But it’s okay I’ll wait for you. Now she turns towards him and said that I’ll always remain your friend laksh. Now let’s go otherwise we’ll be late.

Laksh – one more thing swara. Today i promised you I’ll not keep any secret from you. And after today i’ll forget about my past completely. Now there will be no secret and i want to live with you swara. .

Swara – she happily hugs him. Thanks laksh now i don’t want anything from you. I just don’t want to go from your life. Now if you’ll send me na then also I’ll not leave you.

Laksh – and I’ll not let my best friend to go away from me. ..

And they left. …………

After 8 months

Maheswari mansion is shown. All are busy in their work. Ap was doing pooja and Dp was sitting silently. Pari, Adarsh were trying to talk with each other. They are signing each other about what to do. Sumi,dadi,and shekhar comes downstairs. All take arti from Ap.

Pari – Adarsh so many thing changed na.

Adarsh – yes pari our all happiness vanishes. Now all are staying here but no one has interested in living. Thanks to sumi aunty because as they are here we feel somewhat happy . Today what we’ll do to bring their smile pari. Always we tried new techniques.

Pari – don’t know Adarsh till when our reason of our happiness will not return we can’t do anything. Where is she Adarsh if she doesn’t remember about us.

Adarsh – yes, pari where is our swara with out her our house has no happiness. When she left we had always prayed for her returning but why bhagvan is not listening to us. Everyone is in this house were trying to act weather they know it clearly that till when swara will not return they will have to act it. Where is she god. Please let her come our house.

Pari – Adarsh you brought every one. I’m serving the breakfast.

Adarsh – okay.

Ap was praying to god. Please god listen to our prayer. Just saw everyone no one is happy in this house please help us to get a single clue. Please bhagvan ji.

Pari – maa you all come na I had served the breakfast.

Ap – okay beta. Let’s go sumi ji.

At the dining table

Sumi – where is laksh?

Adarsh – woh he went early morning only. He told that he has an important meeting.

Sumi – how much he’ll lie always same reason. Pari beta call him now.

Dp – don’t do that pari beta. It’s good that he was busy otherwise. ..

Dadi – but he was neglecting his health. If he’ll continue it then how will he found my shona. Now i can’t live without her.

Ap – we’ll definitely find her. I can’t saw you all like this.

Shekhar –  swara went but she don’t know that how much we are suffering.

Ap – why that day came in our life. I just want my swara to come back.

Pari – maa you don’t worry swara will come back because she can’t stay away more days from her love. Just don’t lose hope. .

Ap – that’s the only thing we can do beta. .

It ends with everyone’s sad face. …

So guys don’t be angry haan. So from this episode you all know na swara us not in maheswari house . But what happened everything went right they promised eachother Then where she went. If any one will find her or not. . Don’t worry guys they will reunite soon. Just read it. I know you all can’t see them separate and nor i’m. So I’ll definitely unite them. But now don’t throw eggs on me. Keep reading and tell me the reason you think about the twist, where can be she, what’s the reason. … socho socho. …..I’ll tell you clearly in next episode. Don’t forget to give coment. Next update is on 30th December. Till then bye and take care. …

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