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Episode 14

Okay let’s start it

Swara wakes up in the morning. She saw laksh was seeing her and he was smiling at her.

Swara – laksh what are you seeing?

Laksh – you are so beautiful.

Swara – laksh what are you saying? If you are still in the sleep.

Laksh – no you are really so beautiful.

Swara – she pinched him so laksh screams. Are you saw you are in sleep till now that’s why i thought why you are telling me beautiful.

Laksh – sorry swara may be you are right.

Swara – okay haan i’m going for bath.

Laksh – yah you go and again sorry haan.

Swara – no need of sorry yaar we are friends na.

Laksh – yah now go.

Swara – Yes and she rushes to washroom.

Then as usual laksh and Dp went to office and swara and Ap became alone. They were cutting vegetables.

Ap – beta you know na laksh bday was a day after tomorrow.

Swara – sorry maa but i didn’t know about that.

Ap – it’s okay. This time it’s your turn plan some surprise for him. He’ll definitely forget piya.

Swara – yah maa I’ll do it. Then she told something to Ap.

Ap – vert good idea swara.

That day evening

Ap – laksh me and your papa were going to your masi house. If you will able to take here all the responsibility na.

Laksh – yes but why you are going and when you will return.

Ap – don’t know but may be one week.

Laksh – what? okay. He thought it means maa forget about my bday. Beta laksh this time there is no bday. Are swara doesn’t know about my bday na. It’s okay. He makes a sad face and started eating.

Swara show thumbs up to Dp and Ap.

As per shedule Ap and Dp left . And laksh also left for office. Swara planned everything.

Next day

Laksh wakes up but he didn’t find any gift nor any wishes.

He saw swara comes from bathroom. He thought she’ll wish him.

Swara – are laksh you wake up now gets ready. I’m preparing your breakfast haan. Come quickly it’s already late you are getting late for office.

Laksh – yah i’m going. Swara what’s the date.

Swara – what happened ? don’t know laksh i never remember the dates. Are go gets ready. And saying this she left.

Laksh – what is a bday. My wife doesn’t know that today is my bday. Then he went to washroom. And then asusual he went to office also.

Swara – laksh today you will get a very good surprise.

That day evening.

Laksh comes back and saw all the lights were off. He called swara but didn’t get a reply. He became afraid for swara’s safety.

Just then a projector was on. And all his pictures from childhood were shown. He was happy because after a long time he was seeing them. Then his present pics also shown.

He heard a sound from background. .Laksh you always wants that your first bday wish should comes from your parents then here is it. .

Laksh saw Ap and Dp comes and wishes him a happy birthday. And they blessed him.

Laksh – but you went to masi house.

Ap – my son’s bday was there then how can i go there.

Laksh – then where were you last two days?

Then sumi and shekhar and dadi comes there.

Sumi – with us beta.

And they also wish him a happy birthday.

Laksh – but maa ..

Ap – these are planned by swara. She told me that on your every bday from the starting only you know about party. So she told to do like this so that you will get surprise. You like it na.

Laksh – no I didn’t like it. .

Dadi – seriously beta ji. .

Ap – laksh seriously swara did so hard work.

Laksh – maa i didn’t like it i loved it. But where is swara. Just then he heard a voice. It’s swara’s voice.

Swara – laksh today on your bday i want to tell you all the truths. And then she came infront and sits in her knees and forwards her hand and tells him that laksh i love you since our collage time. I know now you don’t love me but i want to ask you something if you will stay with me forever na.

Hearing this everyone saw towards laksh.
Laksh keeps his hand on her hand

Laksh – Yes, I’ll always stay with you. And I’m promising you that I’ll give you all the happiness of your life.

Then he helps swara to get up. And hugs her. Swara was surprised. Then she also hugs him back. Laksh told her slowly thanks for this beautiful surprise swara. I’ll never forget this day.

Then shekhar welcomes everyone for dance. Laksh and swara started dancing. Everything was going well.

Dadi – Ap ji my swara is happy.

Ap – ji haan and i think my laksh was also very much happy na.

Sumi – i just pray that they should stay in happiness in all their life. Kisike bure nazar nahi lage hamare bachho ko.

Ap – don’t worry nothing like that will. ……

But before she finished everyone heard a gun sound. Everyone saw towards the stage where everyone were performing dance. Seeing there Ap shouts laksh name. Laksh saw towards Ap and then he saw swara was lying down.

Laksh sits down and holds swara. He saw her. She was wounded by the bullet. She was wounded on her stomach and another was very near to heart. Ap, dadi and everyone rushes there. Laksh takes swara and rushes to medical. Where as other’s were following him.

In the car he able to sleep her and started driving.

Laksh – he was crying. He holds swara’s face. Swara wakes up. How can you do like this. Now only you want to celebrate my bday na then plz wake up swara . I can’t lose you.

After sometime he admitted her in hospital.

Ap – laksh where is swara.

Laksh – maa she was in OT.

Shekhar – what happened? she was so happy that today is laksh bday . She was preparing it like it was her bday. But..

Dp – don’t worry shekhar she’ll be fine . are she has to be fine.

Sumi – haan shekhar nothing will happen to our shona. Are we got her after so much difficulty. Hai na maa.

Dadi – haan sumi nothing will happen to her. Are where can she go leaving her dadi alone.

Shekhar – but how it happened.

Just then inspector arrived therewith Shaan.

Inspector -we are sorry Mr maheswari we can’t stop it.

Laksh – what do you mean. It means you know about it.

Inspector -yes, actually yesterday swara’s mam called us and ask for police protection. Our officers were there in the party but we can’t stop it.

Laksh – why swara did it. She knew that there was danger but still she celebrate my bday.

Inspector -no sir danger was on you. She got a message yesterday morning. Fb shown how swara got a message from Shaan that he’ll kill laksh on his bday only. Fb ends. Then she contact us.

Laksh – but who tried to kill me. Just a minute what is Shaan doing here?

Inspector -sir, he only shoots that bullet.

Hearing this laksh looses his control. And he stated beating.

Laksh – I told you na to not to saw towards swara. Then how dare you haan. I’ll Kill you because of you she was here.

Dp and shekhar tried to free Shaan.

Shaan – are i didn’t tried to kill her. I want to kill you. But she came in between.

Then inspector took him with them.

Laksh sits in a shock. He can’t believe that swara didn’t care for her life.

Laksh – why she did this? Why she love me so much. Why swara why you are so good. God please save swara. Please god. I know i never prayed you. But if you are really there then please save swara.

They saw Dr comes out.

Laksh – how’s swara Dr.

Dr -we had opereted her and now bullet are also not there but i don’t think she’ll survive. Because she has much blood loss and one bullet was just near her heart. Still we are trying best. I hope she’ll survive. Jus pray god.

It ends with laksh crying face. ..

Precap- if swara will be survive??????

Please guys choose and answer please i really need answer. I’ll wait for your answers. If you all will agree then I’ll update next part on 15th November. Silent readers please reply at least today. Please guys I’ll wait for your comments. Okay till then bye and take care.

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