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Okay let’s start it

Laksh went near Ap. As she called him. Swara waits for him. Then she also went down. She saw Ap and Dp were scolding laksh .First she doesn’t understand. She went near them. When she went near them Ap and Dp came near her and ask her for forgiveness. She immediately holds their hand.

Ap – plz beta forgive us.

Swara – but why aunty?

Dp – beta on your marriage day when your marriage was over i promised your parents that you will always stay in happy after this. But i failed beta.

Swara – no papa who told you that I’m not happy. I’m very much happy here .

Ap – swara i know you from your childhood. You never complain about your life. But beta laksh..She stopped.

Swara saw towards laksh. He was standing bowing his head down.

Swara – maa what happened tell me please. Why laksh was standing like this.

Dp -beta he doesn’t love you Infact he cheated you. Just saw the tv. In every channel it was the breaking news. I’m really sorry.

Ap – yes beta please forgive us.

Swara – no aunty it’s not your fault nor laksh. And just after our marriage he has already told me the truth .and i know about piya. But tomorrow only he had broken all relation with her because he doesn’t want to see you in guilty. Aunty please try to understand.

Ap – she became teary eyed because she had slapped laksh with out knowing truth .She went near him and ask his forgiveness so as Dp.

Laksh – please maa don’t do these. I don’t feel angry. Because I know what wrong i did. Thanks swara for supporting me.

Just then they hear from outside that many people were came to their house including media persons. They want to meet swara. So swara goes outside .but she holds laksh hand. And went with him.


Media person -swara mam we know you are not happy here and after seeing all the picture of your husband with his gf what you had decided?

Swara – nothing as usual I’ll stay in here with my husband.

Media -but mam he cheated you but still you are taking his side. We are with you mam and we’ll support you.

Swara – you know half truth. I’m very much happy by seeing your support. But i don’t need that. Because yesterday only laksh had broken all the relationship with piya. So you can understand piya was taking revenge from him. Now i think your confusion get cleared. Thanks for coming. I think you all should go now.

Media -thanks mam.

Then it became breaking news on every channel that how swara supports laksh. Everyone happy with swara. Where as in piya’s house there was a deep silence.

Piya – mom if you had did it?

Sujata – yes, beta because i can’t saw Ap happy.

Piya – but mom you should ask me once na. What was the result you saw. Now everyone is blaming me that i tried to break their relation.

Sujata – sorry beta but do something because today i saw a happiness on laksh face. He was seeing swara in the complete interview. If he’ll love her then how will my revenge will get fulfilled.

Piya – maa don’t worry i had already made a plan. I know when to use that. Not now mom because now laksh was angry on me. Mom let them enjoy for some days.

Sujata – okay but tell me what was your planning.

Then piya told something to her mom which was muted.

In maheswari mansion

Swara comes to her room but she didn’t find laksh anywhere. She went to the washroom and changes her dress. When she came out she saw laksh was coming towards her. She doesn’t understand because laksh was signing her to move a side. Then after sometime. …….

Laksh was on the floor and swara was upon him . both were on the floor. For the first time laksh saw swara.

Laksh thinking -she is so beautiful. I never saw her before. Oh god what I’m thinking.

Swara thinking -gid why you made situation like this. I can’t see him like this. He was so handsome. It’s okay laksh I’ll wait for you.

They have a cute eye lock.

Swara – laksh please. .. But it seems that laksh was in some other world. So she again called him.

Laksh- yah what happened?

Swara – laksh where you lost. Help in in getting up yaar. Or you want to sleep here in the floor.

Laksh – sorry. And he helps her to get up.

Swara – why you fall on me.

Laksh – swara i signed you buy you didn’t understand. Are there was water in the floor. And I slipped but you don’t move a little. And that’s why i fell on you. Sorry if you are get hurt.

Swara – no no nothing happened. I’m fine. And you are forgetting something I’m a doctor haan. I’ll not get easily hurt in small things.

Laksh – yah thank god my medical bill will be safe.

Swara – why?

Laksh – are if you ever get accident then in home only you will tell me the medicine na I’ll give you. No need to go hospital.

Swara – what so mean laksh. .

Laksh- sorry I’m joking yaar.

Swara – it’s okay good night.

Laksh – yah good night.

Swara – laksh where you will sleep.

Laksh – in soffa.

Swara – no its okay you sleep in bed beside me. Now we are friends na.

Laksh – but. .

Swara – are you will get back pain if you’ll sleep there. Come i have a idea.

Laksh – what?

Swara – come. Are you sit that side. And I’m in this side. I’ll make a wall between us so that none of us should. .

Laksh – that’s a good idea.

Swara – wait i’m keeping all the cushions. And she make a wall between them.

At morning

Laksh wakes up first. When he opens his eyes he was shocked because swara was sleeping on his shoulder and he was holding her tightly. And he saw swara also holding him. Then he saw her. Sunlight were falling on her face. Her face was covered by her hairs. Laksh don’t know but his hand automatically goes towards her face. Slowly he sided all the hairs from her face. He saw her. She was looking very beautiful and she is so innocent.
Laksh doesn’t know but a smoke came in his face. He realised it.

Laksh – what is happening to me. Why I’m smiling seeing her. Why she was looking beautiful to me. God what is happening.

Just then swara wakes up and she also where she was sleeping.

It ends with swara’s confused face and laksh smiling face.

To be continued…….

Friends please support me. I’ll wait for your comments. Till then bye and take care.

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