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Episode 12

Let’s start it

Laksh – swara till now you are here only. Go and get ready we have to leave.

Swara – hmm and she rushes to pack luggage.

In the car

Swara- laksh tell me how you got that video?

Laksh – no I’m not going to tell you.

Swara – but you told that you will tell me in car.

Laksh – suraj send me that one.

Swara – what ?suraj bhai

Laksh – Yes, he was present at that time. But he didn’t came to help us because he wants to uncover piya.

Swara – oh god bhai bhi na.

Laksh – yah your bhai. Now gets down we reached our house.

Swara – hmm . And then both entered maheswari mansion .

In piya’s home

Piya comes home angrily and throws all the things. Her mother sujata(role played by Anita of tashan e ishq) came near her.

Sujata – what happened beta?

Piya – mom laksh cheated me. He break up our relationship.

Sujata – what but how?
Then piya told her everything.

Sujata – what you did piya. I never thought of this. I thought you will take my revenge but you can’t act even .

Piya – mom i’m sorry but..

Sujata – you know na how much hope i have from you. Are you are acting since your college time then why you failed yesterday night.

Piya – mom i’m sorry. Actually at that time i don’t know why i did that. And mom after laksh marriage i was frustrated and i want to make swara leave from laksh life. But don’t know who send that video to laksh.

Sujata – okay. But now we have to something else.

Piya – no mom we’ll continue with it. Because yesterday night when swara was taking laksh side i told her one truth that laksh was going with me and he lied her. And you know what she breaks down she didn’t utter a single word. She silently leaves from there.

Sujata – then?

Piya – maa i think we should give them some time. Because if we’ll do anything now then laksh will never came near me again.and I’ll not let that happen. Now i know that for swara trust is most imp even than love. So I’ll use that one. And you don’t worry I’ll definitely became bahu of maheswari khandan and will take your revenge.

Sujata – that’s like my daughter. I’m so proud of you. Common give me a hug. And both hugged.

In maheswari mansion

Swara is in her room. Laksh was in his personal room. He was crying. He was seeing all his and piya’s photo.

Laksh- i’m sorry piya. But i have to do that. I love you so much. But ypu never loved me how can you? I left you but i can’t forget you. I can saw the happiness on swara’s face but it was not easy for me to forget you. Suddenly he feels someone’s hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw it was swara. When he saw her he quickly wipes his tears.

Laksh – are swara you are here?

Swara – laksh why you are hiding these tears.

Laksh – no nothing like that. Are why you think that i was crying.

Swara – laksh you know one thing you can’t hide these things from me. The reason is i was in your situation from our collegetime. I always cried for you. So you can’t hide it.

Laksh – he cried hard . I’m sorry swara it’s true that i broke all relation with piya but it was very difficult for me to forget her. I know that she doesn’t love me truly but still..and he breaks down.

Swara – laksh.. She also sits down and hugs him because she knows that now laksh needs someone who will understand him. Now he wants a shoulder where he could keep his head and can cry and she was ready for it. Laksh also hugs her tightly.

Laksh – why she did these. Swara because of her i never tell you truth but how can she?

Swara – laksh she did these because she has some motive. Hey first you stop crying i was here to tell you something.

Laksh wipes his tears and swara release him.

Laksh- what? but swara now i can’t give you all the happiness please give me sometime.

Swara – hearing this tears flows from swara’s eyes. Laksh you had already gave me the most precious gift of my life. Now i don’t want anything else. Today when you warned Shaan to stay away from your wife i got everything. And i was here to ask you something. If you will be my friend again.

Laksh – he saw swara and handshake with her. Yes swara I’ll and this time I’m promising you I’ll never hurt you.

Swara – okay now stop your tears otherwise family members will think that i had gave you injection.

Laksh – please yaar don’t take that name. I’m very much afraid of that.

Swara – seriously laksh you are afraid of injection.

Laksh – oh madam it’s easy to tell haan. How you will know you only gave injection na you never it’s pain.

Swara – no I wasn’t afraid of taking injection.

Just then Ap calls laksh. So he goes out.

Swara- laksh i got a very good gift from you. Today i hugged you. I’m very much happy today. I’m feeling like to dance.

It ends with swara’s smiling face.

To be continued…….

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Friends i’m writing one new fan fiction that I’d of three parts. I had already posted two parts. Here is the link. If you want then please read it guys



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