Hi friends your pari is back. Thanks for all your coments. Crazygirl i had read your ff and after reading i can feel that what you are going through. I’ll not say that just forget him because I know to forget someone is not easy. My best friend was trying since last 5 years but till now she didn’t succed. Just try dear and I’m sure you will definitely comeout from those memories.

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Episode 11
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Swara starts driving. Laksh was sitting beside her. Laksh want to tell her sorry but he hasn’t courage. Till now swara didn’t talked from her side. Finally they reached the hotel. She helped laksh to comeout. And then she takes him to the room. Then she did his first aid. And went from there.

Laksh – yaar what the hell i did. Always i thought that if I’ll try to tell the truth to swara then she will be hurt . But now after seeing her believe on me i’m feeling guilty. Now what I’ll tell her .I know she is hurt but i never thought that she love me. Then he sleeps.

After sometime swara comes inside.  She saw laksh was already sleeping. She goes and sits beside him. Suddenly she saw riya was calling on her mobile. Before laksh wake up she answered the call.

Swara – hlo riya. She was crying but she tried her best so that riya shouldn’t know.

In between laksh wakes up but he acted to sleep.

Riya – hey are you alright?

Swara – hmm..Swara is unable to control her feelings more.

Suraj – choti are you crying.

Swara – no..

Suraj – choti you are telling me or I’ll call laksh.

Swara – she couldn’t hold more and cried. No bhai please don’t call him . He was sleeping.

Riya and suraj were shocked because swara was crying badly.

Riya – suraj something must had happened. Otherwise swara will not cry in silly matters.

Suraj – you are right but what happened to her. Choti tell me why you are crying.

Swara – bhai Shaan. .

Suraj – what that idiot did now?

Swara – finally she was able to tell everything to suraj. And then she breaks down.

Suraj – choti don’t cry. are laksh didn’t told you because he thought you will be upset.

Swara – no bhai now i’m not having any more hope. I’ll leave him. He was happy with piya. And he has no feeling for me. I’m destroying his life.

Suraj – but you only told me na that piya doesn’t love laksh truly. Then how can you thinking of leaving him . He lied you because he never wants that you will be sad.

Swara – but bhai why he lied me. I’m a human not any machine. I always loved him. I know he loves piya when i know about that i thought it’s okay. We can be live as friends. I believe him so much. But he never did. Then what is left in this relation.

Suraj – care and concern. He cares for you choti.

But before he could tell anything more swara cuts the call. Then she went and sits near laksh. She holds his face.

Swara – why did you laksh? Why you broke my trust. I know you never loved me but why you lied me. Now nothing left. I think everything is over. Yes piya won. May be my love wasn’t that much strong . I failed. And I’ll leave you laksh. I’ll go far away from you. Then you can do whatever you want. And then you will never able to see my face. Then she kisses on his forehead.And then she went to sofa and sleeps there.

Laksh wakes up. He was feeling very much bad as swara is very much hurt because of him.

Laksh – I don’t know swara but you can’t go like this. I did mistake na then I’ll get the punishment also. You always stood for me as my friend but i broke your trust which was very much important in a relationship. I don’t know why i cried when you are telling about divorce. The days i spent with you all were telling me that you can’t go leaving me alone. And now i know what i have to do. First I’ll break all relation with piya then I’ll bring back your smile on your face.

Next day morning

When swara wakes up she saw Shaan and piya there. She didn’t understand anything. And saw laksh was sitting in the bed.

Laksh – swara go and please come quickly after freshing up.

Swara nods yes and left to washroom. There she thought why laksh was very much angry.

Swara – if he had decided to give me divorce. Oh god please don’t do anything like that. I’ll commits suicide haan and then you will be responsible for my death. Please at least this time hear my prayer.

Then she came out.

Laksh – you came finally take your seat.

Swara – Yes.

Everyone sits on their seat. Swara was continuously praying.

Laksh – okay then listen i know piya loves me and swara also loves me.

Swara thought oh god i forget about that he knows that i love him . Swara now you are definitely gone.

Laksh – and shaan wants to take revenge from swara. But his unfortunate that i got married to swara .But now i want to tell you all something.

Swara thought now laksh will tell that after deciding i want that me and swara should separate and then i can marry piya. She closed her eyes.

Laksh – I think piya we should break up. I want to live with swara. I know I love you but I’ll try that i forget you and in future I’ll try to love swara.

Swara was shocked she opens her eyes. She never expected this. She wants to dance. She wants to hug laksh and thanks him.

Piya – what rubbish laksh. I’ll not break up with you. You should divorce her na then baby we’ll live together.

Laksh – piya it was truth that my marriage has already happened. And it will be good if we both accept it and we should move on in our life.

Piya – no that will never happen . you are only mine and I’ll never let you be away from me.

Laksh – really piya. It means you love me so much.

Piya – yes laksh I love you very much and i can’t live without you.

Laksh – you are lying piya. You don’t love me. Okay just wait let me show you something.

Then he opens his phone and started a video. It was yesterday nights video. Where everything was recorded.

Laksh – if you love me na then you can’t saw me injured. You didn’t came forward to stop our fighting. In fact when swara comes forward you don’t let her come. What is this. Is this your love then I don’t need you in my life. Piya you tried to kill swara in our reception day. I forgive you then you again try to create misunderstanding between me and swara but i didn’t told you anything. Then you planned with Shaan. Piya please if you had ever love me na then please go. I want to live my life with swara.

Swara was shocked. She was in a state of confusion that if it was her dream or real. Till now she was thinking it as dream.

Laksh – and shaan i called you because i want to warn you. And it was for first and last time don’t even try to hurt my wife. Now your both can go.

Piya – laksh don’t even think that I’ll leave you easily. You are always mine and you will be in future also. And you swara she goes near swara and tried to slap swara but laksh holds her hand in between.

Laksh – I told you to leave right then how dare you to try to hurt swara. Now just get lost.

Shaan – let’s go piya. And he leaves with piya.


Shaan – what will you do now?

Piya – you don’t worry. I’ll talk with mom. And Mr laksh maheswari I’m not gonna leave you easily and that’s not before i got succeed in my aim. Now I’ll ruin you.
And she left.

Here swara wasn’t believing that it’s all real.

Swara -laksh can you please pinch me.

Laksh – what? but why?

Swara – please help me. I’m not believing. If it’s real or i’m dreaming till now.

Laksh – swara it’s all real you go and get ready. Everyone were waiting for us.

Swara – but from where you get that video.

Laksh smiles and tells I’ll tell you in car.

It ends with lakh’s smiling face and swara’s confused face.

Precap – reveletion of how laksh get that video. Some more about piya. And obviously new starting for swalak .

Guys I just hope you all like it. I know it’s not like that you all want. I’m promising you next episode will be full of fun and romance and some more… Okay till then bye and take care.

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