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Episode 10

Swara sits down she is crying. Laksh saw her while crying. His heart was telling him to go and control swara. But his mind was protesting as whatever Shaan told was half true only. He was scolding himself that due to his carelessness so many things can happen with swara.

Shaan comes near piya.

Shaan – piya our work is done.

Piya – no not till now we have to wait for some time as till now swara is not telling anything.

Shaan – Don’t worry that will happen surely. Just saw swara she was completely broken bechari she didn’t know the truth. After this you will get laksh and then my revenge will also be fulfilled.

Piya – yah i know that but before that you have to do some more acting. Are just see there bichari swara she was crying. Go and help her I think you understand right.

Shaan – yah definitely i’m going. And he smiles looking at piya and piya also replies back.

Shaan went near swara. And keeps his hand on swara.

Shaan – swara please get up and he gets her up. I know swara i did a mistake by leaving you alone in mandap because at that time only one thing was in my mind that any how i should take my revenge from you. After your marriage with laksh I realised what i had lost. I don’t know how to face you. I was in the guilty that i had destroyed your life. When one of my friend tells me that you got married to laksh i cried hard because till that time i had realised that i love you. And i know you are not happy with laksh as from college time he loves piya. Today when i got his message to meet him here i simply refused him but he threatened me that he’ll do something with you after which I’ll always stay in guilty that why i had refused him .

Laksh was shocked to hear Shaan. He can’t believe that Shaan could be play with them like this. So many lies he told swara.

Laksh – swara please listen. .

But before he could tell anything more swara raised her hand to stop.

Swara – Yes Shaan please continue.

Laksh feels that tears were coming from his eyes. First he don’t know why he was crying because he has no reason to cry. He can saw that swara is crying.

Shaan – please swara forgive me. I want to live my whole life with you and I’m promising you I’ll never hurt you. This laksh doesn’t want you in his life. He was a cheater swara he has cheated you.

Till now laksh was standing there with lowering his head. Suddenly he heard a sound thud….. he raised his head. He was again shocked. He saw Shaan was holding his left cheek. He said swara and again thud… another slap from swara. Laksh saw now Shaan was holding both his cheeks. Piya comes forward and started scolding swara and she also get a slap.

Piya – swara how dare you?

Shaan – swara what the hell are you doing? Why you are slapping me.

Swara – you know what Shaan the first slap was for injuring my husband my laksh. And second one for blaming laksh. What you thought if i don’t believe my laksh at all. That any one can come and tell anything and I’ll stop believing him.

Laksh was happy. He can’t believe that swara believe him so much.

Piya – really how can you call him as yours. You love Shaan.

Swara – really you know about my feelings my life everything na. Yah may be you are god or you know some magic. And you don’t ask me the reason for which i slapped you.

Piya – why you slapped me?

Swara – you remember before two days you had called me to meet you. There you offered me money so that i can leave laksh right. Laksh was shocked to hear that.

Laksh – what you offered swara money. Why you always stooped so low piya.

Piya- she comes near laksh and holds his hand and tells him because i love you laksh i can’t stay without you. That’s why i offered her money but she refused to take them.

Swara – because I love laksh and you know that piya. Then she comes near laksh and tells yes laksh i love you. I love you from our collage time. For the first time when you saved me from your batch mate i fall for you. And then so many things happened that i don’t know when i started loving you. I thought to propose you in your farewell party. But that day only i came to know that you and piya love each other . After that i qualified in medical entrance and i left collage. I always had tried hard to forget you but i can’t. Always when i wakes up in the morning i used to promise myself that whatever will happen the whole day I’ll not remember you for a second also . But somehow your caring nature your helpfull nature always comes to me. If i had ever help any one and he/she bless me that I’ll get happiness in my life i used to pray god that please god just do one thing that laksh also loves me. But that never happened. When maa and dadi told me about Shaan’s proposal that time i asked maa that if they were happy. And when i last inquiry about you some of my friends told me that you are already married. So i also thought to move on. After Shaan run away when baba asked you about marriage you said yes. I thought may be you had started loving you otherwise why you will say yes for marriage. After marriage when you told me truth that you loved piya i thought to divorce you but for that i want to wait for just one more month because if I’ll say about this now my family will again get sad.

Piya – then when you are planning to divorce laksh. Thank god you are not that much jhalli.

Hearing this laksh saw towards swara .Swara also saw him . both had tears on their eyes. 

Swara – piya you are always telling that you love laksh more than your life right.

Piya – definitely. I love him more than myself.

Swara- but i don’t think so. Piya you don’t love laksh. If you had loved laksh na then why you are standing there silently when laksh was beaten by this Shaan.

Piya – i was coming but before i could come you came in between.

Swara – really are when i tried to stop them you hold me so that i can’t come to stop them.

Piya – that’s not your business. Just tell me when you will leave laksh. And laksh doesn’t need any clarification.

Swara – when i told you that I’ll divorce laksh.

Laksh was shocked as Shaan and piya.

Piya – now only.

Swara – are yaar you are not understanding me. I told that i was thinking to divorce laksh but now after seeing your love for me I’m changing my decision. Now I’ll not divorce him.

Piya – are you mad. You have to. It’s okay laksh will do that.

Swara – no that will not happen. I’ll not leave him and nor I’ll let him do something like that. Now if he want also I’ll not leave him . ab toh mai kanhi nahi Jane wali.
Let’s go laksh i have to dress your wounds. And saying this she holds laksh hand.

But before they could go piya comes and stands in front of them.

Piya – he doesn’t even want to talk you then why you are forcing him.

Swara – it’s okay that’s our personal matter. I think you should stay away from us.

Piya – you will go. You told na you believe him more than any body . Then listen laksh was going with me tomorrow night you remember he told you that he has an imp meeting in Delhi. Nothing like that swara he was taking me to Delhi as we can’t spent time because of you.

Swara doesn’t say anything. She simply ask side and leaves from there .

Swara – if you want to come with me laksh or you will come later after talking with your love.

After hearing swara laksh can understand how much she was hurt. Yes he had lied her last night that the mistake he always did. Always be hide things if it’s about piya.

Laksh – no I’ll talk with her later. Let’s go.

Swara and laksh went from there.

It ends with piya’s angry face.

Precap – what will laksh do now. How he’ll be able to convince swara . And may be some romance.

so here is the next part guys. Hope you all like it .Don’t forget to give your coment. Till then bye and take care.

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