Hi friends your pari is back .Hope you all remember me. Sorry for not posting for so many days. Really sorry guys i was stalk in my personal life. Here  so many problems are there. Hope you all understand me. Thanks for all your coments. Hey guys today we reached our 10th episode. So here is a treat from me to all of you ???????????so you can take any of these. Okay so much bakbak .

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Episode 9

Okay let’s start it

Laksh takes swara inside the hotel . and then he get a room luckily. He takes swara inside .Then he ordered lemon water but he didn’t get that. He became very much tensed. He saw swara was sleeping. So he switch off the lights and sits beside her. After sometime he also sleeps in that position only. When he slept swara wakes up . She saw he was sleeping. She thought and did something. After sometime laksh wakes up . he saw swara is sitting beside him and she was laughing seeing him . He didn’t understand anything.

Laksh – swara what happened? Why you wake up? And why you are laughing?

Swara – nothing. You are a. ..no no why I’ll tell . you saw in mirror na.

Laksh – okay okay i understand. You are telling that I’m not handsome it’s okay.

Swara – no you are very much handsome. You go na just saw in the mirror. Please.

Laksh goes to the mirror and saw himself. He was shocked. His face was completely covered with white powder and someone has drawn mastache in his face with black colour. He understands it was swara’s work . He comes near her.

Laksh – swara what you did?

Swara – it’s okay you are looking good and you are my husband. For me you are good.

Laksh – that’s okay but how you did it?

Swara – Actually when i wake up i saw you are sleeping peacefully. So i got an idea. I put that powder from self and put it on your face. And i used my kajol to do your mastache. Is not it good.

Laksh – he thought what to say her . She wasn’t in her sense. He tells her yah you are right i’m looking very good in it.

Swara – hai na. Okay listen i want to eat panipuri. Go and bring it for me .

Laksh – swara it’s 11.00 at night. Are you mad . who eats panipuri this time.

Swara – I’ll eat. Go and bring it for me. Otherwise I’ll cry.

Laksh – no panipuri this time. Do whatever you want.

Swara – no you are my husband na then why you are not getting the panipuri for me. Suraj bhai always brings everything for Riya. You go. And she started crying like a small baby

Laksh – okay okay I’ll get panipuri for you but promise me after this you will sleep.

Swara – okay pakka wala promise.

Laksh – just wait for two minutes i’m coming from washroom.

Swara – why you are going to washroom i said na you are my husband and you are looking handsome. No one will see you here except me. That piya chudail is not here.

Laksh – he laughs and tells you called piya a chudail. But why?

Swara – she is very bad. You don’t know her. That day. . But before she could tell anything her mind change. Hey you are trying to distract me. You are very bad.

Laksh – okay okay just wait two minutes. Otherwise everyone will run away seeing me because I’m looking like a ghost. And saying this he left to washroom.

After sometime laksh came out then both of them went to outside. They searched many places but didn’t get any panipuri stall.

Laksh – swara saw no stall is open here. When he saw towards swara he saw her sleeping. Oh god she slept and I’m driving for her from last one hour.

Then he saw a panipuri stall. And he brought panipuri for swara. Before he drives he saw Shaan was Standing infront of his car .He became very much angry.

Laksh comes outside.

Laksh – Shaan you are here. Don’t even think of hurting swara again i’m warning you.

Shaan – no laksh please don’t take me wrong. I had realised my mistake. Today after talking with you i had realised i had a soft corner for swara in my heart. And i want to rectify my mistake. I want to take her with me. Please i want forgiveness from her and from her family. I want to marry her.

Laksh – really are wah i’m dreaming or any other thing. You are that Shaan who left her alone in the mandap right. Then how can you love her. Don’t  act infront of me.

Shaan – he holds laksh legs and tells please laksh give me one chance. I’m promising you I’ll never hurt her again and you will also be free. You love piya right. All of our life will be good we all will be happy laksh please.

Then laksh eyes swara he saw her sleeping and again saw towards Shaan who was sitting in his legs. Suddenly he god Ap call . So he went from there. Seeing laksh gone Shaan messaged someone that half work is done after sometime your entry will be there so be ready. After sometime he got the reply yah i’m ready.

Laksh comes after talking with Ap. He saw Shaan was still sitting like that only and he has tears on his eyes. He found it genuinely. He goes near Shaan and helps him wake up.

Laksh – but Shaan you have to wait for swara’s wake up. She only decide. I’m no one to take this decision because it’s her life.

Shaan – no laksh you can’t tell like this. You know na she’ll be angry. Please let me take her to my house. Tomorrow morning you please come to my house and talk to her please. Just think of piya you both love each other right. Why you are sacrificing your love for swara. Just saw piya was also here. Laksh saw piya comes there first he doesn’t understand anything.

Piya – please laksh agree to him. We will be unite. And you don’t love her na . Shaan has realised his mistake.

Laksh – yah i’m saying that only just wait for some hour after swara will wake up he can take her.

Shaan – laksh why you are not understanding? She’ll not agree. Now Shaan was very much angry.

Laksh – she’ll come as she loves you and she married me to save her family respect.
Shaan – no damit he don’t love me he loves you. He loves you from collage time.
Laksh was shocked hearing that. Piya put her hand on her head as Shaan told everything to laksh. Now laksh will never allowed him. She eyes him angrily.

Piya – she holds laksh and tells Laksh listen to me she loves you in collage but not now. And the imp thing is that you and me both love each other. You don’t love her and nor she.

She saw laksh was not saying anything so she eyed Shaan. So Shaan started to move towards the car. Laksh was standing like that only. He saw Shaan was going towards car. His heart was saying to stop Shaan but his mind was stoping him . He closed his eyes. Seeing him like that piya hugged him. Laksh was closing his eyes. He don’t know as Shaan was moving more close to swara his heart is beating more. All the moments were reflecting on his mind how he married swara,how he gave her promise to save her,how both became friend,swara hugged and kissed him,how he read that sorry card he was recalling each and every word that has swara written on the card, her mischievous,and the most imp thing that swara love him  everything. Suddenly he run and stopped Shaan’s hand just before he could opened the car door. Piya was shocked.

Laksh – no Shaan you can’t force her.

Shaan – no laksh you can’t stop me. I’ll take her and I’ll make her…

Laksh didn’t understand what Shaan was trying to say.

Shaan – common laksh till now you didn’t understand are till now my revenge wasn’t completed. After taking her from here I’ll do everything with her that i want then if i want then i can even kill her. You go man your love is waiting for you.

Laksh was shocked to hear that he saw towards piya she was signing him to come.

Laksh – you are not a human Shaan you are a devil. And I’ll not let you destroy swara’s life.

Shaan – really but who are you.

Laksh – i’m her husband saying this he started beating Shaan. Shaan also beat him back. Both were fighting. Except piya no one is there. But she didn’t stoped them. She was seeing that laksh was beaten hardly by Shaan bloods were started coming from his body still she was not doing anything. Suddenly swara wakes up with a heavy headache. Till now both were fighting only. She turns her head and saw them fighting. Seeing swara Shaan stopped and let laksh beat him. Laksh didn’t know what happened to Shaan but be didn’t stopped. He was continuously beating Shaan. Swara comes outside.

Swara- she saw laksh was injured. She started crying. She cried hard. Laksh stop this please you are injured but before she could go piya comes and holds her tightly.
Laksh saw swara. He understands swara’s love for him.

Swara – piya leave me laksh was injured he needs me. And after some struggle she frees herself and goes and stop their fighting. Both fall down. Swara quickly went and holds laksh on her lap.

Swara – laksh are you okay. Oh god so much blood were coming out. Get up laksh I’ll take you to room. She helps laksh get up and holds him .

Shaan – swara don’t believe him. He was beating me.

Swara – but why you both are fighting.

Shaan – swara laksh called me here to take you with me as you are nothing for him . He wants to live with piya. That’s why he told me that after taking you from here i can do anything i can do with you. When i refused he started beating me. He wasn’t good swara.

Hearing this swara brings her hand back from laksh. Seeing this piya and shaan laughs.Laksh saw her. Swara moves a little.

It ends with swara’s crying face.

Precap – some more twist…

Friends hope you all like it. Please reply me back as I’ll wait for coments. Please choose your treat haan and don’t forget to tell me because I’ll send them to your house .bye take care.

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  1. Mica

    huh.. i’m waiting it along centuries.. heherhe
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    1. Pari123

      Yah sorry for late in my ff swara is a doctor

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    Missed you Pari dear……?????

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      So sorry dear actually in these days all problems were staying in my house so sorry again and i also miss you too

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    Oh God di, after a long time I missed it a lot.Happy to see you back.Chappy is marvelous….loved every scenes.Congratulations for your 10th chappy. Treat is awsm….all are my fab.Waiting for nxt. I hope you will update soon.
    Take care
    Keep smiling

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