Hi friends HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY.and your pari is back. Thanks for all your coments. In last episode i’m very much happy to see your coments. Again thanks for all your support.

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Okay let’s start it

Laksh was shocked as swara kissed him. First swara doesn’t understand why laksh was shocked. Then she realised what she did?time passed but both of them didn’t tell anything. So laksh started talking.

Laksh – I think we should leave. Riya and suraj were waiting for us.

Swara – hmm

Laksh started driving.

Swara – oh god what I did?Swara you are a pagal. What is the need of hugging him . your excitement will kill you one day. Today what you did . you kissed him and also hugged him . Swara till now you both are not good friends and you did all these. Now you can’t face him so forget about  talking which became  your dream now. She thought what to do now. Then she thought she’ll ask riya about it.

Just then swara get Riya’s message.

Riya – where are you both. We can’t see your car. You are fine na.

Swara reply her

Swara – yah we are fine but i did a mistake.

Riya – suraj both are fine but swara was saying she did a mistake.

Suraj – mistake but which mistake. Ask her.

Riya – she message swara what mistake?

Swara – when i came to car laksh show me his mobile. He had changed his status and he had added our marriage photos also. I became so excited that i hugged him and kissed him on his cheeks.

Riya reads the message and when she told suraj both started laughing.

Riya – she was worried for this.

Suraj – choti is really a dumbo. God she was so much worried.

Just then Riya got a message from swara.
Swara – I know you both are laughing right. You both are my friend or enemy yaar .

Riya – see this message suraj. She was worried like she did a very big mistake.

Suraj – give me mobile. I’ll message her.

Riya – yah sure.

Suraj – he messaged swara choti it’s a very small thing why you are worried.

Swara – really now I can’t face laksh. All fault are mine why i did that.

Suraj – okay then say sorry to him and finish this matter.

Swara – but bhai how. I can’t talk with him.

Suraj – listen now we are in market. So I’ll bought you a sorry card gave him that. He’ll not angry.

Swara – okay then done.

Then suraj and riya went to nearest shop and bought a sorry card.

Riya – suraj it was funny na everyone bought sorry card as they feel that they did a mistake. But our shona will give this card as she hugged her husband.

Suraj – yah she was my choti na. Very unique. Okay bhai give this one. Then they went to their house.

After sometime swara and laksh reach there . while entering swara’s leg get slipped so laksh holds her. Both have a cute eye lock. Then suraj comes there.

Suraj – choti woh im sorry. Seeing suraj both get separated. Sorry yaar for disturbing you both this time.

Laksh – no suraj nothing like that.

Swara – yah bhai nothing happened. Actually i get slipped so laksh holds me.

Suraj – are you both okay. let’s go it’s already late. Riya was serving lunch. First let’s take the lunch then we’ll talk.

Swara – yah bhai. Then they entered the house. All complete their lunch.

Laksh – riya lunch was very good. Thanks.

Riya – laksh you are my best friend’s husband. So you are also my friend. And there is a rule in friendship that no sorry no thank you.

Laksh – sure.

Suraj – laksh tonight you both are stay here na . We’ll enjoy.

Laksh – Actually tomorrow morning i have a imp meeting so today i have to go . But if swara wants to stay here then she can . I’ll send car for her.

Swara – no bhai it’s okay. I’ll come again.

Riya – suraj don’t you think your choti became so much intelligent after marriage.

Suraj – yah you are right. She is not that jhalli swara. Now she became smart.

Swara – bhai after marriage everything got changed. So according to situation i have to change. Okay we are going.

Riya – okay come again. And laksh please take care of my shona.

Laksh – yah sure.

Then laksh and swara returns back to swara’s house. After spending some time they started leaving to maheswari mansion

Sumi – beta when you will reach maheswari mansion it will be late. Just wait for sometime I’ll give you dinner.

Laksh – no aunty we’ll take our dinner in any hotel. If we’ll stay for more sometime we’ll be more late.

Sumi – okay beta just call me when you reached there.

Swara – don’t worry maa I’ll call you.

And then they returned. It’s already 8.30 at evening. Laksh try to find his charger. While he was trying to find he got a card . he doesn’t understand it was which card. So he thought to switch on the light. Before switching on he saw swara was sleeping. He thought if he’ll switch on the light then swara will wake up. So he uses his torch and then got the card.

Laksh – who kept this card here. When he opened the card he saw it was a sorry card. Sorry card but who keep it. Then he opened the card. Oho so it was from swara. He saw swara had written something in it. He read it.

Laksh i’m really sorry for whatever i did with you today. Actually after marriage i was very much tensed as Shaan told everyone that I’m a characterless girl. When you show me your fb status i became very much happy because no one can blame me after this. And in that excitement i hugged and kissed you. Really i’m feeling very much guilty for this. Please forgive me and please don’t break our friendship. Hope you will forgive you.
Your swara.

Laksh – he read that .He saw swara. She was so beautiful and good. She was saying sorry only because she kissed me. I’m sorry swara i don’t deserve you. But i’ll try my best to keep you happy. And for that i have to end my relationship with piya. I have to talk with her. Tomorrow morning only I’ll talk with her. Then he calls swara.

Swara – she wakes up. Laksh if we reached home. Sorry i don’t know when i got sleep.

Laksh  – it’s okay swara. And till now we didn’t reach home. It will take more five hour. And maa said we should take lunch here. It was a very good hotel and restaurant. Let’s take our dinner here.

Swara – yah sure. Then both of them comeout and enters inside the restaurant.

They don’t know someone is following them . yes he was Shaan. He was following laksh and swara.

Shaan -so miss swara you are here for dinner that’s also with your husband. I can’t let that happen na baby. Now you will see what can I do?

After finishing dinner swara and laksh came out. But before they reaches the car Swara falls unconscious .

Laksh – he holds her immediately. Swara wake up. Swara what happened . He doesn’t understand what to do . He saw someone is passing infront of him.

Laksh – hlo bhai please help me. My wife was unconscious please bring some water. Bhai please.

That person turns. Laksh was shocked to see Shaan there .

Laksh – Shaan you are here?yaar please help me na.

Shaan – no laksh not today. You know what why she was unconscious. Actually because of me.

Laksh – till now he was holding swara in his lap. What are you telling Shaan. Because of you. What you did with her tell me Shaan.

Shaan – why i’ll tell.

Now laksh couldn’t control his anger more. He keeps swara in the side and then he goes near Shaan and holds his collar .

Laksh – Shaan tell me what you did? Otherwise I’ll forget that you are my friend.
Shaan – common yaar you are ready to beat me because of that girl . Are now she was in her real place . she deserves it. You go na. Why you are getting tension for her. You don’t love her right.

Laksh – it doesn’t matter i love her or not. First listen to me she is my wife, she is my responsibility and moreover she is my friend. And i can do anything for my friend.

Shaan – laksh you don’t know her. She was looking innocent from her face actually she was not. What ever my revenge was completed but why you marry her.

Laksh – Shaan we can discuss it later. First tell me why she was unconscious.

Shaan – okay then listen. Maine uske khane mai nashile medicine milaye the. And you know what once doctor had told me that swara’s body can’t cope with it. After sometime you can see the result. And he left.

Laksh- oh god what he did? but laksh that is not important. Now you have to do something. Then he calls riya and told her everything.

Riya- what are you serious . oh god laksh. Okay listen you just take care of it that she properly takes rest. And If you get please give her lemon water. She’ll be alright till tomorrow morning. But may be she can behave strangely like a drunken person. Please don’t get irritated.

Laksh – yah I’ll take care of her. Thanks and saying this he cut the call . Now i can’t take her home. And riya said she needs rest. I think we should stay in this hotel tonight. Then he take swara inside the hotel.

Precap – swara do mischieve with laksh if laksh will be succed to control her and swara told her feelings to laksh. What will he do after knowing this.

Friends sorry for late update. And a big wala sorrrrrrrrrrrry for the same Precap. And advance sorry because i don’t know when I’ll upload it’s next part. Hope I’ll see you soon. Till then bye and take care. Keep smiling and supporting me.

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    Oh Di thank you so much for telling it I didn’t go through the page so didn’t know it posted anyway amazing as awesome like always love swalak much yeh hohoho laksh finally start feel something and thank god he will leave that cipkali..Swara how cute she is ..I really liked the idea of sorry card just for kiss that too on cheeks so cute of her really love it and precape Swara in drunken state uhm I mean so much fun or maybe romance is waiting wow yappi can’t wait for art jhalli act and our bechara laksh 😀

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