Hi friends i’m back with my next episode and it was last episode. Thanks for your continues support guys. I’m really enjoyed while writing the whole story.

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Episode 24

Okay let’s start it

Swara was shocked and she stands there for sometime. Then due to phone call she comes back to the real world.

Swara – if i was dreaming or it was true. Seriously laksh kissed me? ?? A smile comes her face. But then she remembers about piya and again gets sad. And went to sleep.

Next day morning

As usual the day went for swara. In the evening she got a call from an unknown number.

Swara – hello. .who is this?

Voice – it’s doctor swara?

Swara – yes but..

Voice – mam an accident had happened in the hill area. A car accident. One person is here. He was the same person who came as guest yesterday. Please come quickly. I had already informed ambulance please come.

Swara – now she was in the verge of crying. Yah i’m coming. And she leaves .

After sometime she reached that place. She saw laksh car was there. It was completely broken. She cried hard. She called many times for laksh but no one replied.

Swara – I’m a stupid laksh. Why i didn’t listen to you. Please god font do anything wrong with my laksh. Then she saw a light was coming from the upper side. She runs there. When she reached there she became shocked. Laksh was standing there. She runs near him and hugs him tightly.

Swara – thank god you are fine laksh.  Do you even know how much i was worried for you. And then she saw laksh was smiling.

Swara – why you are laughing?

Laksh – yesterday only you told that you didn’t care for me. Then what is this swara.

Hearing this swara becomes very much angry.

Swara – oh so this was your tric to find that if i love you or not. Then it’s a no Mr. As a doctor i did it. Bye and saying this she started leaving. But someone pulled her back.

Laksh – how can you go like this. Swara please listen to me.

Swara – now nothing left. Just leave me.

Laksh – swara why you are behaving like this? I’m your husband.

Swara – you were not now. Now you are someone else husband.

Laksh – what? Are you mad? 

Swara – why you get shocked? Now you and piya were together even ypu both get married. Now there is no obstacles in between you both.

Laksh – what the hell.  Swara who told you that.

Swara – I know.

Laksh – what you know?

Laksh – it’s not true.

Swara – it’s true laksh. Piya has sent me a voice message and in that she told that you were now together. Then why you are doing all these.

Laksh – what? no swara it’s not like that.

Swara – yah I know it’s true . Oh it means you didn’t married but will get in near future.

Laksh – swara you have become mad. Do you even know what are you telling? Why i’ll marry her.

Swara – because you love each other.

Laksh – he holds her shoulder. Swara when I’m loving you then why i’ll get married to her.

Swara was shocked to listen that.

Swara – you love me???

Laksh – that day when you left suddenly i didn’t understand anything. We tried best to find you but didn’t get a single clue about you.

Swara – but..

Laksh – first tell me why you left?

Swara tells whatever happened that day.

Swara – I thought you both wants to live with each other. And Thatswhy.

Laksh – i’m really sorry swara. You had misunderstood everything. I know that day i was in a hurry but before leaving can’t you ask me once. When you called me that day.

Fb starts

Laksh was going to office but suddenly piya comes infront of his car and she threatened him that she’ll cut her wrist if he’ll not talk with her. Thatswhy laksh went with her to the shop. When swara called him he cut it because he doesn’t want to swara sad. Then finally he told piya everything about swara. And even he confessed that he loves swara now. And then he left the place. When he comes in evening he was shocked to listen the letter from her that she left him.

Fb ends

Laksh – swara after that evening I tried everyday to find you. Maa,papa everyone were waiting for you . All became silent after you leaving. I was madly finding you. See,  you were away from us that’s also only 4hr journey and we were finding you in the whole India.

Swara breaks down. Laksh saw her and hugs her.

Swara – I’m sorry laksh. I was a stupid, idiot everything. When i heard piya’s voice i decided to left the place with out asking you. Then when i got piya’s message i completely thought you forget me. But i was wrong. I’m really sorry laksh because of me you suffered alot.

Laksh – he hugs her more tightly and kissed her forehead. No i didn’t suffered. In fact i was enjoying with other girls.

Swara – what??

Laksh – yah if I’m a duffer that I’ll waste my complete time on you. I knew that one day I’ll get you that’s why i enjoy alot.

Swara – now you are gone. And she stated beating him. But I missed you laksh. I love you.

Laksh – I was joking. I missed you too swara. I love you too.

Then they listened a voice.

Abhi – oh god how much you both will cry?
Swara – abhi you are here?

Laksh went and hugged abhi.

Swara – do you know each other? She gave a confused look.

Laksh – swara because of him today we reunited.

Swara – but how?

Laksh – when i came from your house yesterday night. I met abhi. He was soo good he listened to me carefully. And then he told me everything about your misunderstanding and then we decide to tell you truth. And it was his plan only.

Swara – oho but thanks abhi.

Abhi – it’s okay you are my best friend.

And then swalak left for maheswari mansion. All were angry on swara at the first but after sometime all forgive her. And then swalak lives happily after that.

The end……..

So guys i complete another story on swalak. Hope you all enjoyed reading it. I’m thanking you all for continuous support. Hope you all like this last part. A request to all silent readers please at least for today in the last episode give your coment. Okay guys bye and take care. And I’ll wish you all a successful life ahead. All the best to you all. Keep smiling…

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