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Episode 23

Okay let’s start it

Laksh was pinning swara to the wall and seeing to her eyes.

Laksh – answer me swara why you had tears in your eyes? I know they were of love only.

Abhi was watching them but both swalak were lost in each other’s eyes that they didn’t even noticed abhi.

Laksh – answer me.

Swara – she gathers some courage and said leave me Mr laksh maheswari the great business tycoon. And she tried and comes out of his hands. So what you are asking that why i cried haan? Yes, I cried by seeing you here.

Laksh – I knew it finally you admit it.

Swara – but you will not listen the reason.

Laksh – it’s simple because you love me swara.

Swara – no because when i saw you all the past moments started flashing in my mind. Those memories which i had already forget. And I hate you. If you had listened it. I HATE YOU.

Laksh – I don’t believe it.

Swara – now it’s up to you. How much you will give me pain laksh. I’m crying for you from my college time. After marriage i thought i got you but you never loved me. I had always one wish that I’ll marry you and you will propose me and I’ll live with you in rest of my life. But that never happened.

Laksh – he has also tears on his eyes… Please swara listen to me..

Swara – no its enough laksh. Now i don’t want to cry again,don’t want to started dreaming,don’t want to listen the lie about piya i’m tired of them laksh. Really i’m tired . Please go from here. See the function was also over. Now just get out.
And saying this she runs to her house and closed the door.

Laksh breaks down. He sits down and cried.

Abhi saw all this and left from there.

At night

Abhi comes near swara. After many time finally swara opens the door and permit him to go inside.

Abhi – so mam finally you get the best doctor award.

Swara – do you know laksh came here. You were preparing for the function right then why you didn’t tell me about laksh? Again some one ditched me. You are also a lier.

Abhi – swara it’s not true.

Swara – I know what’s true

Abhi tried many times but swara wasn’t listening to him . so he slapped her.

Abhi – what is your problem yaar. Why you can’t listen to others. I didn’t know who was coming as guest. Infact no one knows about that. He came here as district headquarters officers sent him. And when i knew about laksh i tried to stop you but till that you had already seen him.

Swara – I’m sorry abhi for this stupidity. I’ll not do it again.

Abhi – I saw you both were talking.

Swara – what?

Abhi – swara listens to him at least once.

Swara – If you had listened our talking then do you heard him talking about he missed me. No abhi he just told me about my family members.

Abhi – if he was going to tell.

Swara – that’s not possible abhi because he was staying with piya his love. Then why he’ll miss me.

Abhi – okay leave him . Now stop your crying otherwise …

Swara – okay. You Go. You should take rest na. I’ll also sleep. Bye. Good night.

Abhi – bye and good night.

Abhi went from there . Laksh came and ask some people about swara’s house and he got it finally.

Laksh – whatever happened you can’t hate me. And I’ll confess it from you now only. And i can’t wait more to tell you about my love. How i love you.

And saying this he knocks on swara’s house door. As expected swara opens the door but seeing him she tried to close it again. But as our laksh had came all prepared he entered in it forcefully and closed the door.

Swara – what are you doing?

Laksh – what don’t you have eyes or you can’t see it. I came inside your house.

Swara – but why?

Laksh – to make you confess something.

Swara – she doubtfully ask what ?

Laksh – that you love me.

Swara – how many times I’ll tell you that I hate you. Why don’t you go from here.

Laksh – if you’ll tell like this I’ll listen. It’s impossible that you hate me.

Swara – it was now true laksh. How much i wait for you. But after leaving from there i realised that you will never love me and now i don’t love you.

Laksh – you love me.

Swara – no.

Laksh – you love me. And saying this he goes more close to swara. Finally both stopped as wall came.

Laksh and swara now can sense that how much close they were now. Laksh holds swara’s face in one hand and with other he holds her waist. Swara closed her eyes.
Laksh – now also you will tell me that you hate me.

Swara – noooo. ……yes…..

Before she could tell anything more laksh kissed in her lips. Which shocked swara. Swara didn’t refused him. But suddenly after sometime laksh release her.

Laksh – I know my swara can’t hate me any day. Bye good night. And saying this he left from swara’s house leaving swara shocked.

Precap – most awaited swalak reunion …..

So guys here is the next part. Hope you all like it. And Uma i can understand study comes first. So do well your exams I’ll wait for you dear. All the best for your exams. Okay guys see you soon. Bye and take care.

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