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Episode 22

Now let’s start it

After finishing all the work Abhi comes back. He saw swara was waiting for him with holding a stick. He gets afraid.

Abhi – swara what you you are going to do?

Swara – nothing.

Abhi – then why you are holding the stick. If you are planning to beat someone.

Swara – yah and in that i really need your help.

Abhi – (he was really happy) yah sure I’ll help you. But whom you are going to beat.

Swara – what to tell about that person.

Abhi – why? If he was looking so bad. That you can’t describe.

Swara – no no he was very much handsome. Actually problem was not that.
Abhi – then what was the problem?

Swara – he was very close to me. I have a duffer and stupid friend .I want to beat you abhi.

Abhi – what but?

Swara – yah you are the first person of the world who was going to help me in beating himself.

Abhi – shona you are my best friend right. You’ll not beat me.

Swara – best friend my foot.

Abhi – but what i did?

Swara – you told me to make something to eat. I made noodle with much difficulty where you went haan.

Abhi – are i got a call that’s why. You made a simple noodle and reacting like you made the biriyani. .

Swara – yah noodle making was very much easy na. Now you are gone .And she runs after him.

After sometime abhi stops because he got very much tired.

Abhi – please swara now i’m really feeling very much hungry.

Swara – she throw the stick. And sits down . yah now i’m also hungry .

Abhi – let’s eat outside.

Swara – yah i’m coming after changing.

Abhi – he thought outside it was completely decorated for tomorrow’s function. If I’ll take her outside she’ll have doubt and our surprise will got ruined.

Abhi – swara it’s very late. Today we’ll eat noodle. Haan I’ll make it.

Swara – why?

Abhi – please yaar now i can’t walk more.

Swara – okay then come and help me.

Abhi – you are such a bhukkad yaar. Do one thing tonight don’t eat.

Swara – but why?

Abhi – are tomorrow you are going to born na. Tomorrow you’ll eat.

Swara – no I’ll eat today also. Let’s go and you have to go back to your room also.

Abhi – okay then. .

Then they eat dinner and abhi went to his room.

Next day morning

Swara wakes up at morning and saw it’s already 7.00am. She checked her phone. She didn’t find any birthday wish. She got sad.

Swara – no one has wished me not even that duffer. Seriously he forget about my bday. And today I’m   missing maa baba. If I was there then dadi will definitely celebrate it. Don’t know if they will forgive me anyday or not. Then she went to outside. To her surprise the door was locked from outside. She knows that it was don’t by abhi only. She calls him bit he didn’t receive her call. How dare he? He cut my call. May be he was sleeping. That’s okay. And she went to washroom.

Abhi – now more four hours remain for function starting. I’ll switch off my mobile otherwise swara will again call me. But who was the guest. He decide to ask his 

At 11.00 am

Abhi went and called swara.

Abhi – hi happy birthday.

Swara – thanks but what’s going on?

Abhi – nothing yaar it’s a small programme. Some persons were going to awarded. Come and sit.

Swara – but you didn’t inform me.

Abhi – are i forgot actually. That’s okay na. But you are looking beautiful in this saree.
Swara – laksh gave me this.

Abhi – okay now come guest may come anytime .

Swara – okay then.  Then they went and sit in the front seat. But till that the guest didn’t came.

Abhi – are who is the guest.

Swara – you are asking me?

Abhi – no meri maa. Why i’ll ask you.

Swara – that’s good.

After sometime their senior came to the stage.

Dr – sorry for late. Actually our guest was really a very busy person so he’ll only give you some time.

In between this one lady came near swara.
Lady – mam plz come back stage.

Swara – but why?

Lady- we want your help.

Swara – okay. And she left with that lady.

Senior Dr – now i want to welcome Mr laksh maheswari the business tycoon of our state.

All claps and laksh came to stage.

Seeing him abhi was shocked.

Abhi – oh god he was laksh? Swara’s life. Now what will happen if swara will see him. God it’s her bday today. She’ll again be upset yaar. But what to do now? He thought something.

After getting a grand welcome laksh told some lines as usual. Then he started giving the awards. When it comes for best popular doctor abhi started to pray.

Abhi – plz god don’t send swara here.

He heard the voice. .

The best popular doctor honors was going to mrs swara maheswari.

Hearing this laksh was shocked as well as abhi. And from back side swara comes to stage. She was really happy that she got the award but. ..

Swara goes near and she was shocked to see laksh there. Her smile vanished. She gather courage and went near him . She saw laksh was seeing her with teary eyed. She control herself.

Laksh pov

If i’m dreaming or what. If she was really my swara. God please don’t make it my imagination please.

Then one girl forward a certificate to laksh to give it to swara. He wasn’t present there. He was only eyeing his swara. Finally after eight months he saw her and it happened in real not in his dreams. He gave that certificate to swara. And then swara goes back. He thinks to go after her but he saw the people present there and stops.

Laksh pov

Finally i got you swara. The strange feeling that i got when i entered here that was telling me that today i’ll see you but i was a stupid i didn’t understand it. Thanks god I’ll never forget this day.

Laksh can’t wait more to meet swara. He sits with much difficulty till the function ended. Then after asking some people he got swara’s adress. He started running there. And he reached there but he saw swara was crying. He runs near her and hugs her tightly. Swara was shocked at his behaviour but she didn’t receprocate. She stood there like that only.

Laksh – finally i got you swara. Finally that day come. Why you left us. Do you even know what we felt when you are not with us. Maa,paps,dadi everyone were waiting for us.

Swara wipes her tears and pushed him.

Laksh – swara what happened?

Swara – why you came haan. I was happy in my life. Then why?

Laksh – swara what happened why you are telling like this. You didn’t missed me.

Swara – why i’ll miss you. Who are you.

Laksh – swara till now you are joking alot na. I’m laksh. Your laksh. Do you even know. …

Swara – so what I’ll do?  From stage i came to know that you are laksh. But what I’ll do?

Laksh – swara please don’t tell like this. Don’t you remember me I’m laksh your love,your husband.

Swara – yah you were my husband not my love. I hate you and i don’t even want to see you . just go from here 

Laksh – he cried hearing the last line. He goes near her and holds her tightly. Swara you hate me. Please yaar enough of the joke please stop it.

Swara – nothing was joke Mr laksh maheswari. I hate you and that’s the truth.

Laksh- really you will tell and I’ll believe it?
Swara – I told you the truth now it’s up to you if you want to believe it or not.

Laksh – okay then answer me why you cried when you saw me in the stage. Those were not of hatredness . They were of love swara. Tell me then why you cried????

It ends with swalak face.

Precap- not decided yet. .

So guys here is next part. Hope you all like it. Okay guys bye and take care. See you soon.

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