Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. MERRY CHRISTMAAS FRIENDS.Thanks for all your support guys. Really happy after seeing your support. And Annie i didn’t reply you but if you didn’t like swalak then why you are reading my story. And as you comented it’s clear that you are reading it. I’m happy that you read it. I accept your bitterness but i didn’t force you to read swalak story. Sorry for hurting you.

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Okay let’s start it

Swara didn’t answer the question.

Swara – abhi please i don’t want to discuss it again.

Abhi -really but i just ask you an answer that you love him or not?

Swara – no i don’t love him. Please duffer stop these .You have to go to hospital right. Go na.

Abhi – i’m not a kid yaar. I can see ….

Swara – what?that i love laksh . Yes,I love him but what’s the point in it. He don’t love me . And now he was with his love and I’m happy for that.

Abhi – swara it’s already eight months i know you but how can you tell that now laksh is with piya.

Swara – because i knew it.

Abhi – i’m asking the same question how do you know that. As i know you are here from last eight months. And in these months you didn’t take any leave then how do you know?

Swara – because that day when i last talked with laksh he was with piya.

Abhi – but it doesn’t mean now he was with piya.

Swara – when i left that place i thought laksh will came and he’ll stop me. It’s not like that i didn’t wait for him .After some days may be after three days i got a voice message .

Abhi – voice message but who send that? And you had changed your number right.

Swara – abhi that was from piya . Piya send the voice message. Do you want to hear it.

Abhi – okay play it.

Swara play the voice message ..

Piya – thanks swara i always thought that you are a fool but you are smart haan. Thank god you left laksh. I want to give you a good news if you want to listen it. Actually now i’m in maheswari mansion. We are staying together. We had planned that after some day definitely family members will accept me. Then we’ll get married. When i came here i saw there were no photos of your. I packed all the walls with my and laksh pic. So thanks again and bye bye. ..

Swara stop it.

Swara – did you listen it. Now i think you have no doubt.

Abhi – but swara. …

Swara – please yaar no more question. I want to move on please.

Abhi – okay then let’s get married.

Swara – are you mad?

Abhi – why if i said anything wrong. I like you Infact and now only you told that you want to move on.

Swara – no abhi i said because i want to forget my past not my love. Laksh was my life. I can’t never forget him. And we were friends so please don’t talk again like that otherwise I’ll leave from here.

Abhi – okay then. I also don’t want to lose a friend like you. Are your birthday was coming right .

Swara – yah.

Abhi – I think it’s tomorrow only.

Swara – are wah duffer you remember it.

Abhi – swara let’s go to kolkata.

Swara – I’ll not go.

Abhi – swara a/c to you it’s all laksh fault but why you are punishing your parents, riya and suraj.

Swara – please abhi i don’t want to talk about it please stop it yaar.

Abhi – okay then. Listen i’m feeling hungry. Please cook something for me.

Swara – okay then. And she went to kitchen.

Abhi ‘ s pov

Today swara told me all about her past. I was shocked to listen it that laksh was now staying with piya. Today i told swara that i like her. I don’t know how but for the first time I’m feeling for a girl. But swara don’t love me . I’ll never told her about it again. It’s okay we’ll stay as friends for lifetime. Tomorrow it’s her bday kaas i can do something for her.

Then he got a call. And leaves from there.

After sometime swara comes out with a plate of noodle. She doesn’t find abhi there.

Swara – where did this duffer went?Then she keeps that plate there and started cleaning the room .

Abhi went outside and meet his senior doctor.

Abhi – yes, sir you called me.

Doctor – I want tell you something. Actually before two months we conducted a survey about our hospital staff like the best doctor, best supprotive nurse and some other.  People of this area had choose the best they want. And they had choosed swara as best doctor.

Abhi – wow sir . Actually she deserves it. Now only I’ll inform her.

Doctor – no you will not tell her about it . Tomorrow we’ll give her surprise on her birthday. There was a small function we had kept some people will come. So don’t tell her about it we’ll do it.

Abhi – definitely sir, I’m coming now. It will be a very good surprise for her. Thanks for this. And I’ll take all the responsibility. But who is the guest sir.

Doctor – don’t know our head quarter officer will decide it.

Abhi – it means Dr kapoor.

Doctor – yah.

Abhi – okay sir just tell me about the preparation and all related information I’ll start work now only.

Doctor – okay then come with me.

And they left.

At maheswari mansion

Laksh comes back home and angrily went to his room. As no one is there so sumi went to his room. She heard him talking with someone. .

Laksh – what the hell? How many time you will take. It’s already eight months and you didn’t found a single clue about her. Tomorrow it’s her bday and I’m giving you a last chance do whatever you want but give me information about swara till midnight. Otherwise I’ll do something which you have never thought in your worst nightmare.

And saying this he angrily throws his phone.

Sumi goes inside and picks that mobile.

Sumi – laksh if you’ll throw the things then my shona will return back.

Laksh – no..

Sumi – don’t lose hope beta. God wasn’t that much bad he will definitely give us some clue. Just keep some patience.

Laksh – maa tomorrow it’s swara’s bday and she wasn’t here. She celebrate my bday so nicely but i don’t even know that may i wish a happy bday to her not.

Sumi – laksh don’t talk like that. I’m sure tomorrow we’ll definitely found her.

Laksh – he breaks down. Maa why she was doing this. Now i can’t stay away with out her. Please ask her to come back.

Sumi – beta if that was in my hand na then I’ll do that before only.

And she concole him.

After sometime everyone came back. All were talking except laksh. Laksh was sitting silently. Adarsh and uttara saw him they feels sad for him. Just they were talking Dr kapoor came inside the house.

Dp – are Dr kapoor. Please come inside. And he welcome him.

Laksh heard it. And he runs near him.

Laksh – please sir tell me where is swara.

Dp – laksh you sit. Dr kapoor please have a sit.

Laksh sits down.

Dp – if you know anything about swara.

Dr kapoor – no Dp ji i tried to check her file but it was not there. I’m trying my best.

Dp – I know that but please do something it’s already eight months we didn’t saw her.

Dr kapoor – i had engaged some people from my side. I’m sure they will give us some information about her. But today I’m here to ask you a help.

Dp – yah tell me.

Dr kapoor – tomorrow we kept a small function in xyz village hospital. Before two months we conducted a survey and the according to that we’ll honour them. I came to invite laksh to go there.

Laksh – but i don’t want to go.

Dp – no he’ll come.

Laksh saw towards Dp he asks him to sit silent.

Dr kapoor – thank alot and laksh i hope you will get swara soon. And he leaves.

Laksh – papa why you say yes.

Dp – laksh if i said no then he’ll not search for swara.

Laksh – okay then I’ll go there tomorrow morning only. And he leaves for his room.

Dr kapoor – I know laksh you are not wrong. After seeing your love for swara i was bound to tell you about her where about. Tomorrow you’ll meet her . I hope she forgive you and comes back. And he left in his car.

It ends. ..

Precap – swalak saw eachother. .

So guys thanks alot for your support. And sorry for rude behaviour Annie. Bye guys hope you all like it. Bye and take care. See you soon..

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  1. awesome . loved it .i am crazy fan of swara so i read both swalak and swasan ff. so plzz continue it. don’t bother about comments. post the next one soon. and wish u a merry Christmas .

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      Thanks Sneha I’ll post soon

  2. U should not be sorry when u have not done wrong di… N the chapter was amazing… Loved it… Excited for swalak meeting… N that piya ???update soon… N Merry Christmas ????

    1. Pari123

      Yah but still i talk with rude na sure I’ll update soon

  3. AMkideewani

    Superb, outstanding di, I love it?????
    Merry christmas to you too????

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      1. AMkideewani

        Di you are one of the awesomest writer❤❤❤

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  6. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr.. Loved it.. Abhi and swaras bonding is very nice..The way abhi is supporting her is great..He have some feeling for her but still he wants her happiness..Yapiee!!swalak gonna meet..Can’t wait for nxt part.. Plz post soon if possible*puppy face..


    1. Pari123

      Thanks choti I’ll update asap because i also can’t wait more for their meet

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