Hi friends i’m back with my next episode. Guys i’m really sad because nowadays you all are not liking it. In the last episode only five of you comented. If you are not liking it again like my previous swalak story. Sorry to disappoint you all.

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Let’s start it

Laksh went to have his breakfast. Everyone were happy to see him there. All started eating breakfast. Laksh saw the next chair in which swara used to sit. When he saw that he became sad. A drop of tear came out of his eyes. He controls himself and gave a smile to his family members. After sometime laksh came back to his room. He saw swara’s photo there.

Fb starts

It’s already one week had passed after swalak promised each other. Now swara was very much happy that finally laksh had stopped talking with piya. Now he didn’t remember piya for one second also. Swara was happy as her dreams were getting fulfilled. Next day morning laksh leaves for his office as he has some important meeting. So swara went at 10 to her hospital. She takes her car. But in the middle she came to know that the car break was failed. With one hand she was handling the steering and with other hand she tried to call laksh. Finally after five times  laksh received the call.

Swara – laksh please listen to me carefully. … But before she could tell anything more laksh interrupt her.

Laksh – swara I’m busy now. I’ll call you later.

Swara – no laksh please don’t cut it i really need..

Laksh – I said na that I’ll call you. If you can’t hear it. And saying this he cut the call.

Swara understand everything.

Swara – wow laksh today you really. .. you broke my trust laksh again you cheated me. If you thought that I’m a kid. I can clearly heard piya’s voice as she was with you and she was giving order for coffee. Now nothing left. I should die. But she thought something and again tried her best to stop the car. Why i’ll finish myself for them. I’ll leave from here and it will be really a good thing. After struggling many times she hits the car to a tree and she jumps down from the car.

Fb ends. .

Laksh – swara that day evening when i came to know about your accident i tried to get you. But till you had already left. Please swara now it’s enough now i can’t live without you.

At some other place

It was a hospital. Some people were talking.

Person – thank you very much beta because of you out my daughter was alive.

Lady – haan beta all doctors lost the hope but you never lost hope. Because of you today she is fine.

Girl – no aunty it was my duty only.

Person – but still thank you swara beta.

Girls face was shown. It was swara. She was wearing a purple colour chudidar with accessories and mangalsutra and sindoor. She had weared the apron and stethoscope also.

Swara – aunty no more thank you. I’m going now otherwise that duffer will not leave me. And saying this she turned to go.

Person – if we could do something for her.

Lady – we can pray for her that she should stay happily with her family and husband.

Swara heard it. She went to her room and sits there crying.

Swara – why I’m crying. Swara he was happy with piya. And now they were staying with each other. And you are also happy here. But suddenly she heard a voice.

Voice – really you are happy?

Swara – yes duffer i’m very much happy here.

Fb starts

That day after i jumps from the car some people help me to go to the hospital. And there i thought for many times. Fortunately Dr kapoor came near me and said me that

Dr kapoor – swara it’s your transfer letter. .

Swara – but sir..

Dr kapoor – it’s okay swara. I’ll talk with seniors and will cancel it.

Swara – no sir i want it. But in one condition.

Dr kapoor – what?

Swara – sir today only I’ll leave from here. And you will not let anyone know about the place where I’ll work. Please sir. Don’t let my family know about it specially to my husband please.

Dr kapoor – okay then I’ll give the letter. You got ready.

Swara – sir one more thing could please give this letter to my family members you know na maheswari mansion. Please give it to them after i left please.

Dr kapoor – sure. And he left.

Fb ends.

Swara – now i’m happy that laksh was happy with piya.

Person – common yaar if you thought myself as a kid haan . I had always saw that from the morng to night you had always prayed for that person. Still you are saying you are happy.

Swara didn’t answer.

Person – common answer me. Why you prayed for him tell me? ?????

It ends with swara’s and laksh crying face at two different place.

So guys here is the next part. Hope your all doubts get cleared. I had always thought that you all will happy after reading this but you guys are not getting happy instead you are bored. Sorry for this but I’m really sad friends. Okay bye and take care.

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  1. no body z liking it cause we r not swalak fans…. tehy r just devar bhabhi and in fact they themselves said so in the last few epis addressing each other as devar sa and bhabhi sa.So better forget the couple

  2. Pari di…dont take her seriously(annie)…… Everyone have different choices………there are still swalak fans left…….and we love ur ff very very very much….dont take such negetive comments on ur heart ……and pls continue ur ff ….we lve u and this ff very much…….i want atleast 100 episodes of this ff …pls dont leave it in middle….and update next part soon we r liking it…..

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Di,plz don’t take her(annie) word seriously.. We love your ff..It’s becoming more interesting now.. Yeah I know you got at least 10 comments earlier…But now they are not commenting then it’s not your fault..They will get tired if they comment..I am in love with your ff,I swear..keep going di at least for 5 people who comments in every ff.. Don’t care about those who doesn’t comments,they are heartless..Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  4. Its amazing!!!
    And plzzzz continue it and update next part soon!

  5. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan

    dont think like that dear ur story is very nice..in flashback really. laksy is with piya ? today epi so interesting..continue

  6. raglak,swasan,ragsan,swalak fan

    really dont care about comment..if ur truly shona and lucky fan continue…who above commented swara called laksh devarsa.and laksh called bhabisa…but shona and lucky didnt adress each other..there are still so many fans for swalak and sholuck..shona and kucky are always evergreen couple. thank u for tis wonderful ff pari..i hope u wont discontinue..tc bye

  7. Mahjabeen

    AmazingAmazing dear…rlly loved it…hope thy unite soon…
    Nd dear dnt b sad…we r thr wth u…nd rlly its amazing..I loved it a lottt…I always wait to rd ur ff next part…dnt b sad dear….nd dnt tk neones words to heart…
    Stay blessed
    Keep smiling always

  8. Balaji

    its really a very good plot dear and ur writing also.good there r so many silent readers hrre fr ur ff. keep smiling and stay blessed.

  9. Don’t be sad… We r there… N ignore that comment… So be happy n make us happy by giving it ff update…. Love u dear… ?????????

  10. Inu


  11. its awesome i love ur ff and i am fan of swalak so plzz continue the ff and dont bother about comments

  12. Sherin

    awesome di very nice…..we loved it….and pls dont take negative comments to your heart….there are still many many fans who love swalak to the core……there are also fans who stopped watching swaragini after swalak seperation…..swalak is cute and adorable couple……they look perfect with each other……and your ff is soooooo goood pls dont stop it di….waiting for your next part…….pls unite them soon…….

  13. Mica

    awesome Parii…

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