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Hello guys , so yup I am here with the Epilogue , being truthful I am skipping one of my ffs as I really wished to post the Epilogue before I go on my break , so here it is….
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As Swara started running , Annapurna eyed her going and then at her lifeless son , “ Sometimes Punishments are smaller than the crimes people commit , Vikram , you died , very easily but what you have done to Swara ,It wasn’t small , you deserved a much bigger punishment but call it your destiny or your fate you got a really easy death , you were my son , I don’t care who gave you birth but you were my son and I am equally responsible for what you became today , I am happy I am punished by seeing my one son dead in front of my eyes , I hope in someother life , in someother form you are the one who unites my children rather becoming a stone in their love story, just this hope so that you get freedom , freedom from this curse….” she hugged the lifeless body of Vikram as tears were still in her eyes.

Sharmishta ran to her and hugged her , “ Annapurna ji , you are really brave , seeing your son die in front of you….” Sharmishta remembered how Swara fought with her for not marrying Lakshraj , “ I was thinking that my daughter was wrong but she was right all this way , what I did to my daughter , just tried to snatch her happiness but still I have so much with me , my whole family but you , you just wished your children’s happiness and still lost everything , I am sorry , sorry for everything I ever thought about this empire , today I promise you , Lakshraj and Swara’s marriage will happen , they will be each others , at any cost , thanks a lot for making me realize my mistakes , their LOVE will get its to its end , the journey that was filled with thorns will reach its final destination , I would make them reach it….”
Annapurna broke the hug and smiled while Shekhar , Adarsh , Parineeta and kushiraj , all gathered around them and smiled.

SWARA and LAKSHRAJ’s love story was reaching its final destination with the union of the two families , now only the seven vows of marriage were left but no doubt , the two hearts had already united long back…………….

Swara was running bare foot on the sand , not caring about anything else and only her love , her heart beat was increasing as she was running , “ I won’t let anything happen to you laksh , anything , today , I would tell you that how much I love you , you won’t be able to leave me , the love that was in my eyes will be on my lips today , I won’t let anything happen to you….” Swara said as she was thinking about Laksh.
She was running continuously on the hot sand , her foot had developed severe burns due to the hot sand of the area but she didn’t care , at this moment she just cared about Laksh , HER LAKSH….
After running without a break the whole day , at last she reached the tents a little away from the battlefield in the night.

She roamed in the area in the search of Laksh’s tent.
Laksh was still unconscious but still murmering just one name , “ SWARA…..” in that unconscious state too, the ved whom the chief has taken from Laksh empire told , “ I feel the last time has come…….” “ ved ji , what are you speaking , we brought you here so that you can cure lakshraj and you yourself….” One of the important ministers spoke up angrily hearing his words.
“ I know , he was my Raja too but I can’t give any false hopes , it seems like his will to live has gone , gone with someone else’s happiness , this injury in his stomach if cured too then what can we do with the one in his heart…I guess we should call Rajmata , even try calling this Swara , maybe its Raja ji’s last wish to meet her………” Raj ved spoke sadly as others stared at him confused , shocked , in despair of losing their king.

“ Noooo……………. nothing can happen to him ……….nothing…….” A voice from back alarmed them all as they stared at back only to find Swara running in to Lakshraj’s aid.
She ran and came near Raj Ved , “ If I am alive then my Laksh too is alive , if I wish to live then how can my laksh’s wish to live diminish………???” she asked as she ran up to Laksh’s aid.
Her voice seemed to stir a new life in Lakshraj’s body as he again spoke up, “ SWARA….you are her na……I know you are here….” swara stared at him , smiling among her tears.
“ Yaa Laksh , I am here , your swara is here , if my laksh wants me then how can I not come……???” she said caressing Laksh’s face , Laksh opened his eyes as he realized her presence , “ right….” he said with a faded smile as he saw her tears.
He tried getting up while Swara tried to help him , “ I am fine , I want to be alone…..” Laksh said with much difficulty.

All of them were smiling , the girl who just entered seemed to do a magic on Lakshraj , “ But……” Raj ved was speaking when Swara cut him in the middle , “ I have studied medicine , I am sure I can help Lakshraj , please let me cure him………….” She said as Raj Ved seemed to be convinced by her words , her presence made a lakshraj on the verge of death to wake up so what else did he need to know about her , “ OK….” he said as he himself guided everyone out of the tent.

Now , only SwaLak were in the tent , Swara hugged Laksh tightly and said , “ what were you thinking haan , I would leave you so easily…????? no , I won’t you , you are mine and only I have right on your life , nobody else , even not you , yourself so don’t dare do anything to yourself…..” she hugged him tighter while saying this , she was still having tears but this time they were of happiness.

“ You know what Swara , I myself don’t know why but I felt that you were in problem , Like something happened to you , I felt like being crushed from within and thats why I lost my control……..I am sorry Swara…..” He said as he remembered all the haunting dreams about Swara that came to him……

“ No Laksh , I am sorry , I don’t know what I did …” Swara said she realized what she had done to Vikram , “ Laksh you won’t forgive me after what I did…..you would hate me” Swara said she broke their hug and tried to go from their….. “ Meri mohobbat itni kamzoor nahi hai Swara, Mein apne app se nafrat bhalle hi kar loon par tumse nahi kar sakta……..(My love isn’t so weak swara , I may hate myself but not you….) I know….what you want to tell me is about Vikram na……I realized it , I don’t know how but my dreams warned me about the truth….what he did was not an offense to be forgiven so what you did was totally right….” He said as he held her hand from behind and pulled her towards him.

Swara got unbalanced and fell on the top of Laksh, her face on his chest , she raised her face and stared at him while he stared at her , their eyes meeting , both had happiness along with some unknow pain, Swara lowered her head and dug her face in his chest feeling of being in a protected shield , feeling of belonging to Laksh , feeling of just loving him more… Laksh too closed his eyes as he caressed Swara’s head vowing to love her not only in this birth but for all the coming ages that he’s gonna born again , JUST TO LOVE HIS SWARA……..
Besharmiyan, barbadiyan..

Hai ishq ki shaitaaniyan
Ye fitoor jo sir pe sawaar ho
Jeena bhi phir Dushwaar ho
Kiski majal koi rok le
Kiski majal koi tok le
Ishq k junoon ruke nahi
He bawari yeh aashiqui
Gustaak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui

Badi he ajaab kasi yeh talaab
yeh he aashiqui
ziddi badi…!
badi saar firee hai yeh aashiqui
Kiski majal koi rok le
Kiski majal koi tok le
Ishq k junun ruke nahi
Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui
Gustaak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui
Bekhauf si ye aashiqui

Jo yeh sang chaale Sang challe
Jo yeh rang chadhe Rang Chade
Phir kya fikaar koi kya kahe
Yeh hai wo aag jo na bhuj sake
Aise baarishe jo na thaaam sake
Ishq ke junun ruke nahi
Hai baawaari yeh aashiqui
Gustak si yeh aashiqui
Bekhauf bhi ye aashiqui
Bekhauf si ye aashiqui
(Yeh aashiqui bawri
Yeh aashiqui gustaakh si..)

This was the night they both actually felt to be in the protection of love , in the protection of each other as they remised RAGINI and SANSKAR who were the actual reasons of their love , they both forgot the world , forgot every pain of their life , forgot every sadness of their life , they just remembered the happiness , the happiness that this love gave them , they forgot the thorns that struck them in this way of love , they just remembered the bed of roses that they both gave each other their whole life and will give in future.
Kabhi kabhi , pyaar ka dard bhi metha sa lagta hai….

Har khushi se barhkar…. har daulat se bada lagta hai….
Inhone to pyaar mein bohot se dard sahe par jo sahe , haskar sahe…….
Amm sii thi inki prem kahani , par bani hazaron mein ek kyunki thi inke dard ki bhi kahani……..
Pyaar to dard ka naam hai , methas se bhara aur dil se juda …..
yeh tha inka pyaar , Inka dard…..inki kahani………
Soon , Lakshraj’s empire defeated shamgarh and Swara and Laksh married each other to live happily in life , it wasn’t like they lived happily ever after , they did had to face a lot many challenges but being together they faced all challenges in their life , soon they were blessed with a baby daughter , a symbol of their eternal love whom they named AKSHARA…………. Laksh’a AKSH and Swara’s ARA together formed their AKSHARA…………
The end but still not even the end…????

OVER , my journey with you all is over , guys , how to explain yaar , seriously I na started it only and only because I was feeling sooooooooooo sad that even after so many episodes of DIL KI DOR , Laksh was not in the main picture but I didn’t realize that when I enjoyed soooooo much to write this story , seriously , It was like a beautiful journey , your comments and the sweetness you all are filled with , I can’t explain it in words guys………seriously , this was the best journey in my life and thanks a lot for being a part of this journey whoever were , well I can’t include your names now but I would soon post a Thank you list for all of you with a surprise , I mean remember my last line , THE END BUT NOT EVEN THE END…??? how this is possible , for that you all need to wait for a month , I know , I know 1 month but you all know my condition na (exams ki marri pyaari si bachi), well hints of what I am planning are in this episode , only if you notice clearly , well its not a very big surprise so please don’t get excited , would really feel bad if I end up breaking your excitement ….its not at all related to any new SwaLak story by me , I am already up to the brim of my handling capacity so won’t be starting anything new , just guess….
Guys , another thing ,if you felt that I had put even a little effort in this story then please answer my following questions , I really wish to meet my characters through someone’s else ‘s point of view , would be happy if any silent reader broke his or her silence…..
(and the most important question)

As I said want to meet my characters through someone else’s point of view …so guys , if you felt I have put in even a little of hard work then please do answer my questions…..please…..
I won’t be able to reply to your comments as I may not be active after today till September 22 but will reply in my thank you message, will even give my answers but please , please you all do comment and reply……………..

At the end would just say:

Ye ishq nahi asaan
Bas itna samjh lijiye
Ek aag ka dariya he
Aur doob k janna he…!
(Not my own lines)
So guys , just keep loving and spreading it around you……………..LOVE YOU ALL………..BE HAPPY………

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  1. Sherin

    Piyali…..its awesome…..loved swalak very much……coming to the questions in my point of view i think both of them has the equal kindness,braveness….Swara when vikram died,she was feeling guilty even though he is an enemy and Laksh he was fighting for his life knowing that swara will come for him….he has more tolerance…..your picturisation of swara in courageous avatar is very good……actually ur concept is very good entirely different from all other stories….really enjoyed ur story…..that too being a crazy fan of swalak……seeing them in such a characterisation……was so good……missing them in the show…..enjoyed them in ur ff…..thanks for swalak dear…..

  2. very nice.

  3. lovely….thnx for swalak…..

  4. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear

  5. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Fabulous, marvelous, stupendous chappy. Loved swalak. I think swara is brave bcz the way she killed Vikram it’s a very tough.About you,honestly speaking, I have nothing to say.Words are soulless in front of you.
    Take care
    Keep smiling
    Love you loads???????????
    I will miss you??
    Enjoy your break.

  6. Meghs

    Its just perfect kiddo… an unique stry of walak come to end i still can’t believe it… ur done brilliant job?? i appreciate bein 9th std this much perfection i have to learn from u .. ur my inspiration to write well done kiddo… song is perfect to situation loved it..

    Both swalak are brave and kind i choose both of them rather one as they r made for each other and empty without each other..

    And to be honestly this is best of ur wrk after ur dil ki dor…

    Keep rocking

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