SWALAK: HUM HAI ISHAQZDDE… few shots (15th Chapter)


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PUNISHMENT SMALLER THAN THE CRIME- Swara closed her eyes , her heart pouncing with each passing second ,she felt the will to live diminish inside her , that was the moment in life when she felt that dying was better than what she was witnessing , she felt like she should leave her body , she should have done it before , she was crying , she knew what Vikram was , he was a devil , a devil who didn’t care for his own brother , why would he care for a strange girl who loved his enemy…???

As she closed her eyes , some words filled her mind , “ I love you swara , you are thinking to die but why swara , you never told me that you loved me but i know it, i am surviving in this battlefield for the love that i have witnessed if your eyes , can’t you survive for the love that i have mentioned to you..?? SWARA , you were a girl who would fight with anyone for her rights and even for others , then why not fight with this demon , for yourself swara , for me, for us, swara , if he does something wrong to you , it won’t be his victory , it would be my defeat , the defeat of the trust that i have upon my swara that she is fighter , do you want to prove me wrong today swara..?? you can’t prove me wrong , swara prove me right , prove to the world that LAKSHRAJ’S SWARA ISN’T A GIRL WHO HIDES FROM PROBLEMS , SHE IS THE GIRL WHO FACES THEM WITH HER FULL STRENGTH…”

Laksh disappeared…
Vikram’s one hand was on her dupatta which he was ready to pull and he kept the other on swara’s bare waist, her eyes were closed and he was smiling , “ open your eyes dear , you need to know what happens to the one who goes against vikram…” he said as he pulled her towards him , her closed eyes were still not open , “opne your eyes …i said….” vikram shouted in anger, he pulled her closer by her waist on each of his words.
At last, swara opened her eyes , the tears that she had held up now falling down , she didn’t knew what happened in past few seconds , she was busy in listening to her lakshraj , his words encouraged her as she felt herself completely in Vikram’s arms , she raised her eyes lashes to stare at Vikram , the evil smirk still on his face , “ you will remember this day Princess because you are gonna be the first of my wife and not any pety girl who would come in future but my chief consort , Raja Vikram’s chief consort even after what you have done to me…” swara still stared at him with her eyelashes raised .

“ Leave me…” she again said the same words which she had been repeating since last few mintues , Vikram didn’t pay heed to her words until she embraced him…
Yes , she hugged him placing her head on his chest , “ …..i won’t say this again , because now i have understood that that lakshraj can’t give me anything , only you can , only you can make me a Queen…”

Vikram was too stunned to respond , his eyes were wide open as he felt swara ‘s hug , he was staring at the door of the room with his eyes wide open as he felt something pass deep within, passing through every nerve in his body and finally crossing his stomach and reaching the front , his grip on swara’s waist started loosening as the embrace started weakning , soon he completely left her waist , she stared at him and then at the blood stained sword that was passing through his back to the front….
Vikram stared at her as he stared falling on the floor , his eyes were struck on her face and her eyes on his… , “ you didn’t do right , you didn’t…” he was barely able to speak as he completely fell on the floor not before pulling the cloth from her sari and clutching it in his hands and as he fell the sword from the back of his body hit the floor piercing again deep withing him , he let out a gruesome shout , “ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.,…………” the shout was strong enough to make the whole palace shiver as this was the last word of vikram before he departed to some another world ending his life span on earth…

Swara’s eyes were struck at the open eyes of vikram still glued on her with horror in them, she oved her head down to her stomach , a small patch of blood formed there , the sword touched her body too as she was hugging vikram , she remembered how she took out vikram’s sword from his clothes while hugging him and pierced it deep inside him remembering her laksh…
She touched the blood on her stomach and then stared at her blood stained hands , she fell on her knees next to vikram’s body still staring at her blood filled hands , blood was continuously ozzing out from vikram’stomach that was making a puddle near his lifeless hand clutched with swara’s cloth…

She sat there without moving staring at her hand and the dead body in front of her , she stared at the cloth that was now full drenched in the blood puddle, she raised her hands and tried snatching it from vikram’s hand , she succedded but just to find the blood on her hands and on that cloth , “nooooooooooooooooooooooooo, i didn’t do it……..i didn’t…” she cried as she saw his body…
The memories of the past flashed in her mind , how she used to hate wars , how she used to hate those who killed others , how she used to hate lakshraj just because he was a killer of many souls , she sat in that place , she didn’t realize for how much time she sat there mourning over what she had done , “ i don’t deserve happiness , i don’t deserve you lakshraj , i….i killed him , how can i …” she stared at the lifeless body of vikram in wait of a miracle , a miracle that he would be alive any time freeing her from the guilt but vikram seemed to have done his work of separating SwaLak even by his death…

Voices from outside filled her ears , “ open the door beta , please open the door…” Shaarmishta was crying , “ vikram , please leave her, you are my son , i know you won’t do anything wrong…” Annapurna pleased as still she had hopes left of getting her Vikram back…hearing her please only made swara to cry more , cry more over the fact that she snatched annapurna’s son from her…
She didn’t respond to any of their cries , she was just cursing the day she was born , TO KILL SOMEBODY..??
Soon all the pain filled cries from outside stopped as swara heard just one cry now , “ Swara jiji , swara jiji , open the door or these people……” it was kushiraj who couldn’t complete his sentence as someone stopped him.

Swara was confused over his words , “ what was happening outside …” she thought as she imagined something brutual, she ran to the gate forgetting her pain , she lived for others her whole life in the pretext of living for herself , everyone misunderstood her to be selfish but is this her selfishness or her selflessness…???

Refusing to marry a cruel prince because she didn’t wanted the other girls of her empire to face the same consequences that their princess faced , forced to marry someone , was she wrong in this thinking of hers , A PRINCESS WOULD BE THEIR IDEAL AND HER SACRIFICE WOULD JUST HAVE INVITED MORE SUCH SACRIFICIES…., agreeing to kill someone for her family , WAS IT HER BRUATLITY OR THE LOVE FOR HER FAMILY , refusing to accept her love , WAS IT FOR HER BENEFIT OR FOR LAKSHRAJ’s , loving a traitor would just have resulted in his reputation decreasing , for her refusing to marry him was just a ride of guilt and jail, doing anything for her lakshraj , WAS IT HER SELFISHNESS OR HER SELFLESSNESS…????

She ran to the door and tried opening it with her hands still shivering , she could barely open them with her shivering hands after minutes of trying, as soon as she opened the door , Kushiraj came and hugged her tightly , he was shivering with pain as she remembered the hug of death she gave to vikram a few minutes ago….
She pushed him aside and stood there , “ don’t hug me , kushiraj i am very bad , a demoness , i’ll kill you , i’ll kill you….” she said with her shivering lips , Kushiraj stared at her confused about her wordings , others too stared at her , stunned at her maniac words , swara stared at kushiraj’s hair , blood was flowing from there , “Kushiraj , what happened , Kushiraj.. see i told na…” she said trying to find the source of blood , others too were shocked but soon they realized that blood was not from his head but her hands.

Shaarmishta got hold of her hand and showed her , “ swara , are you fine….” she asked trying to caress swara’s head , swara stared at her , “ you would be the reason …only you would be responsible for everything swara….” Sharmishta’s old words to swara started cluching swara’s mind , “ maa you were correct , only i am responsible , only i am …i killed him….i killed vikram….” she murmered to sharmishta ……….annapurna who heard it was shocked , she ran inside to the dead body of vikram , she sat next to it and hugged his silent body crying badly over the loss of her son…

Swara stared at her and walked to her , she waited for Annapurna to face her , “ i am the one responsible for killing him , i did it , you should punish me , i , i killed him , punish me…….” she said as swara sat like a dead bosy…
Annapurna raised her head and stared at swara , her swollen eyes fixed on the living yet dead body of swara , Annapurna hugged swara tightly , “ no beta , it isn’t your fault , it is my fault , my husbands fault , we were not able to raise vikram nicely , thats why he became what he today was, you didn’t kill him , you just released him , released him from this world , released me of a burden , this was his destiny and not your deed , if you blame yourself for this and if i blame you , it would be my selfishness , swara you love ,my son , right ???

he too loves you swara , he needs you , he is lying dead in the battlefield just waiting for you , thats why kushiraj was shouting currently , swara he needs you , if you don’t go , i would loose my another son today and for that only you will be responsible , swara vikram’s destiny was to be punished for his wrong deeds and what happened by you would have happened by anybody but laksh’s destiny is to only live for you and what you can do to him , nobody can do , save my son swara , please save my son…….” Annapurna said as she broke the embrace .

Swara stared at her and realizing what she meant , swara started running , she forgot about her blood stained hands , she forgot about her killing someone , she forgot that does she deserves laksh because what she remembered for now was just that laksh deserved her , he needed her , her love needed her , the person for whom she killed someone was gonna leave this world today , no he can’t , swara won’t let him leave unless he payed for every pain that he gave to swara , by loving her equally , infact more than the pain he unknowingly gave her……

Alright , so ajj se main ye ghoshna karna chahungi ki sri sri vikram dev ji nark ki taraj prasthan kar chuke hain aur kisi ko bhi time machine kojne ki zarorat nahi hai kyunki unka dehant ho chukka hai aur ab veh humari swara aur humare laksh ji ki prem kahani mein koi bhi badha nahi la sakte , to jhumei –nachei , gaeyega bhi kyunki ab yeh torture of piyali khatam hone jar aha hai aur yeh ff bhi, yup guys , so next one is the EPILOGUE , i loved this journey with all of you , i don’t really know that would i be able to post the EPILOGUE soon or not , guys my exams are beginning soon and so i am gonna go on a long break from 22 august till 22 september, i am not sure that would i post the epilogue before going or not but promise , i will try my best but if i am not able to then don’t worry you’ll get it on 22nd September , though i’ll try my best to post it before my break….

Well I and my friend shloka have started an ff together, do check it out:


I know , Piyali you won’t leave us na ….but don’t worry it is a combined ff so my torture would be less there and my darling shloka is a really good writer so i guess you’ll enjoy that journey ….

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