SWALAK: HUM HAI ISHAQZDDE… few shots (14th Chapter)

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THEIR ETERNAL LOVE…..- Swara’s words made no effect on the hatredful mind of vikram , he didn’t stop, he dragged her wildly in the corridor , not caring about her ,not caring about the fact that he boosted of LOVING HER….
Annapurna was returning from the temple after praying for the safety of her child when she heard swara’s screams , the screams that were filled with pain , not for herself but for her LAKSH , for her Lakshraj…
She ran to the place from where the screams were coming and saw vikram dragging swara in the corridor.
“ Vikram…..leave Rajkumari Swara….” Annapurna shouted as she saw him cruely dragging swara.
Vikram didn’t pay head , it seemed he didn’t hear , even if he did , he ignored , he was still moving tightnening his pull on her hair …
The extra army reached the battlefield ready to help Lakshraj, the fight was still severe but after the arrival of the extra army , the ball seemed to be in laksraj’s court , he was still fighting regarless of the blood that flowed down his body mixed with his sweet , but something pulled him out of the battlefield , away from the fight zone , his mind reached his swara , everything came to a stand still , only swara was left standing in front of him , her eyes were red ,swollen like she had cried for years while her messed hair indicated laksh that something had happened, SOMETHING WRONG….

“ San…………….Lakshraj , i love you , i don’t know for how much time i’ll live but i lived for my lakshraj , for my love , i still live for you , when i’ll dye the coming world will remember me as a true lover of lakshraj , as a true partner of him, i love you , not because you are brave but because you have a kind heart , not because of your beautiful eyes but because of the pain that you have hidden in them but still they just reflect your love for me, not because of your smile but because this smile is for others , Iove you , miss you , i am waiting for you , for you to come and embrace me and let me leave this world in peace, i hope the world remembers you too as a true lover of mine and just not a booster….LOVE YOU….”
Laksh’s eyes filled with tears , his heart warned him , warned him of the pain his love was going through , SHE WAS WAITING FOR HIM AND HE WAS LIVING FOR HER , he let his tears fall down his eyelids , the tears that he had saved from much time , he didn’t allow himself to cry for any reason in his life but the thought of swara’s pain too made him cry , cry his heart out , no matter where he was….

As he stood there , his legs felt week , like they lost their power to stand , he fell on the floor and still cried but destiny even didn’t bothered to give him time to cry, as he sat on the floor he felt a sharp object pierce his stomach, The mud and grit had become enmeshed with raw pink flesh and was spotted with blood.

Yes , he was stabbed , stabbed by a sharp sword , he didn’t feel the pain but just the touch , touch of the sword , as he looked towards his stomach , he found blood ozzing out ,he kept his hand on his stomach now feeling the pain , his eyes wide open swallowed as he cried , he stared at the intruder and fell completely on the floor shouting just one word “ SWARA………………” his eyes closed now while his soldiers ran towards his body that seemed lifeless for the time, all the eyes were filled with tears but still they knew they had to protect their king and so they fought with everyone who came in their way , some soldiers took up lakshraj to take him to the camp , he was still having life within him , afterall he lived for his swara , how could he die without her….

“ we need to call the rajved….” one of the cheif said with tears as he saw the valiant soldier lying lifeless in front of his eyes.
“ yaa , i myself will go to take him…” one another cheif said.
“ i’ll handle the fight , lakshraj’s rajya will remain his….” the first cheif said while the second left to bring rajved.
Annapurna ran to vikram and blocked his way , “ I said leave her vikram , what are you doing…???” she asked angrily.
“ don’t come in my way rajmata , you snatched my father from my mother , i won’t let your son snatch my swara from me…” vikram said as he pushed Annapurna aside and dragged swara to his room.
Some soldiers of laksh came forward to help Annapurna while the fight began not only outside the kingdom but inside too…
Annapurna had tears hearing the abhorrence filled words of vikram, she considered him her child , after the death of Maharaja and rani , she was the one who took care of him like her own child and this was what he thought about her….???

Still , she overpowered every other emotion going inside her and just remembered that she has to save a girl , save SWARA..
“ Go bring raja shekhar , rani sharmishta and their whole family….” she ordered to one of her men as she started banging the door of the now locked room of vikram.
When inside vikram left swara’s hand and pushed her on the floor , her head banged on one of the fixtures lying there , blood drops started ozzing out from her head , she stared at vikram , half dizzy as he moved towards her , his face reflecting the anger inside him…
She didn’t dare to move , her heart beat pouncing with each passing second.
“ don’t come near me….” she shouted from the same location where she was banged in.
Vikram just moved closer as she stared at him , fear rising her body , she was shivering , broken from inside yet she just stared at him with her eyes wide open and filled with strength , the will to live , the will to live with her lakshraj….
As vikram came near her, he sat beside her down on the floor , an evil victorious smile now evident on his lips….
He touched her cheek sensually with his right thumb, “you will be mine forever…” he said as he moved his hand through her cheek.
Swara ‘s breath was stopped for the time he touched her , she seemed to be completly lost , lifeless but not a single drop down her eyelids now…
She knew what was coming , she can’t let it happen , she can’t…

She raised her stautued hands with much force and pushed his thumb aside running away from the clutches of the devil with whom she was trapped.
She ran to the door and tried to open it , but she couldn’t , her hands were shivering due to fear which didn’t let her to balance.
“ you can’t run away from me…” he said with the same evil smile as he moved towards her.
She knowing she couldn’t open the door started banging it but still none could help , no one could open the royal door from outside , they were made with much strength.
Vikram reached her and held her by waist, she was shivering badly as he dragged her by her waist to the other corner of the room far away from the door…
She was resisting continuously but she couldn’t, he pushed her to a wall on the other side of the room while she tried resisting , he slowly loosened his grip on her waist and again held her cheek , this time with his whole hand which made her to shiver more , he left her cheek and stared at her feared look from top to bottom , “ the thing which doesn’t come to me by itself is forced to come to me , BY HOOK OR BY CROOK…..” he said as he held the dupatta that was drapped above her sari…
Swara loosed her breath by this act of him as she stared at him with her tearful eyes….

Laksh was the same , lying unconscious with his blood filled hand on his injured stomach when suddenly he opened his eyes a bit , everything seemed blurred but only seemed to be clear , she was running away , here and there in that room shouting for help , he saw her , “ swara , swara , why are you running , someone save her , please someone save her…” he shouted trying to rise up from his bed but no sooner he was again unconscious felling on the bed…

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