swalak – don’t leave me (os)


Hii guys I’m not a good writer bt I love to read all ur ff so I’m going to a os on our evergreen pair swalak so lets start…… Tis was that day when we realise our feelings a girls pov (s the girl s swara) three years before …….. Flashback

we are studying college and tis s our last year bt in these two we were best buddy s I’m talking about my buddy laksh he and me will always together he use to call me at midnight ad disturb my sleep nt to talk with me to ask about his crush or any girls who he want to know he always do tis and do some silly jokes behind me in class so I will get punishment he will take me fr shopping to by t shirt fr him bt he will do more shopping fr me our whole college knows tis ad say we r dating bt we never felt like that bt our life s gng to end his parents want him to take up his family business and my parents want me to go abroad for study’s so I told him about tis he was happy fr me bt somewhere inside he was hurt…….

From tat day he stopped calling me when my phone rings I wish it should be him bt no he didn’t msg me ad does nt reply fr mine he s the one with whom I share everything bt now he ignores me I’m really upset with him bt I want to talk me once before I’m going….. Two days before I’m leaving I got a msg at 2am it take whole five mins to see the msg becoz its from him I don’t know wat s the feeling fr me fear or excitement I opened the msg its not too long its jst have few words tat s DON’T LEAVE ME I’M INCOMPLETE WITHOUT YOU tat was my life’s best moment flashback ends nw its 3 years bt still I have tat msg when she s thinking someone from behind hug her and tats our hero laksh he ask “thinking about my proposal” with a naughty smile and she smiled shyly and says “yes Mr.”


Credit to: keerthi

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  1. so nice.

  2. Awesome please read my story a day to remember

  3. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Mind blowing but short.

  4. Wow simple yet awesum..waiting fr mr swalak os

  5. Its cute…

  6. Isabel

    Nice ans simple, maybe u can write more stories

  7. Isabel

    Nice and simple, maybe u can write more stories

  8. Thank you fr ur lovely comments ?

  9. Fan of evergreen couple swalak

    I missssss so much swalak or
    Sholuck tq u giving a nice story

  10. Sparkle

    That was lovely. Hope you write more swalak ff for us.

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