swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (Intro and Episode 5)


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Lets start
Swara reaches her brother ‘s office .
Aadarsh was waiting for swara outside the office .
Aadarsh – why are u so late ???
Swara – first I had gone to ngo for donation and then I met with an idiot …
Adarsh laughs .
Aadarsh – ok leave all that and come on u are getting late for interview .
Swara – ok ..
Swadarsh {swara n aadarsh } comes inside the office . They go inside the cabin of lakshya .
That time lakshya was taking on phone and her back was facing swara .
Lakshya on phone- have u reached the office sanky ??
Sanky – yes bhai …. and I have started my work also …
Lakshya – ok …

And cuts the call .

He turns his chair . Swalak are shocked to see each other .

Swara angrily – tum ???
Lucky happily – tum ???

Aadarsh – u know him ….

Swara in ears of aadarsh- yes bhai he isbthe only idiot …

Aadarsh in ears of swara – he is my boss …

Lucky – aadarsh kya kichdi pak rahi hai ….

Swara – kuch nahi …

Lucky – forget today ‘s incident …

Swara – thank u sir forgiving me ….

Lucky – ok now sit and …. aapko itna pasina kyo aa raha hai dar gayi kya aap …

Swara – nahi …. wo ..

Lucky – I think so u r still in fear that I will select u as a accountant or not but don’t worry … I will selecr accountant on the basis of their ability not their … fighting spirit …

Aadarsh was about to laugh when he controls .

Aadarsh – sir can I leave …

Lucky – yes y not …

Aadatsh leaves .

Lakshya starts taking swara ‘s interview .

Lakshya – so .. tell me ur qualifications ..

Swara started about her qualifications .
While swara was telling lucky was staring . He was looking with full concentration . He was not listening what swara was saying . He was just listening the soft sound made by her earings . Her twinkling eyes . Her beautiful face . Innocence was reflecting from her face. lucky was smiling seeing all this . Suddenly the face of his childhood angel {actually lucky call the girl whom he met I childhood angel .} Came in front of uis eyes .
Lakshya in mind – no why I am looking this girl with so much of concentration. I only love my angel ….

Lakshya – bas bohot ho gaya …

Swara – but I have to tell more thinks about me then only u can give me job .

Lakshya – I know miss…

Swara – swara gododiya …

Lakshya – no need to tell more about u …. I will judge u on the basis of this much only . U can wait outside for the result .

Swara nods yes and goes out .
Swara while walking in mind – oh no ! How khadoos he is … bhai was saying right ….

Swara sits on sofa kept outside his cabin .

Suddenly she remembers that she had left a imp file in home which necessary for interview .

She calls ragini .

Ragini seeing the caller id first make faces then smile a little .

Ragini picks up the phone .

Ragu – hello swa… I mean di…

Swara – ragini … plz can u do a favour for me .

Ragini -no…. I mean yes …

Swara – plz bring a red file kept on my study table plz ….

Ragini {uninterested look }-ok ….

And cuts the call .

Lakshya ‘s cabin .

Lakshya was sitting in chair and seeing the picture of her angel kept on his table .

Lucky – an..gel..

Just then sanky comes .

Sanky – hmmmm bhai meri hone wali bhabhi se baat kar rahe ho …

Lucky – I want to know who she is …

Sanky – hmm… bhai I will think something to help u … but ek shart pe aap mujhe ye poen ki job karne nahi bologe …

Lucky goes and hold sankys years ..

Lucky – hmmmm….. so u don’t want to do the job that’s why …..

Luck leaves sanky’s years and goes and sits on chair..

Lucky – u know wha….t I am feeling her presence as if she is in this office .

Suddenly something struck in sanky ‘s mind .

The end .

Precap -sanky tells a plan in lucky’s ears to find his angel . ragsan meet . Swara is selected as an accountant of maheshwari ‘s and sons .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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  4. amazing dear….
    i luvd the fighting spirit wala dialogue…. nd thanks fr such lovely updates….

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