swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (intro and episode 1)

Hey guys this my new ff .
Maheshwari family
Ap &Dp – loving parents of sanlak .

Lakshya Maheshwari – 21 years .the business tycoon . CEO of the companay THE MAHESHWARI GROUP OF COMPANY . Love her younger brother sanskaar a lot . Loves a girl he met when he was just 10 years old and want to marry her only . He doesn’t even know her name . ( how he met that girl I will tell u afterwards .)

Sanakaar maheshwari-20 years old. none of his friend know him as sanskaar . Everyone knows him as sanky . Younger brother of lakshya . A flirty boy . Always flirt with girls . He thinks that girls are only for flirting not for loving . Never want to marry.

Gadodiya family
Sarmishta gadodiya – mother of ragini and aadarsh . Swara is also her daughter but not real . Someone left swara on her doorsteps when she was just of 10 months . Her husband shekhar had died 12 years ago and she took care of her children all alone . Loves all her children equally

Aadarsh – only earning man in his family . Loves both her daughter a lot .

Swara – 21 years old .a traditional girl only wear suit and saarees . Topper of her college . Completed her fifth year of mba . Love her sister a lot . Hate parties . Hates a boy he met in her childhood .there is a reason behind it . I tell u afterwards . She doesn’t know that sarmishta is not her real mother .

Ragini – 20 years old .a mordern girl and only wear western dresses . Opposite of swara . Never wants to study . She likes to do parties . Not fond of her sister so much . She thinks that her maa and bhai loves swara more than her. Completed 4th year of mba . Knows that swara is not her real sister .

So this the intro . Leatd start with episode 1

At night
A small house of 4 to 5 rooms is shown.
A girl was seen running down the stairs with a laptop in her hand .
Girl – ma….. bhai ……. where r u ?
Just then her brother and maa comes .
Mother – what happened swara ?
Yes the girl is none other than swara . N her mother is sarmishta and brother is aadarsh.
Swara – my mba result is out …..
Aadarsh joking – I think so u are failed
Swara – just up bhai .
Aadarsh – I am just joking now show me ur result .
Swara keep her laptop on table on showed them her result . She got 95 % and first rank in whole college .
Aadarsh side hugs swara .
Aadarsh – I am proud of u my shona .
Sarmishta – I am also proud of u .

Just then ragini comes .
Ragini got jealous with brother and sister bond.
Ragini in mind – everytime maa and aadarsh bahi praises swara only no one praises me . Maa and bahi only love swara . Knowing that she is not their real daughter and sister .
Just then aadarsh notices ragini and breaks the hug .
Aadarsh – ragini , wher were u don’t tell me u are again in party ….
Swara – bahi plz shaant ho jao .
Aadarsh – swara show me her result also .
Swara nods yes . Swara writes the name RAGINI GADODIYA in her lappy .
She got 45 % .
Aadarsh sees the result and got angry .
She calls ragini near her. Ragini goes with frightened face .
Aadarsh – what’s the problem pf u why don’t u study . Learn something from ur sister . Go to ur room and study and I don’t want bad results next time . GO ..
ragini goes .
Sarmishta. – u should not shout on her like this .
Aadarsh – maa if I not scream on her like this then she will always get this type of marks .
The screen freezes .

Next update on friday .

Precap – swara decides to job where her brother works .intro of maheshwari family . Ap met swara in an NGO .

Credit to: sanajna


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