swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (Episode 6)


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Precap – swalak was shocked to see each other . Swara gives her interview and lakshya was staring him . Swara asks ragini to bring a red file to her office . Sanskaar get some idea to find lucky’s angel.

Sanky goes and say something in lucky’s ears .

Lakshya {angrily} no I will not do this …

Sanskaar – if u want to find ur angel … then u have to do this …

Lakshya – ok ….. but this plan is so silly ….

Sanskaar – ok … don’t do this …

Lakshya – ok … lets try this plan … now go and do ur work …

Sanskaar murmurs while going – I only do wery work …

On the other side ragini was coming . They both collides and ragini was about to fall when sanskaar holds her . The both share a eyelock . All the girls notices this and gets jealous as sanky is most wanted boy in the office . Swara also comes there she smiles seeing ragsan .

Sanskaar – are u ok ???

Ragini smiles and nods yes .
Ragsan came into senses . Lakshya also comes .

Ragini – leave me …

Sanskaar leaves ragini and ragini falls on floor .

Ragini – aaaahhhhh why u left me ???

Sanskaar – u only said to leave u…

Swasan laughs aloud . Seeing swara laugh lakshya unknowingly smiles .

Swara goes to pick ragini .
Swara – ragini are u ok ???
Ragini nods yes .
Ragini was trying to stand but everytime she tries she falls on ground. She sees the hand of sanskaar .

Sanskaar – don’t misunderstood me …ok I am just helping u …

Ragini – I don’t need ur help …

Swara – plz ragini get up … take his help….

Ragini in mind – why should I listen to swara ??? I think so I shuld listen I don’t want anyone laugh on me ..

Ragini nods yes and take his help .

Sanky made ragini stand .

Ragini – here is ur file …. swara … I mean swara di ….

Ragini looks at sanky with anger .

Ragini – don’t dare come in front of me again … underatood …. u idiot

Sanky- hey I am not idiot I am sanky … sanky maheshwari ur sister’s boss…. {just then he sees lucky looking him with angry eyes } I mean boss’ s brother … samjhi ..

Ragini – I am not scared of u mister ….

Just then aadarsh comes .

Aadarsh – plz ragu don’t create a scene here …. why r u here ???

Ragini – swara…. di had told me to bring file for her ….

Aadarsh – ok now go …

Ragini goes .

Ragini in mind- I always help and bhai always scold me …. he only loves swara …..

Lakshya – so miss swara now the time of result ….. u r selected as accountant of aur company …

Swara’s eyes widen …. he could not believe her ears . ……..

Swara – u had forgiven me …

Lakshaya in mind – I had not forgiven u but when I live near u I feel that I live near my angel…. after I will find my angel … I will throw u out … u had shouted on me … lakshya maheshwari …

Lakshya nods yes .

Swadarsh becomes happy .

The end.

Precap -ap calls a girl and asks her to return to india . swalak gets locked at the office at night. Lakshya apply the sanky’s plan on swara .

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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