swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (Episode 4)


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Lets start
Swara sits straight.
Swara – yes mumma …. that dream only….. plz help to forget that dream … I just hate that boy ….. he …

Just then aadarsh comes

Aadarsh – shona … don’t think like that …. issme uski kya galti kya hai ..

Swara – I know bhai but …

Aadarsh – ok calm down … and get ready …. today is ur first in office na …
Today I am going early as I have a meeting but don’t worry …. I am going with bike nad u come with scooty …

Swara – ok …. bhai …
Aadarsh leave for office …. swara goes to get ready. After getting ready she comes down eats bf but abkut to go when mishti stops her …..

Mishti – beta take this money and donate it in the NGO .

swara – maaa…. aapki medicines ka kya hoga ….. u na u have diabities .

Mishti – don’t worry … it is just a small amount … only 2000 rs . And waise bhi I only donate monthly .

Swara – ok meri maa as u say ….. bye …

Mishti – ok shona bye ….

Swara goes to NGO with her scooty .

She stops and parks her scooty outside the NGO .

She was goes in . She was about to inside the office of the head of NGO when she sees some lady was about to fall bcoz of stone . She immediately goes and holds her by keeping her hands on her shoulders .

Swara – are u ok aunty …

Lady – yes I am ok …. beta ….

Swara – ok aunty .

Lady – u …. here …. I think so for donating .

Swara – ji aunty .

Lady – me too . So can we together .

Swara – why not .

Lady and swara goes in .

Head Office
Swara – aunty {head of the NGO } take this money . Maa had given this for donation.

Head – thanks swara beta ….

Swara – ok aunty can I leave .

Swara leaves .

Lady – this is my donation .

Head – thanks mrs maheshwari .

{Yes the lady is none other than ap .}

Ap – ur welcome …. waice can I ask u something …

Head – yes…. why not …

Ap- I want to ask who is this girl .

Head – she is very v.good …. as well as her family . She is not so rich …. her mother is having diabities … her father is no more … only her brother is earning man in the house … then also she and mother always donate ….

Ap – ok …..

Ap goes .

Ap while walking – if this type of girl will marry my lakshya … then …. but I have another girl for my lakshya … tina…. now can’t see lak searching for taht girl whom he met in childhood .

Here swara was going by scooty to office whike another car comes . She qas about collide with the car when she puts a brake .

She gets angry and parks the scooty on road and comes and starting on the boy who was drivibg the car .

Swara shouting – just come out … u idiot … can’t u … see …. wo toh sahi ..time pe maine brake laga kiya nahi toh what will happen …

Boy listens her and gets angry and comes out of the car . He was mercerised to see swara . Her eyes was making can anyone fell for her . Her earings is making a soft sound . Her lips was just made for him to kiss . Her voice was as soft as a cushion .

Swara – hey waht are u staring ???

Lakshya cones into senses .

Lak in a low tone – nothing ….

Swara – hmmm say sorry to me or….

Before she coukd complete his sentence lak says .

Lakshya – sorry .

Lakshya is still smiling seeing that girl . Whenever he sees him the picture of that childhood girl comes in front of her face .

Lakshya in mind – no …. think .. about anyone … I will only marry that childhood girl and no one else …

Lakshya sits in car and leaves for office .
Swara also goes .


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Precap – swara goes to give interview . She was shocked to see the CEO of the company . She gives the interview and CEO ask him to wait for the ans whether she is selected or not

Credit to: sanjana (daddy's little princess)

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