swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (Episode 3)


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Episode 2

Lets start

Laksh goes to his sahabzaade’s room .

Here in sahabzaade’s room

Lakshya had not till now reached there.
Sahabzaade was talking on phone .
Sahabzaade – riya don’t take my love seriously (lakshya comes but sahabzaade did not notice. ) I was just flirting with u plz don’t take it seriously.

Riya – sanky plz don’t do this to me ….plz….plz….

Yes the sahabzaade is none other than our sanky .

Sanky – plz I can’t love a girl u know na…….
Saying this he cuts a call

He notices lakshya and got frightened .
Sanky in mind – oh no….. bhai …. ab mai gaya …… nooo…..

Lak come in .
Lak – are u mad ??? Why u always flirt with feeling girls …… are u mad ?????
Sanky – sorry bhai ……
Lak angrily – no …. sorry …….from today no college for u …. u will come with me to office …
Just then soumya comes .
Soumya – what are u saying lakshya ?? U know na he has not completed his studies . Let him complete his studies .
Lakshya – no need of studies …. he can work as a poen .
Soumya – no need ….. lakshya ….
Lak – di …. plz …..
Soumya – ok ( she goes to sanky and cares his hairs ). As u wish but don’t make my sanky work a lot .
Lak – ok di ….. he will now get no pocket money ….. he will get salary of poen if he works ……
Sanky – that’s not fair di ….
Soumya sign him to say yes .
Sanky nods yes . Lak goes .
Soumya – don’t worry I will give u money ….. ask me when u need .
Soumya also goes .

Gadodiya ‘s house .
Swara was sleeping. Suddenly she got bad dream and woke up and started screaming .
Swara – papa ….. papa …..
Mishti comes .
Mishti – what happened swara ….
Swara was silent .
Her silence make mishti understood her dream .
Mishti make her sleep on her lap .
Mishti – again that dream …..
Swara nods yes .

The end .
I know today’s update was short and boring but don’t woery next update will be big . Next update on 12 july .

Precap – ap met swara in an NGO . Swara ‘s scooty was about to collides with lakshya’s car . Swara was shouting on lak while lak smile seeing her eyes .

Credit to: sanjana

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