swalak – childhood meeting lead to love (Episode 2)


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I forgot to introduce a character in the intro –
Soumya maheswari – a beautiful girl of 25 years . Older sister of sanlak . Love her brother a lot .(imagine her jeevika of ek haazaron main meri behna hai )

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Let’s start

Swara – bhai calm down …. next time she will do well …. I’ll promise now my studies are over …. so I will teach her …. no need of coaching …..
Aadarsh – thanks shona ..
Swara – I want to tell u something …
Aadarsh – yes say
Swara – I want to job in ur company ..
Aadarsh – but what’s the need … now only u completed ur studies …
Swara – I know … but u work day and night to fulfill our needs and now as my studies are completed I will also work … and ur company is best to work as u r there to help me …. plz .. plz …plz..
Aadarsh – ok …. as u wish .. but be careful our boss is quiet strict .
Swara – no worries swara gadodiya can deal with every problem .
Saying this she side hugs aadarsh and goes to her room.
Aadarsh – dekha maa our shona is so good …. so responsible and ragini….
Saramishta – beta don’t compare them … I know they are not real sisters but they are soul sisters …. they are not swara and ragini …they are swaragini .. I know ragini also loves swara but she always hides it …
Aadarsh fake anger -ma… don’t dare to say that she is not ur real daughter she is your real daughter and my real sister …
Sarmishta – ok baba …. maaf karna …

Next morning

A big mansion is shown . Two women one of late 50’s and other of early 25 are sitting on sofa and seeing photos of girls .
Lady 1 – soumya beta tell me who is perfect for my son . This one … or this one …

Lady 2 – maa …. u know na he only want to marry that girl whom he met in his childhood ..

(Yes the ladies are none other than ap and soumya .)

Ap – I know beta but till when he will wait for her …. one day he had to marry some other girl .

Suddenly a voice came from behind .

Voice – maa I will marry that girl only whom I met in childhood .

Ap – ok lakshya beta u always says this only .

( the voice is of lakshya .)

Suddenly a voice of falling something came from behind .
Lakshya goes and sees it . A photo frame has fallen from the hands of a servant .
Lak angrily shouts – hey u how can u do this u have drooped this photo frame this is very special for me …. u know this girl in the photo ….. he is my future wife .
Lakshya bends down and try to pick up the photo from between the pieces of broken glass of the frame and he hurts his right hand .
Ap makes lak stand and start rubbing his hand .
Ap – how can u hurt urself for this stupid photo .
The photo is shown . It was a photo of 9 year girl . The girl whom he met in his childhood .
Lak – leave this by the way where isbour saahabzaade …..
Ap – he is in his room …
Lak – ok I’ll go and wake him up . From today he will go to office with me .

End .

Next update on tuesday a very short update . If not then definitely on 12 july .. …… guys I am very busy these days .

Precap- intro of lakshya ‘s sahaabzade .
Swara gets a bad dream and start screming . Ap meet swara in an NGO .

Credit to: sanjana

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