Swalak : Arranged (Intro)

My first ff on Swalak. I liked this couple when Swaragini started but then it got changes as Swasan. But for me Swalak will always be close to my heart. So here I bring this !

~~Swalak : Arranged to be mine

Its 2016; and in this generation probably 20% youth believe in ‘Arranged Marriage.’ The rest believe in love. Fairy tale. And all the cheesy stuff that happen in typical Bollywood romance.

For Swara Roy, A London based Fashion designer, Love holds a different meaning altogether. For her its something that wastes ones time and life. She is a girl with a broken heart, afraid to love and getting hurt.

But what happens when an awful news breaks leaving Swara in pieces ? What will happen when she will be forced to marry a man of her mothers choice ? What if the man is none other than Laksh Maheshwari, a famous and suave businessman and the heir of Maheshwari industries.

Will Laksh’s presence in Swara’s life, change her perspective about love ? Will she be able to raise a family with him just how her parents want to ?

Most importantly will she able to fall in love with him…

Continue reading to find out.


I don’t know how many Swalak fans are here . Ao Swalak fans if you like this story only then it will be continued.

I am telling/warning you I m not a nice writer. Bear my mistakes and bear me foremost !

Credit to: Ananya


  1. supreet

    omg…soo good….idk about swalak fans but i will definately read this….keep on going

  2. atiya

    hey ananya even iam same lyk u i started to luv swalak wen swaragini started but d writers changed d pairs but still i luv swalak nyc ff plz continue

  3. Anu

    Nive yr i m due hard swasan fan but i also like swalak but hate ragsan plz its my kinnda request to u not add ragsan in this plz tell in next part only will u add ragsan nd most specially sanskar because if u have sanskar then u will also pair him with some other girl nd i camt see him with someone else so plz dont samskar in this keep it only swalak nd dear i m a silent reader so maybe i dont comment daily so dont feel that there r less comment nd nobody likes your story ok na many people likes

  4. Niva

    Huge fan of Swalak and now of this fanfiction as well! Superb writing, please do continue πŸ™‚ Best of luck!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.