Hi friends!! Thank u so much for ur support! Hope u will enjoy today’s episode. This episode will be a short one because I have my exam tomorrow! So here’s the episode..


Epi 7 —

Naina was telling Karan her past which he was listening carefully.
Naina — It was two years ago . His name is Pratik.

A fb is shown —
( In this fb , Naina is the narrator. It will be her POV )

In Delhi , I was doing my course there. I was really very sincere in studies. Had made very few friends. But always have Tanya with me. She was my roommate in hostel and closest friend among all. It was after 3 months of my college , when he entered my life.
One day , Tanya was absent due to fever. I was feeling bore in the lecture when a boy entered the class. He was Pratik. He talked something with the professor.
Prof — Naina ! U r the most sincere student so , u will help Pratik to complete his course as he is late.

Naina — Ok sir!
( Then turning towards Pratik ).
Prof — Today u can sit with her.
He came and sat with me.
Pratik — Hi , I m Pratik Malhotra. A typical Punjabi boy!
I smiled at him.
Pratik — What about u ?
Naina — Naina solanki.
Pratik — U talk really little.
Naina — Nothing like that. Just want to concentrate on class.
Pratik — Ok! So friends?

I didn’t reply to him.
Pratik — Don’t worry! Will not do anything wrong. I m a good boy. U can be friend with me.
Naina — Ok friends.
We shook hands.
Days passed. We became best friends. We used to study together. But I was falling for him. He had a charm in him. He was fun guy. I didn’t know about his feeling so didn’t get the strength to speak. But one day I told this to Tanya.
Tanya — OMG! Finally Nainu u r in love!
Naina — But will he accept me? Does he love me.
Tanya — obviously ! Who will not accept u girl?
Naina — Should I tell him then?

Tanya — Yes, call him and ask him to meet u.
I called him.
Naina — Hello!

Pratik — Hi Naina!
Naina — Pratik I want to tell u something.
Pratik — Me too.
Naina — So meet me at Xyz cafe.
Pratik — Coming.

In Xyz cafe :—

I was waiting for him. He was late. Suddenly somebody tapped on my shoulder from back. I turned a saw Pratik.
Pratik — Nainu!
Naina — I want to tell u a thing.
Pratik — But listen to me first.
Naina — But mine is important.
Pratik — Mine is more important.
Naina — Ok tell.
Pratik — Nainu.
He went to one knee took out a rose.

Pratik — Naina I love u . Will u be mine?
I was really happy.
Naina — Yes!!
They hugged each other. We both were really happy. It was unbelievable. I loved him. He loved me. Days went quickly.
He changed me. He changed my silent behavior. He is the reason I believe in love. He is only the reason I don’t believe in love.

One day he left me. Without any reason , without telling me. He didn’t broke up , he just vanished. He leave the college , the city , my life. He broke my Heart in few seconds. And from then , I have become the Naina , I m now.

Fb ends.

A tear roll down her from her eyes.
Karan was also sad.
Naina — U can think that , everybody face breakup but for me he was my life. I have never thought a day without him. He didn’t tell me the reason why he dumbed me without any fault of mine.
Karan — But where did he go?
Naina — I dont know anything. I tried to search him but he blocked my number , social networking account everything.

Karan — Do u still love him ?
Naina — No karan. I just want some answer to my question.
Karan — Last question. What happened today?
Naina — I saw him today. In the cafe. He is here.
Karan — Don’t think about him. Take rest. It had become night , I will break the food for u.

Karan fed Naina the food. She was lost in his caring nature.
Naina ( in her mind ) — Karan , I m really very happy I have u . I love u
Karan — Ok so now u sleep.
Naina — ok.
Naina — ( In mind ) I will my feeling to u karan. Really soon.

In Jaipur Meghnal had gone to a date. They celebrated Nairan and their love. They have decided to tell their parents about them after Nairan’s college.

After feeding Naina, karan went to his room.
Karan was feeling insecure.
Karan — Don’t worry, Naina had told u na that he don’t love pratik. And we don’t know also where he lives so just relax.
He tried to sleep. But it was not possible.
Naina had a beautiful sleep that night.

Next day
Naina and arushi went to college.
Somebody hugged Naina tightly from back.
Person — Naina!!!!

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  1. Rosie25

    Omg let me guess pratik hugged naina from the back he’s so so blah
    I loved it and post soon

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u Rosie. Will try to update soon. Let’s wait to see who was that person.? Keep reading!

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much aafia. Keep reading !!!☺

  2. I am So excited for what happend now. These is my favourite serial ever thank you!! For written it ..thank you so much definitely I watch a latest episode.I can’t wait for it.

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much for the comment. Happy that u enjoyed. And swabhiman is mine fav too.? So keep reading!!?

  3. Resh

    No!! That person should not be Pratik! But I don’t know.. I feel that Pratik is gonna come back again! Anyways.. this was a very beautiful episode.. just loved the way their feelings were expressed, especially Naina’s thoughts in mind! She should get over Pratik.. she feel bad now also.. once she is over him then definitely she will propose Karan!

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much !! Don’t worry if Pratik comes also , for now he will be positive only. So keep reading!.?

  4. #nairanlover:-)

    Nice one Hiya.Was waiting for it.Loved it.Plss post ASAP.Suspense is my biggest enemy lol.Post according to your convenience.Best of luck for your exam.Loads of love.

    1. Jiya09

      Thanks for the wish and the comment. Will try to post really soon. Hope u will enjoy! Keep reading!

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