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EPI 41 :–

Meghna and Kunal went to their room. Both got fresh one by one. Meghna was keeping their cloths. She was looking a little distracted. Kunal noticed it and went to her.
He hugged her from behind.

Kunal — What happened Topper ?
Meghna — No nothing.
Kunal — Missing saheer ?
Meghna — No
Kunal — Then ?
Meghna — Just a little bit tired.

Kunal turned Meghna towards him. And looked into her eyes.
Kunal — What’s the matter Meghna ? Will u not share it with me ?
Meghna — Kunal I was thinking one week has finished , will Naina understand Karan ?
Kunal — See Meghna I really can’t tell if Naina will actually forgive Karan or not as we don’t know the main reason clearly. But hoping that she will stay.

Meghna — What if she don’t ?
Kunal — Then I will let her go now. And slowly I will try to make her understand as time heals. And I surely know she will not be able to stay angry with Karan for a long time. And if really Karan has hurt her badly then I will support Naina.

Meghna — What about Karan ?
Kunal — I know my brother.. He will never give up especially on her. And Meghna be positive for now. We both will surely try to unite them.
Meghna — Kunal thanks for everything.. U r a good brother and a good Jeeju.

Meghna smiled and hugged him. Kunal thought to lighten the mood.
Kunal — Okkk!! So I’m not a good husband and a good father ? No value of me.
He said it in a dramatic way.
Meghna — No Mr Wrong Number , u r not a good husband and father.

Meghna said seriously and Kunal’s face frowned. Meghna slightly smiled seeing him and said
Meghna — Because u r the best father and Husband , Dumbo!! How many times I have to tell u this ?

Kunal smiled wholeheartedly and pulled Meghna closer.
Kunal — Thousand time is also less hearing this from u , Meri topper.
Meghna — Ok ok! Now go and get some sleep. Good night!
Kunal — Good night.
Both of them went to bed and drifted to sleep.

Meanwhile in Nairan’s room :-

Naina was setting the bed for Karan to sleep. Karan was sitting on the chair staring at her. He was in deep thoughts. He didn’t wanted that day to get over.

After setting the bed she went towards the couch and looked at Karan. He was also looking at her.
Naina — Thank you.
Karan — Why ?
Naina — For everything u did today. Thanks for the surprise , for the reunion of friends , for the dress and thanks for song.

Karan — Don’t thank me Naina.
Naina smiled at him.
Karan — U deserve all this , as its ur birthday.
She smiled even brighter. But suddenly she remembered something and her smile faded.
Naina — Good night Karan.
Karan — Good night.

Karan found it strange as suddenly her behavior changed but didn’t spoke anything as atleast he got a good night from her. Both of them went to sleep in their respective place.

Next Day Morning —

Karan woke up to find Naina nowhere in the room. He checked the bathroom but she was not there also. Karan thought that he has lost Naina. He thought she has left him.

But just then Naina entered the room with Naira. Karan somewhere got a little relieved.
Karan — Where did you went ?
Naina — I went to bring Naira.
Karan — Oh!! I thought..
Naina — U thought what ?
Karan — Nothing.
Naina — Tell me!
Karan — I thought that u left me.

Naina didn’t reacted. She put Naira on the bed and went towards the cupboard.
Karan — U didn’t said anything ?
Naina — What to say ? What u thought is right. I’m leaving now.
Karan — U must be joking Naina!
Naina — Its not a joke Karan. I have already said u right ?

Saying this she took a bag out and started to pack her things in it.
Karan — Naina please don’t do this!
Naina didn’t replied and kept packing her bag and he kept pleading her.

After her packing was finish , she went and kissed Naira and hugged her tightly.
Naina — Mumma will miss u baby.

She kept her inside the cot safely and then took her bag leaving the room. Hot tears started to flow through her eyes. And behind her came Karan only saying one thing to her , tears also flowing through his eyes.

Karan — Naina please don’t leave me alone. I can’t live without u. Please understand Naina.. I love u.. Please don’t do this. Please.

Karan kept pleading and Naina hearing all this , kept ignoring him. Her heart was saying forget all this and hug him and her mind was saying don’t trust him once again. Never!

By Karan voice everybody’s eyes turned towards them.
Nirmala — What’s happening ? And Naina where are u going this early morning ?
Naina stopped and behind her stopped Karan.
Karan ran to Nirmala.
Karan — Mom please ask Naina to not leave me , she is leaving me.

Nirmala — Naina beta! R u leaving ? And if yes then why ?
Naina — Yes maa I’m leaving. I can’t stay with him now. He has broken my trust. I can’t just be with him.

Meghna — Cheeku please don’t go !!
Naina — No Di !!

All were shocked. Till yesterday everything was totally fine and suddenly something happened which led Naina to leave this house.

Everybody kept asking her what happened to her and she said the same thing every time.

She took Dadu ,Nk and Nirmala’s blessing. They didn’t wanted to Naina to go but they were helpless as they just can’t force anything on Naina.

Khyati was crying silently. After she thought everything is fine everything went wrong. Meghna was also weeping and Kunal giving her support. She went to Khyati.

Naina — Khyati please take care of everyone.
Khyati — Bhabi don’t go!
Naina — I can’t do anything. Sorry.
Naina hugged her and then moved towards Kunal and Meghna.

Meghna — Cheeku please..
Naina — Sorry Di , Jeeju !! Please take care of my Naira and give a lot of love to Naira and Saheer from my side.
Kunal — Cheeku please don’t go. Atleast stay for us.
Naina — I would have. I will come later as Di’s sister but now I can’t stay here.

She hugged both of them together. And then she whispered in their ears.
Naina — Please do take care of my Karan.

Both looked at each other and nodded.
Kunal — But still please..
Naina — Sorry Jeeju.

She turned to say one last goodbye to Karan. She was he was sitting in the ground holding a table and crying badly.

She slowly moved towards him. She bent down and kept a hand on his shoulder. And he tightly hugged Naina.
Karan — U will not leave me na? I knew it!! Thank you.
Naina — I’m sorry Karan. I’m sorry.

She broke the hug.
Naina — Bye.
Saying this she got up and started to move but was stopped again as this time Karan has hold her dupatta.

Karan got up and stood in front of her. This time he was a little more courageous and a little angry.
Karan — U want to leave? But why ? What is my fault ?

Naina — U are asking me this Karan ?
Karan — Naina I have said sorry for the things I said u that night. I didn’t mean all that. And I’m guilty about it. Please don’t give me this big punishment!! I know I have said very wrong thing , for that don’t talk with me , slap me but don’t go away from me please.

Naina — Karan for that thing I have already forgiven u !! U don’t need to be sorry now for that.

Karan — Then why all this Naina ?
Naina — Because u only wanted this Karan. U wanted to leave me and marry Isha right ? U were the only person who didn’t believe me and believed Isha in first place then why should I stay with u ?

Karan — What ?
All were confused about what Naina spoke now.

Karan — And who told u all this ? I have cleared this also na!
Naina — Who told me ? I have seen video of urs planning ur wedding with Isha. And then when I came back did u once came near me asking if I’m fine ? And that time also u only supported Isha!! So if I don’t have any place in ur life so why would I stay with u ? I always wanted to trust , I trusted you and I return I got to see all this. What should I do ?

Karan — That was all a plan damn it!! I told everyone that day only!
Naina — I don’t believe !
Meghna — Cheeku , Karan is right. It was our planning and Karan cleared it after all settled down and then u got unconscious.
Have you forget it ?

Naina — What ? Means I was unconscious when Karan said all this ?
Kunal — Might be!!
Naina — Oh god !!

Karan held Naina’s shoulder.
Karan — Now will u believe me ?
Naina — I’m sorry! I didn’t knew it.. Forgive me Karan.. I was too angry.. Please forgive me.

Karan — No Naina it was not ur fault also. I would have also done the same thing. Don’t be sorry for it. And what u did is totally justified. Anger makes us do these things. U should be angry on me. But now will u stay with me ?

Naina — Do I really deserve u ?
She was now crying badly. She was feeling guilty for trusting Isha and Sandhya more. She decided to believe her mind and eyes that time and she did this big mistake.

Karan — Yes Naina u deserve everything!! U deserve love , u deserve happiness..

Naina nodded a no with her head and hugged Karan.
Naina — I’m sorry .

Saying this she broke the hug took the bag and went from there.
Karan stood there still recovering from the
fact that what just happened here. All were having teary eyes. Karan was crying.

To be continued…


So now what will happen ?
Keep reading to find out.


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