EPI 40 :–

Naina heard the noise and opened her eyes. She saw everything was ok but she was sure that there was some noise. She was shocked because of this. She expected that the noise was of Karan and others giving her a surprise.

She looked at the couch where Karan was sleeping peacefully. Then she saw the time , it was 12: 15 am.
Naina — So happy birthday Naina! Have a good night.
She wished herself and again drifted to sleep.

When Naina again went to sleep , Karan woke up from the couch and went near the bed when Meghnal were hiding. And from behind the couch came out Vishal and Khyati.

Karan and all started to whispering.
Karan — Bhai!! U would have spoilt our plan.
Kunal — What’s my fault if I fell from the chair ?
Meghna — Its obviously ur fault man!!
Kunal — Topper yaar! I felt like u needed help so I was coming down but by mistake I fell. I just wanted to be with my wife.

Meghna slapped her head at Kunal’s comment.
Karan — Accha bhai! For ur romance u were spoiling mine ?
Kunal — If u say so then its a big yes.
Meghna — Kunal why did u felt that I need ur help ?
Kunal — I don’t know but I felt.
Meghna — U r really mad!!
Kunal — Mad in ur love

Both Meghna and Kunal looked at each other. A sweet smile spreading on their face. In the dark room , the only source of light ” moon ” made Meghna’s face more beautiful.

Karan — Bhai please let’s start the work otherwise surely this plan will get flop.
Kunal — Ok but only for Cheeku.
Khyati — So let’s start.

All started their work and decorated the room nicely. After that they used party poppers to make Naina wake up again. Hearing the sound Naina again got up and switched the light on. And then Kunal and company started singing

Naina was happily shocked to see all this. She ran and hugged all of them one by one. The treat for her was to get a hug from Vishal whom she was missing badly.

She then looked at the room which was looking beautiful.
Naina — Thank you so much Di!!
Meghna — Thank your Mr Husband Cheeku.. All plan was his.
Naina looked at Karan and smiled beautifully.
Naina — Thank you Karan !
Karan — Its Ok Naina. Don’t say thanks.

They looked at each other. Khyati thought of a mischief and pushed Naina slightly. And she landed on Karan’s chest. Then Khyati started laughing. Nairan moved back being embarrassed.

Meghna — How I wish my husband would have planned a surprise for me also.
She said it in a dramatic way.
Kunal — Aww my Topper wants a surprise ? So don’t worry , u will be getting one really soon !!
Meghna — Means ?
Kunal — A sister for Saheer ?
Meghna — Kunal !

All started laughing. She turned red in embarrassed and Kunal just winked at her. To avoid more embarrassment , she brought the cake for cake cutting. Naina cut the cake and gave the first bite to Karan and then to others.

When eating was over , Khyati took the cake in her hands.
Khyati — Finally now will eat it alone.
She was going to attack the cake but Kunal snatched it from her in time.

Kunal — No Khyati!! Its for the makeup of Cheeku.
Naina was shocked.
Naina — What? No jeeju!!
She moved back but Karan held her.
Naina — Please Karan leave.. No cake on face please.

Naina pleaded to them but both the brother were not ready. They were going to put the cake on Naina when they heard Vishal.
Vishal — STOP !
Kunal — Why ?
Meghna — Because Cheeku don’t want it.. Give the cake to me.
Meghna ordered and Kunal gave it to her. Naina felt relieved. She moved towards Meghna.

Naina — Thanks Di.
Meghna — Ur welcome cheeku! But I saved u from Karan because I will put the cake on u first.
Meghna gave a naughty smile.Naina was shocked. But before she would have reacted the cake was on her face. All laughed at Naina.
Then the cake fight started between all.

After a lot of fun all returned to their room. Vishal stayed in guest room. Naina cleaned her face and went to sleep. Karan also cleaned himself and came out. But he didn’t went to the couch. He went and took the bed and slept next to Naina.

Next day morning , Naina woke up and found herself in Karan’s arm. He was sleeping peacefully. After so many days she found herself like this. She slowly moved his hands and get up from the bed. Today she didn’t even mind Karan’s this act.

She got fresh and went downstairs. All the family members again wished her. The whole day went on pampering Naina and decorating the house for the evening. Meghna was most excited for it.

At evening —

Karan went to Meghna with a packet.
Karan — Bhabi , will u give this to Naina ?
Meghna — What’s in this ?
Karan — Its a dress but I don’t know if she will take it or not from me.
Meghna — She will. I know… Now go to her.

Karan being a little hesitant went to Naina where she was deciding what to wear.
Karan — Naina ?
She looked at Karan.
Naina — Yes ?
Karan forwarded the packet towards her.
Karan — This is for u. Happy Birthday.

Naina took the packet from him and before Naina could reply Karan turned and went from there but heard a thank you from behind.

The guests arrived in the house. Karan and Kunal were downstairs welcoming the guests. Meghna went to Naina’s room and helped her doing a light makeup. Naina was wearing a beautiful black gown which Karan has gifted her this evening. And Meghna was wearing a blue gown which Kunal has gifted her as a surprise which she was not expecting.

After they got ready both came down to the hall. All eyes turned towards Naina and Meghna. Karan and Kunal went and brought their wives with them.

Khyati went to the stage and took the mic.
Khyati — Hello everybody!! Thanks a lot for coming to my cute Bhabi’s birthday. First of all I would like to welcome my bhabi for the cake cutting. Bhabi come.

Naina smiled and she held Karan’s hand as she wanted him to come with her. Both of them went to the stage. Karan smiled in his mind as Naina was not behaving rude with him.

Nirmala brought the cake and all the family members gathered around her. She cut the cake and then everyone fed Naina the cake and same did Naina.
Khyati — So everyone please enjoy the party.

Soft music started playing and all guest got busy with it.
Naina went to one corner watching all of them. Karan noticed her alone and went to her. And behind her came Khyati.
Khyati — Bhabi u r looking damn pretty. All boys are going flat seeing u.

Karan — Khyati will u shut up please.
Naina laughed hearing her last line and Karan made a face.
Khyati — So bhai what gift did u brought for her ?
Karan — Actually..
Khyati — Oh god!! Don’t tell me u brought nothing.
Naina — No Khyati! He gave me this dress.
Karan — I have a gift. Naina will u come with me ?

He forwarded his hand which Naina held and went with him. She saw that he was taking her to a girl who was standing at one corner.
Karan stopped near that girl and patted her shoulder. She turned back and Naina was shocked to see Tanya her best friend there.
( Hope u all remember her! She was in Pratik’s flashback. )

Naina — Tanya!!
Tanya — Nainu my girl!!
Both hugged each other. They were meeting after a long time. A tear fell down from both of their eyes.

Voice — Oh hello!! Getting Tanya doesn’t mean u will forget us.
Hearing the voice she turned back and saw Pratik , Arushi and Rohan standing there. She was meeting them also after long time.
Naina — Oh God !!

She ran and hugged them all. She was feeling the happiest. She broke the hug and went to hug Karan.
Naina — Thanks a lot Karan for this friends reunion.
Karan — Ur welcome mrs beautiful.

She broke and hug , smiled and then went to her friends. They all were happy. Karan slowly moved from there.

Karan was talking with Meghnal went Khyati again took the mic.
Khyati — Karan bhai!! Why u r standing there? Will u not sing for the birthday girl and dance with her?
Karan — What ?
Khyati — Yes! Please one song.
Karan — But alone?

Khyati — Then pick a partner for singing.
Karan — Kunal Bhai !
Kunal — I will not sing Ok!!
Karan — Then I will also not sing.
Meghna — Leave it Karan. U sing alone. Kunal doesn’t know how to sing. He can’t.

Meghna said with a smirk on her face. Kunal moved towards her.
Kunal — Are u challenging me ?
Meghna — Yes Mr Wrong Number.
Kunal — Then let’s see who wins.
He whispered in her ear and Meghna smiled in her mind.
Meghna ( in mind ) — I want to lose this challenge.

Kunal — Karan bring ur guitar out.
Vishal — I will play it.
Kunal — Ok.
Khyati pulled both Meghna and Naina in the middle of the hall.
They started to sing.

Karan — O mere mohalle mein
Chaand jo aaya hai
Eid jo laaya hai
Tu hi toh nahi
He walk around Naina and sings and then smiles.

Kunal — Ammi ne meri jo
Suit silaya hai
Khwaab dikhaya hai
Tu hi toh nahi
He first points at Nirmala and then ask through his facial expression Meghna if she is the one.

Karan — Haan jiske liye dil bigadne lagaa hai
Woh kaun hai, Tu Hi Hai

Kunal — Jiske liye dil sambhalne lagaa hai
Woh kaun hai, Tu Hi Hai

Karan — Door ye kaun hai
Paas ye kaun hai

Kunal — Khaas ye kaun hai
Tu hi hai

Kunal –Jiske liye maine
Saari haseeno ke
Dil tode jaana hai
Tu hi toh nahi
Kunal held her hand and twirl her around.

Karan — Jiske liye mujhko
Jeete hi jaana hai
Beema karana hai
Tu hi toh nahi
He pushed Naina’s shoulder through his shoulder and Naina smiled.

Karan — Aane se jiske aa jati hai saansein
Woh kaun hai, Tu hi hai
Jaane se jiske jaati hai jaanein
Woh kaun hai, Tu hi hai
He dances with Naina.

Kunal — Door ye kaun hai
Paas ye kaun hai
Khaas ye kaun hai
Tu hi hai
He also dances with Meghna.

Karan — Mere shairon mein ye kaun hai
Meri shayari mein kaun hai
Meri diary mein kaun hai
Tu hi hai…

Kunal — Gubbaron mein ye kaun hai
Khumaron mein ye kaun hai
Guitaron mein ye kaun hai.

Kunal and Karan — Tu hi hai.
Both the brothers went on knees in front of their wives. Naina and Meghna blushed slightly.

Khyati — Wow!! It was so good. Proud of u boys.

Kunal and Karan smiled and gets up.
The night went on more fun and dances. Slowly the guests started leaving. Karan and Naina’s heart were bouncing with the thought that one week will end when the clock will strike 12.

After all guests went back , Vishal also left from there along with Naina’s friends who will be staying in Vishal’s house that day.

For the last time wishing Naina and giving her blessing and hug all went to their room. Khyati has taken the responsibility of the babies so she took them with her.

Naina and Karan were left alone now. Naina looked at him and smiled and both of them also went to their room. Both were thinking what was going in their partner’s mind.

To be continued.


So the time has come
What will Naina do now ?
Has Karan succeeded to convince Naina ?
Keep reading to find out.


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