In Jaipur :–
Today was kunal’s birthday. Meghna had planned a cute date for them later that night.Kunal was not aware of the date. It was a surprise.
Kunal was working on his laptop. When Meghna came and covered his eyes from back.
Meghna — Guess who’s this?
Kunal — I know , u r .. U r soniya.. No no how can Soniya be here. Oh yes! u r Meghna..
Meghna — U guessed right but who’s this Soniya?
Kunal — I can’t tell u. Its a secret miss topper.
Kunal winked at Meghna.

Meghna — OK so don’t tell me. Now this soniya will wish u for ur birthday. I will leave. U celebrate with her OK.
Kunal stopped Meghna by standing in front of her. Kunal started to come closer to her. She started to move back. Soon she was stopped by the wall to back any further . Kunal also stopped. They were feeling each others breath. They shared a eyelock.
All of a sudden they spoke together.
Meghnal — I was just joking.

They laughed together.
Meghna — Well Mr Wrong Number , Meghna solanki is wishing u a very happy Birthday.
Kunal — Thank u meri topper. But where is my gift??
Meghna — U will get ur gift Kunal. Just wait for the evening.
Kunal — Why not now?
Meghna — Have patience.
Kunal — OK .

They sat down.
Meghna — Kunal?
Kunal — Yes?
Meghna — Today Karan was going to propose Cheeku na!! So what happened?
Kunal — Yeah! But I don’t know what has happened. But don’t worry Karan will tell us later.
Meghna — Hmm.

In Mumbai :–
Karan was in washroom.
Karan — No I have to go and talk to Naina. I will have to go to home.
He stood up and came out of the washroom. He was leaving the college when Rohan came.
Rohan — Where r u going?
Karan — To Naina. I have to talk to her. I can’t attend today’s class.
Rohan — OK but please take care!
Karan — Will take. Bye.
Rohan — Bye.!

Naina was sitting near the window crying when she saw karan coming home.
She washed her face.
Karan directly came to Naina’s room. He knocked on the door.
Naina — Come in.
Karan saw Naina’s face. He knew that she was crying. Her eyes were red.
Karan — U were crying?
Naina — No karan ! Why would I cry.
Karan — Don’t lie Naina. I know u very well. Ur eyes are red.
Naina — So is urs.
Karan — Yes. Because I was also crying.
Naina — Btw what happened?
Karan — Naina I want to talk to u?

Naina — What ? Say!
Karan — Naina , I want 3 days.
Naina — For what?
Karan — To prove.
Naina — Karan please tell me clearly!.
Karan — Naina , I want time to prove that u also love me. U know that but u r not able to say it because of ur past. But in this 3 days u will understand ur love. U will come to me.
Naina — But Karan.
Karan — Please.
Naina — No.

Karan — one chance?
Naina thought something.
Naina — OK this one chance Karan. Then also if I say no to u then u will have to forget about ur love for me .
Karan — OK Naina. I will do whatever u say to me.
Naina — Promise?
Karan — Promise.
They were silent. There was nothing to talk about. It was just so awkward.
Naina — Karan I wanna get fresh so please..
Karan — Yeah ! I will leave now. Bye.
Naina — Bye.

Karan walked out.
Karan ( in mind ) — Naina u have given me three days, after these days, u will give me ur heart. U will surely be mine.

Naina ( in mind ) — Sorry karan. After 3 days also I can’t say yes to u. I have no place for love in my life after him… So sorry.

In Jaipur :—
It was 9:00 pm. Meghna had asked her to meet her near jal mahal.
Meghna was waiting for him.
Kunal stopped his car and came out. She saw Meghna. She was wearing a black dress. She was looking so adorable that Kunal was mesmerized. His eyes were not leaving her.
Meghna — So at last Mr Kunal came.
Kunal — Yup!

Meghna — Now u will get ur gift.
Kunal — Can’t wait.
She blindfolded kunal. She held his hand and took him to the car. She drove it to her house. Slowly she opened the door and took him inside.
She opened his eyes. Kunal was surprised. The room was decorated by red heart shaped balloons. Red ribbons were hung. Rose petals were spread everywhere. She had placed a huge photo of them in the wall. At center, a dining table was placed with all favourite food of Kunal. She made her seat in the chair.
Kunal — Wow Meghna! I can’t believe this. Its the best birthday surprise I have ever get. U r the best. I love u Meghna.

Meghna blushed.
Meghna — I love u too Kunal . And this nothing in front of ur love for me. I will never leave u.
Kunal — I will not let u leave me. So where’s my gift?
Meghna — Bringing.
She went and brought a red packet.
Kunal — what’s this?
Meghna — Open and see.

Kunal opened it and saw a book. It was a handmade book. In front it was written ” OUR LOVE STORY “. He opened it. The book has all the memories of them. Their photos, flowers etc. It contains every small detail of their dates.
Kunal — Meghna I loved it.
Meghna — Thank u but its not the end of ur gift.

Kunal — So what’s next ?
Meghna got up and went to Kunal and placed a kiss on his cheek. Kunal was happily shocked.
Meghna was going back when Kunal stopped her
Kunal — This is not fair!! Where’s my actual kiss.( Pointing to his lips )
Meghna — NO!
Kunal — I will get it.
Kunal went to Meghna and as they were going to kiss a call came to Kunal’s phone.
Meghna laughed.
Kunal — What ? This Karan always be the kabab mein haddi.
Meghna — Pick the phone.
Kunal picked it up and put it on the speaker.
karan — Happy birthday Bhai!!

Kunal — Haapy birthday ke bacche why do u always put a leg in my romantic scene?
Meghna — Don’t say like that.
Karan — Sorry bhai and bhabi.
Kunal — Its OK. Don’t be sorry.
Meghna — So karan u proposed Naina?
Karan — Yes.

Meghna — What did she said?
Karan — She was a little surprised. She will reply me later.
Meghna — Nothing else na?
Karan — No. So u both continue. I will pick the phone. Bye.
Meghnal — Bye!!
Karan cut the call.

Karan — Sorry both of u. I can’t tell u every detail. U all will get tensed and spoil ur mood.

In Jaipur :–
Meghnal ate the dinner. After the dinner , meghna started to talk nonstop. Kunal was just watching her. He was feeling lucky. He had his topper with her. Meghna saw him
Meghna — Kunal ?
No reply.
Meghna — KUNAL ?
Kunal — Uhhh?
Meghna — Where r u lost ?
Kunal — Nowhere . just thinking to dance with u.

Meghna — So let’s dance?
Kunal — Why not.
They danced on some romantic songs. After some time , kunal went back to home. Meghna cleaned the house and went to sleep. She was very happy.
Kunal also slept peacefully dreaming Meghna.
But it was a sleepless night for both Naina and Karan. They were disturbed. They were preparing themselves for the next three days………

To be continued…



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  1. #nairanlover:-)

    I loved it Jiya.You balanced both nairan and meghnal scene’s as Tami Di used to do.Do you know her?Three days challenge excited for it.Naina used to love someone that’s the greatest twist.Post ASAP.Eagerly waiting for it.

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much!!

  2. Jiya09

    Thank u so much!! And yes I know Tami Di. I loved her ff. Next part will come soon. Keep reading and once again thank u!!

  3. it was superb…

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      Thank u so much! Keep reading..

  4. Resh

    This episode was crazy!!! A second chance, a ray of hope! She accepted the challenge.. yay! Could be because somewhere inside her she wanted it to be proved to her that she loved him too! Great! Just loved it! ??❤️ Love you and your ff! Keep going! Waiting for the next one!??

    1. Jiya09

      Thanks for the comment. Love u too. Keep reading…!!

  5. Seyal

    Hahaha….. It was fantastic… I loved it… Three days challenge!!! l am impatiently waiting for that….. post soon……

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      Thank u !!! The next epi will be come soon. Hope u will enjoy it. Keep reading.!

  6. Great Jiya di. I really love how u mixed both couples in with a little bit of sad moment and a little bit of happiness. Keep going and update soon.

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      Thank u so much !!

  7. Sorry Jiya. I commemted very late. I was busy these days with my school. Come to the episode it was awesome, loved it Jiya. Post soon and loads of love❤

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