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Naina was sitting in her room crying. The situation has gone to that extend that now she has to act as Karan’s wife. She wiped her tears and went back to her memories , their memories , their sweet memories.

Fb starts —

It was morning time. Naina was arranging the cupboard after they returned from the honeymoon. She was smiling with every memories of their honeymoon coming to her mind. Suddenly she felt arms wrapping around her waist and a head resting on her shoulder and with that she felt a soft kiss on her neck. It made her shiver. She knew that it was Karan. Her smile grew more bigger.

She turned around and found a serious Karan who was looking straight in her eyes. Naina put her hands on his cheeks.
Naina — What happened Karan ?
Karan — Saw a very bad dream.

Naina — What did u saw ?
Karan — I saw that we both were fighting.
Naina — So what Karan? It was just a dream.

Karan — But that’s not the problem yaar. U were leaving me and going to Vishal Bhai because I shouted at u.
Naina pulled Karan’s cheek and started to laugh.

Naina — Aww my sweet Mr husband , I’m not going to leave u anytime soon.
Karan frowned in place of being happy.
Naina — Now what ?
Karan — U said u will not leave me anytime soon.. But u will leave me when that soon will end..
He started to blabber but stopped hearing Naina’s giggle.

Karan — Naina when will this soon come ?
Naina — U r the cutest Karan.. And my soon have a long time to come. When we both will be old with wrinkles all around our face and body still I will be staying with u. I will never leave you yaar Karan.

Karan — Is that a promise ?
Naina — Promise my child.. U r really a small baby.
Hearing Naina ‘s reply Karan smiled and again wrapped his arms around her waist , pulling her more close.
Karan — And I promise u that I will never bring a situation where u will have to leave me.

Naina — Ok ok!! Now let me set the cupboard.
Karan — Why ? I’m a child na!! I can do whatever I want to.. And now this child want to spend time with his wifey!!

Naina — Karan!!!! Not now..
Nirmala — Yes Karan not now!!! As she has to go somewhere with her mother in law.

Naina and Karan turned around to saw Nirmala standing there. Karan left Naina and moved away from there. Both of them were embarrassed and Nirmala stood there smiling.

Fb ends.

Naina was now smiling. She turned her head towards the door to see Karan staring at her smiling. In reflex she turned her head in other direction.

Karan ( in mind ) — I know Naina u still love me and now also u were thinking about us. And really soon u will once again confess me.

Naina ( in mind ) — Karan every promise of our were wrong. We both have broken this. Why this has to happen with us only Karan?

That day went by ignoring each other. Karan tried to initiate a talk but Naina was in no mood for it.

Next day morning –

Naina woke up and like always found Karan sleeping hugging a pillow. She at first ignored him and went to check on Naira. Naira was also sleeping peacefully but with a innocent smile.

She again looked at the way of Karan and saw that the blanket has fall down. As it was starting of the winter in Jaipur , early morning weather was a little cold. She went and put the blanket back on him when she noticed him again.

He was smiling , like he was watching a good dream. Naina didn’t wanted it but she suddenly kissed on his forehead. And with the gentle touch , Karan woke up. Naina immediately moved back and went from there.

Naina ( in mind ) — Hope Karan didn’t know what happened now otherwise he will surely keep talking about it whole day.
She ran inside the washroom.

Karan sat there a little confused and a little shocked.
Karan ( in mind ) — What was Naina doing so close to me and why she ran away like this ?

After awhile Naina came out and went down directly. Karan then took his cloth out from the cupboard and went to get fresh.

Naina saw that she woke up a little early. None were down yet so she went and did the puja. By the time Nirmala , Meghnal and Karan also came down and they came to the temple.

Naina did the puja and gave the prasad to all. After that they went to the hall.
Nirmala — So tell me what u all will eat so that I can make it !
Meghna — Maa why don’t we let Karan and Naina cook the food today ?
Meghna winked at Nirmala and she understood that Meghna wanted to give some time to them alone.

Nirmala — Yeah why not.. Anyways I have some other work too.
Naina — Di I can cook alone. Let Karan rest.
Kunal — Meghna why don’t we both Cook then ?
Kunal asked with a naughty smile.
Meghna — Because u are going to take care of Naira and Saheer with me.
Kunal — Ok!

Naina — Di I will cook.. I don’t need help.
Karan — Naina I’m full ready to help. Don’t worry yaar.
Nirmala — Ok , ok u both go and cook.

Atlast Naina agreed. Nirmala went to her room while Meghna pulled Kunal with her.
Naina gave a dead glare to Karan and in return Karan just gave a victory smile.

Both of them went to the kitchen and started the cooking work. Most of it was done by Naina and Karan spend time by staring at her working , bringing some ingredients and utensils.

Naina knew that he was only looking at her. First she tried to ignore it but later thought to talk with him.
Naina — What ?
Karan — What what ?
Naina — Why are u staring like this ?
Karan — I have the right.

Naina sighed. She knew that she will not win this debate.
Naina — Karan before staring me will u please do the work? I will be so much grateful to u.
She said in sarcastic way and Karan nodded. Atlast after a lot of concentration and distraction , the duo were ready with the breakfast.

Naina — Karan I will take the plates out. Can u please switch the gas off and serve it in this bowl ?
Karan — Yeah Ok
Naina moved towards the shelf to take the plates out when she heard Karan scream.
Karan — Ahh!!

Naina turned and ran towards him. She saw he was holding his hand.
Naina — What happened Karan ?
Karan — Nothing just touched the.. hot.. Ahh pan.
Naina — Oh God Karan!! U r such a dumb person.. Give me your hand.

She pulled Karan and put his hand under the tap. Karan looked at Naina and saw how much concerned she was. Seeing her care he felt like all his pain has gone away.

Naina — Now just stand here. No need to do any work now.

She ordered him and brought a bandage for him. Then she resumed her work. She served the food on the table and called everybody out.

All sat down and Naina started serving it. The food was yummy. All praised Naina and Karan and both just smiled at them. Suddenly Meghna saw that Karan was not eating anything.

Meghna — Karan why u r not eating ?
Just then it struck Naina’s mind that Karan has burned his right hand’s finger.
Karan — Actually I burned my finger while doing the work.
Nirmala — Are you okay beta ?
Karan — Yeah Mom.

Khyati — Naina bhabi why don’t u fed Karan bhai ?
Naina — Huh ?
Kunal — Yeah Cheeku!! He can’t eat like this.
Dadu — And no need to be shy! We will not see u both.

Dadu teased Naina , hearing which she slightly blushed but she didn’t know why. She then changed her reaction into serious and looked towards Karan. Karan also turned towards her and thought she didn’t wanted it to happen.

Karan — I’m fine! I will eat with my left hand guys!
Nk — As u wish then my boy.
Karan started eating but half spoon food was also not going through his mouth. Naina saw him struggling and went to him. She took the spoon from his hand and sat in the chair beside him.

Karan — I can eat Naina. Don’t worry.
Naina — U can’t! Just let me help u.
Naina again ordered him and she fed Karan his food. After that she ate her food and Karan sat there to accompany her.

The whole day this type of incident took place where Naina Karan were forced to be together. Mostly it was the mischief of Meghna and Kunal and some were by luck or u can say game of God.

At night finally Naina felt relieved as she headed towards her room. A smiling Karan welcomed her to the room. She also smiled at him but she this time also didn’t know why!

She went to the washroom and returned after sometime. Coming out she saw Karan was playing with Naira. She smiled watching the cute couple laughing. She then saw the time and went towards them.
Naina — Sorry to disturb Karan but its late. She has to sleep.

Karan smiled and returned Naira to her. Naina made her sleep and put her on cot. After that she walked towards the couch to sleep when Karan stopped her holding her hand. She turned back.

Karan — Where are u going ?
Naina — To sleep.
Karan — Can’t u sleep in bed like other times ?
Naina — See Karan that time the situation was something else.
Karan — Why can’t be like other time ?
Naina didn’t reply anything.
Karan — I thought we were keeping our matters aside now.

Naina — See Karan , talking with u doesn’t mean I will change my decision.
Karan — What about the care ?
Naina — Think that was of humanity
Karan — And the love in ur eyes ?
Naina was again silent because of the question.

Karan — Say something.
Naina — My decision will not change. I don’t want to give u any false hope and hurt u more. Please Karan understand the fact and make ur mind! I request u.
She moved towards the couch and fell asleep.

Like this more days passed by. Karan was trying to convince Naina and Naina was unwillingly hurting Karan. Meghna and Kunal were also trying.

Now it was the night before Naina ‘s birthday. She like usual came out of the washroom and saw Karan had made Naira sleep and he also had fallen asleep but in couch today.

So with no option left she went to the bed. She was switching the light off when her eyes fell on the watch. It was showing the time 11 : 49 pm.

Naina ( in mind ) — Only 11 minutes left. Other time we used to sit and wait for the clock to strike 12 but today I’m alone sitting here .

She switched the light off and covered herself with a blanket. After sometime she drifted to sleep.

She was a deep sleep when she heard a loud noise like a cylinder has fall. She got nervous and woke up and saw shocked what she saw next.

To be continued.


So what was the sound ?
Has Naina soften towards Karan ?
Will she now stay in this house ?
What will happen in the party ?
Keep reading to find out.


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  1. Hey Jiya di… First of all I want to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours.. Your ff send me in the other world whenever I read this.. actually I am silently reading your and resh di ff but now I am not able to control myself to comment.. and coming to the ff it was full of emotions and I don’t know why Naina is behaving like this.. feeling very bad for Karan.. he was giving his best to convince Naina but she is…. And Kunal he don’t want to miss the chance to romance with Meghna 🙂
    Loads of love to you.. ❤?
    Post asap ??

    1. Jiya09

      Hi Akansha dear!! Thanks for coming up and commenting!! Glad that u like my ff and thanks for the compliment… U will surely know why Naina is behaving like this with Karan. And yeah , Kunal never leaves a chance.?
      Keep reading and supporting .Will try to post soon. Loads of love to u ❤❤

  2. Superb Di. Loved how meghnal and nirmala wanted to get Nairan closer by telling them to cook and then Karan burnt his hand. I think Naina woke up from the loud noise as the family are giving her a surprise birthday party. I hope Karan can convince her in the party. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Chutki !! Really feeling happy that u liked it. Let’s see what was the noise that made Naina woke up and will Karan be able to convince her. Will try to post soon. Loads of love. ❤❤

  3. only nairan scenes were there
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    But anyways it was nice
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    1. Jiya09

      So sorry Palak for not adding Meghnal scenes. But surely in next one I will add it. As some were asking for Nairan scene so thought to write the chapter this way.
      Actually I was a little busy with exams so was late. Thank you so much. Will try to post soon. Loads of love.❤❤

  4. When will you update next part ?? Date please

    1. Jiya09

      I will try to post in between these two days.. Actually exams are really near , so I don’t get many time. So can’t say the exact date. Sorry for that. Keep reading.❤❤

  5. Hi Di, I think what Naina is doing now is not fair on Karan. I’m not completely sure as to why she is doing that. Anyway, I enjoyed the update as a whole. Kunal’s cheekiness in the middle was nice to read. I hope the noise is a surprise ? for her birthday ?. Hope Naina forgives Karan and they can go back to being our cute Nairan.Thanks for updating and please update soon. Also, sorry for commenting late, when I checked if anyone updated, I checked right before I went to sleep.
    Loaads and loads of love,

    1. Jiya09

      Hi Sofia!! Thank you so much!! U will get clear about why Naina is doing it in next episodes. Actually she is completely broken. Glad that u enjoyed it. And let’s see what’s the noise and will she forgive or not!! And Sofia don’t be ever sorry for this reason. U r not late.. And if u will be late also someday just don’t be sorry as u comment is a lot for me.
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  6. Minakhi

    Awsm jiya…jst i say it was awsm….love it…n thnx for updt ur epsd, i am wait for long time in ur nxt epsd bt finaly u do this…n plz plz nxt epsd updt sn..loads of love jiya??

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Janmani Di !! Happy that u liked it.. Don’t thank me Di for updating and sorry for being late. Was a little busy. Yeah will surely try to post soon. Keep reading. Loads of love.❤❤

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    Awesome… Superb.. Fabulous.. Fantastic..Beautiful.. Nice….
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