EPI 38 :–

Karan entered his room to find it empty. He looked here and there. Just then Naina came out of the washroom wearing her night dress.
She behaved like she didn’t notice Karan at all. It was like one and half month after they were in their own room standing.

Karan — Naina!!
Naina didn’t replied him but went near the bed and took a pillow. She then went near the couch and kept the pillow there. After keeping it , she turned and bumped into Karan as he was standing behind her.

Naina held Karan’s shirt to help herself from falling. And then Karan wrapped his arms around , hugging her. Keeping his head on her shoulder , he started to cry badly. Naina felt bad for him but didn’t reacted.
Karan — Naina , please don’t do this to me. I can’t stay like this. I can’t stay without you yaar! I love you.

Naina gently moved Karan away. Karan looked into her eyes and same did Naina. Both of their eyes were showing how much hurt they are.
Naina — Now what is the profit in talking all this ?
Karan — What do u mean ?
Naina — I have made my decision.. And I will not change it anyway.

Naina started walking away from there but Karan held her hand and didn’t let her go any further.
Karan — I have hold this hand not to leave it.

Naina laughed out of frustration.
Naina — U have left this hand earlier only.
Naina tried to free her hand but Karan pulled her towards him. She directly landed on his chest.

Naina — What are u doing ? Leave me , I m telling u.
Karan — I will not leave u.
Naina — Karan u can’t do this to me.
Karan — And u can do this to me ?
Naina — I’m doing what I feel is right. And its right I know.
Karan — Then I’m also doing the thing which is right.

Naina now pushed him and started to walk towards to cupboard. She opened the cupboard to take a blanket out but Karan went behind her and pinned her in the nearby wall. She tried to move from the side but Karan blocked both the paths with his hands.

Naina — What do u want ?
Karan — I want you.
Naina — Sorry but I have told u earlier also and I will tell u now also I’m fed up of this. I don’t want to stay with u.
Karan — Why are u so stubborn Naina? Why?

Naina didn’t replied to him.
Karan — In one moment u can risk ur life for me and in one u r killing me.. Why are u like this ?

Naina — And what about u ? Don’t u know , how u killed me from inside in this one and half months.. The things u said , the things u did , all has broken me.. Why don’t u understand that?

Karan — I can’t understand because I don’t want to.
Naina — That’s ur problem Karan!! That’s why I don’t want to stay with u.
Karan — What if I change this problem ?
Naina — Still I will leave.
Karan — Ok!! If this is ur stubbornness , then listen to me.. I will not give u any divorce. And that’s it.

He left from there to the washroom. After getting fresh , he gets out and saw Naina has already slept. He went and kissed on her forehead and then went and saw if Naira is good or not. He saw that Naina has already made her sleep.

After that , he went to bed and drifted to sleep.

Next day Morning —

Naina woke up to find Karan sleeping peacefully. She wanted to go and hug him tightly but ignored her inner feelings. She went to Naira and checked on her. She was also sleeping. Naira and Karan were looking equally cute. She could see that Naira was the carbon copy of Karan.

Naina ( in mind ) — Now that I’m going away from this family , I don’t want my Naira to feel the emptyness of her father. I know Di will take care of her as a mother , I will miss Naira a lot. But I will have to leave her.

A tear rolled down her eyes. She decided that she will not fall weak now , and will inform others also about her decision.

After getting ready she went down and found Khyati making a list of the guests. Nirmala , Dadu and Nk were also busy in making the list of things , and calling the party planners and other. Naina felt bad giving pain to them.

Khyati saw Naina and went to her.
Khyati — Bhabi come , I have made a list. Please check and tell me who others do u want to invite.

Naina smiled and went with Khyati to sit in the hall with others.
Nirmala — Good morning Naina beta.
Naina — Good morning maa.

Naina sat down. She was trying to get courage to speak with them. After a lot of fight in her mind she spoke.
Naina — Dadu , maa , papa , Khyati !! I want to say u all something.
Dadu — Yes Naina beta say.

Meghna was coming down when she heard all this. She knew it that Naina was going to speak about the divorce. So she acted like she twisted her leg.

Naina — Dadu , I want to…
Meghna — Ahh!!
Meghna screamed in pain.. All attention turned towards Meghna and all ran to her.

Nirmala — Meghna beta are u fine ?
Meghna — Yes maa.. Just twisted my leg.
Nk — I think u should rest in ur room.
Naina — Di come , I will take u.

Naina took Meghna with her to the room. She made her sit on the bed and took Meghna’s leg to see if it was ok or not. Meghna took her leg back and stand up.

Naina — Di what are u doing? Sit down.. It was hurt u.
Meghna — It will not. I was just acting.
Naina — What ? But why?

Meghna held Naina’s shoulder and made her sit on the bed.
Meghna — I wanted u to stop from telling the truth to others.
Naina — Why Di ?
Meghna — First tell me why u took this decision ?

Naina — Di , I have told earlier only , I don’t want to stay with Karan. The things he told and did with me in enough for me.. I can’t bear it anymore.

Meghna — One chance to him ?
Naina — Di , I have spend my life giving chances to other , now I can’t.
Meghna — Cheeku but..

Naina — Di , now first u tell me why u stopped me from telling them ?
Meghna — Cheeku they are so happy , after so many days they got their happiness back , I can’t let it spoil.
Naina — But Di what about me ?

Meghna — See , atleast till ur Birthday don’t say anything to them. Just act as everything is fine between u and Karan.

Naina — Everything is not fine between us so why the lie di ?
Meghna — Just for me !! Ur are my tail na , will u not listen this much also ?

Naina — Ok Di , only for u I will not tell them anything about divorce and will act as I’m happy with Karan but after that I will not listen to u also and I will leave this house.

Meghna — Ok , but what about Naira ? She needs both her mother and father.
Naina — Di , she will stay with Karan only. I can’t be this selfish to separate a father – daughter. I know he will take care of Naira.. And about mother’s love , u r there for her and i trust u. And about me , I will come to meet her.

Meghna — But..
Naina — No but Di.. I have taken this decision.. Only one week and I will leave.

Saying this Naina ran out of the room and went to her room. To cry peacefully. She didn’t even noticed that Karan was standing outside listening to their talks.

After Naina was far away , Karan went inside Meghna’s room. Tears were also following down his eyes.
Karan — Bhabi!!
Meghna looked up to see him.
Karan — U agreed to her ?
Meghna — What r u saying ?

Karan — U agreed that she will go after one week!! Leaving me , Naira !!
Meghna — U were listening us ?
Karan — That’s not the point bhabi , but u only said na that u will ask Naina not to go away from me.. And now u only supporting her. Why u r doing this to me ?

Meghna — See Karan , she will not listen to me also. She is really very upset this time. And she was going to tell others now only. And who said I will not support u ? Cheeku is my sister and u know I can’t force her on everything. And I’m ur bhabi also , so I have to talk with her.. U know I’m in most difficult situation right now , in one way my sister and in other my devar. I asked her for one week time , now u have to convince her , I will also help u but I can’t just order her. I know her happiness is in u , but I just can’t fight with her on this.. Karan I promise u I will help u on this matter. But I just cant support u directly as my sister also needs me.

Karan — Bhabi but how in one week I will convince her ?

Meghna — Karan if u can convince her in three days that she loves u , so one week is enough. I know u will do this. She only need that anger to burst out , after that she will be the Naina she has always been.

Karan nodded his head.
Karan — Sorry bhabi , at first I was nearly shouting at u.
Meghna — Its ok Karan.. I understand ur condition.. I didn’t mind it. Now go and think what u will do.
Karan — Thanks alot Bhabi.

Saying this Karan left the room. In his mind only one thing going , how to make Naina change her decision.. How to get the apology from her.

To be continued…


What will Karan do now ?
Will Naina agree to him ?
What will happen in Naina’s birthday ?
Keep reading to find out.


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  1. Aafiya

    Awesome and nice. It was a bit sad one…. All the best for your practical…
    Post soon..
    Don’t separate Nairan..
    Please show some nice moments between Nairan and Naira☺

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Aafiya.. I was a little busy so replying late.. Hope u will not mind.. Thanks for the wish but my practicals got postponed. Because of heavy rainfall many students and our sir were not able to reach school. Let’s see if Nairan will separate or not.. And I will try to add sweet Nairan scene.. As it is near the end , so it might be less but I will try. Keep reading. Loads of love. Will try to post soon.❤❤

  2. Geography pratical ??
    If you dont mind then can you tell me what r u std.

    1. Jiya09

      Hey Maira !! Sorry I replied really late. I was kind of busy. Hope u dont mind. I’m class 11 student , in humanities stream.

      1. Resh

        Yo.. hifi

  3. Minakhi

    At frst i tell u in my personal life …plz u r focus in ur reads then u time spend ur ff writes okk …bcoz today life is vry vry fast in education so plz plz ur study always do okkk jiya….n lets strt ur today ff so at frst i tell u it was vry vry interesting n nice ….i was totally enjoy …. U said it was boring bt i thing it was not boring …so i will wait ur nxt epsd ..plz try to updt sn …..n loads loads of love yr??

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you soooo much Janmani Di… Yeah Di , I know today there is a lot of competition and education is very necessary… Don’t worry , I will not harm my studies for this. Thanks for caring.. And thanks for the wish.. But due to heavy rainfall here in Silchar , many students and our geo sir didn’t came to school , so it got postponed.. I will surely try to update soon. Keep reading. Loads of love.❤❤

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    Ohhh sry jiya i will not wish ur geography practical ….so best best n best of luck ur practical ….i wishes u will vry vry good points ur practical exm so plz relex n be happy be positive okkk ….n i thing tomorrow is ur best day …love u jiya?????

  5. Hi Di, please don’t say your episodes are boring because they aren’t. I hope Karan can convince Naina to accept him and I hope Naina forgives him. I’m pretty sure he will be able to convince her. Please make some cute Nairan scenes but first concentrate hard on your studies. I don’t know if it’s my place to be telling you that but studies are very important in today’s world. I’m not a big fan of geography and I don’t even know what geography practicals are but they sound terrible. I wish the best of luck for your exams and I hope you get 100%.
    Study hard!?
    Lots of love,

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you soooo much Sofia sissy!! I was a little busy , so the late reply.. Hope u will not mind.. Let’s see if Naina will forgive him or not.. I will try to add Nairan scenes.. As its near ending , u might get less.. Yes , its obviously ur place , u can tell me anything as u r my sister.. If my cousin can tell me and why not u ?? I know u care for me.. And don’t worry , I’m studying hard.. I’m also not a fan of geo but as its compulsory so I have to take it.. And geo practicals , if u can understand the chap then giving the practical is easy.. Mainly u have to draw some scales , longitude , latitude etc etc.. And u have to do some maths along with this.. Then the teacher will shot some questions which u will have to answer.. Anyways thanks for the wish but due to heavy y rainfall , geo sir and many student didn’t came so it got postponed.. Loads of love to u too.❤❤

  6. Amazing Di. It wasn’t boring at all..sad..but never boring. Many many best of luck’s for ur geographic practical. Cant wait for the next update..Naina’s bday.

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Chutki!!! Glad that u didn’t find it boring.. I will surely try to update soon.. Keep reading dear. Loads of love. ❤❤

  7. #nairanlover:-)

    Hi JIYA.The way Karan was trying to convince Naina was too emotional.Naina is right in her point of view.And leaving Naira with Karan shows how much she loves Karan.I don’t think so she is doing all of this by her will or may be she is doing.Naina is literally fed up of convincing Karan that she loves him.But at the same time Karans anger is his problem.He cannot control himself when he is angry and also when it comes to carelessness by Naina.Though she doesn’t do it intentionally it happens.Ok enough of this.Thanks to Meghna for helping Karan.Will be waiting for the next.Loads of love.Best of luck for your exams.Post ASAP.
    Hi Sofia how are you doing?.Hope you are fine.Loads of love.

    1. Hi Didi. I am fine. How are you? How are your exams going? Hope you don’t mind anything I said in my previous message to you. Sorry if you felt offended by any of it.
      Lots and lots of love,
      Sofia ❤

      1. #nairanlover:-)

        Hi Sofia.Actually I am busy this week as too much portion for exam.Literally I am fed up of writing two exams every weekend.Phewwww.Thanks for your wishes.And yes all my exams are going well.Sofia don’t ever feel I will feel bad because of your words.I always feel good while reading your reply and will always feel it.I am fine but think so I will get fever but hope I will not get fever.Pray for it.I know I should not say it but sorry if I bored you or wasted your time.Loads of love.
        Hey JIYA.How many times your exam got postponed by listening to it I am fed up i can feel how much you are fed up because of it.I don’t know how you are managing it.Hats off again.And to be frank your ff have become a family as I message Sofia here and sometimes Resh.So literally it is a cute little friends group.So nice of it.Continue another ff as soon as you end this ff.Otherwise I will miss you like anything.Loads of love.And please say a hi to Resh from my side.

    2. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Amena!! I was a little busy so the late reply.. Hope u don’t mind.. Let’s see why Naina is doing all this… Yeah Karan gets angry really fast but that’s only because he loves and cares for Naina. And Naina is also right in her place.. I will give u thanks to Meghna ? …. Thanks for the wish.. But my practical got postponed.. Heavy rainfall and most of them didn’t came.. Even our teacher!! But I will need this wish later from u all.. Will try to post soon. Loads of love.❤❤

    3. Resh

      Hey Amena! Wassup?
      I was scrolling down to type in a comment and suddenly I noticed my name..? So I went through.. okay don’t take me wrong! I just suddenly saw so.. had to check out of curiosity… but then I saw that you wanted to say a hi! Do I thought why not reply here!
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      Ok bye.. I typed enough! ?✌?️??❤️

    4. Jiya09

      Yeah Amena!! My exams are made for getting delay I think!! I thought my ff will end after my exams got over but now I’m having the doubt. Hopefully tomorrow the practicals will be done.. Otherwise I will surely die of a heart attack. I will try to write a new ff. A idea came and I dropped it. Hopefully I will get some idea. Yeah it has become our sweet si family.. And I will miss it too.. But don’t worry then we will attack on Resh’s ff to talk there.? And u can anytime message me.. And I will also do the same with u. I will miss u all too.. Loads of love.❤❤

  8. Resh

    So sorry for being so damn late!
    By the way congrats on the 0 dislikes ?
    Oh my god.. now I’m irritated with Naina..
    What is she doing.. why can’t she understand?
    Why can’t she understand where he was standing.. is it so easy to back off from a relationship just like that? She is mad only!
    I’m too excited for the upcoming week! I want to see how Karan would convince Naina?! Won’t he?!
    Anyways post soon! Want to know what will happen next!
    Loads of love to you! ?❤️

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Resh!! But but but if from next time u will ask sorry for this silly reason , I will surely be angry on you as I’m also late to give the reply.??.. First person to be angry on Naina!! I was thinking I have made Karan totally bad but now relaxed to find a supporter for him… And u will know for surely why Naina is ending her relationship like this.. All ur doubts will get clear.. And for Karan , let’s see if he will be able to convince Naina or not. It can be anything as the end is near.?? Will surely try to post soon.. Loads and loads and loads of love to u bestie!!❤❤❤

  9. Hey jiya I really enjoyed the chapter hope your xams are going good all the best and yup I m really sorry for late comment and guess what I am also planning to write an OS on Nairan hope you will like it. Keep it up and please post soon can’t wait to read next part luv uh ????

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much… Thanks a lot for commenting.. Don’t be sorry for being late , u commented thats a lot for me and with that u have given a very good news.. I will be waiting to read the OS.. And I know it will surely be awesome. And yeah my practical went good. Thanks for the wish. Will surely post soon. Love u too ❤❤

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