EPI 37 :–

Kunal went to take the car out and Karan carried Naina to the car. After one month he saw Naina and now she was in his arms but unconscious. They took her to the hospital.

The doctor came and started their treatment. This time other family member didn’t came to the hospital.

After sometime the doctor came out.
Doc — This kind of irresponsibility? She was so sensitive and what were u all doing ?
Karan — Actually she was kidnapped!
Doc — U brought her in correct time. I think she is having fever from a long time and no medicines were given to her also. And she has not eaten also properly , her medical report is very bad. We have to keep her under observation for some day.

Kunal — Is she fine now ?
Doc — We have given her medicines. Let’s see if the fever comes down or not. She is sleeping now. And yeah she didn’t have proper sleep also. She will have a checkup by psychiatrist as it will help her from overcome the fear and depression.

Karan — Depression ?
Doc — All the time she was mumbling sometime like I can’t live like this. U broken my heart , I want to die.. U have broken my trust. I loved u dearly…. And all like this.

Karan felt guilty for all he has said to her that night.
Doc — Take care of her , u can meet her now but only one person at a time.
Meghna — Ok.

They all decided that Karan will first go inside to see Naina. As he entered his heart again broke. He saw the bandages in her hands as it has got cut.

He sat beside her in a stool. He saw the hand impression on her cheeks. Keeping his one hand on her cheeks and by other holding her hand he cried.

Karan — I’m sorry! I’m the most idiot person in this world. How could I say all that to u. To the person who deserves everything in the world. For me u have to go through this for which I can’t forgive myself.
He sat there crying.

Outside the cabin —

Kunal and Meghna were waiting for Karan to come out so that they can go and meet her.
Just then Kunal got a call on his phone. He picked it up.
Kunal — Hello
Inspector — Hello , this is inspector Ravi. We have found Sandhya , so can u kindly come to the station.

Kunal — Yeah ok.. I will there in a few minutes.
He kept the phone and then turned to Meghna.
Meghna — Where r u going ?
Kunal — The police found Sandhya.
Karan — What??

They turned and saw that Karan coming out of the cabin.
Kunal — Yeah , they called me and asked to go there.
Karan — I will go with u Bhai. Bhabi is here with Naina and I will not listen to a word further ok!!

Kunal — Ok come. ( Then turning towards Meghna) Meghna I will call Mom to come here for u. U should not stay alone.
Meghna — Ok Kunal now go.
Kunal kissed on Meghna’s forehead and then left from there to the police station.

In police station –

Kunal and Karan went inside and saw Sandhya and Isha were in the lock up. Karan’s anger went to its extreme level. The inspector asked them to sit.

Inspector — Both of them has confessed their crime.
Kunal — So easily ?
Inspector — No!! First they both were not speaking. When we interrogated them alone , they said many things which u didn’t complaint for also.
Karan — Means?

Inspector — We only knew about this kidnapping and the attempt to kill Naina. But we came to knew that Sandhya has also tried to kill Meghna and her baby and even before the kidnapping of Naina , Sandhya tried to harm Naina but again failed in that.

( Remember the toy car in Naina’s path!! That was put by Sandhya. She gave a maid money for giving it there. )

Kunal — So Sandhya only tried to kill my Meghna!! I will not leave her.
Inspector — Relax.. We called u as some formalities were left related to FIR so that u can do that. We will make the chargesheet ready and they will be taken to the magistrate.

Kunal — Oh ok.Thank you so much for ur help.
Inspector — No no it’s our duty.
Kunal and Karan did all the formalities and left from there.

In the hospital —

Meghna was sitting holding Naina’s hand. Suddenly she saw Naina moving slightly and then opening her eyes. She got up and checked her temperature. It was slightly down now.

She then called the doctor to check her. By that time Karan and Kunal also returned. After sometime the doctor came and told that the fever was going down.

Days started to pass like this. Meghna used to stay in the hospital at day time. Naina forcefully asked Karan to go office and as Karan can’t decline her , he used to stay in hospital for few hours only.

One week passed by like this , then the doctor declared Naina as completely fine and asked them to take her home. Kunal did the formality and took Naina and Meghna with him.

Nirmala did aarti of both the bahus and then asked them to come inside. Naina took everyone’s blessing and then settle down on the sofa. Khyati brought Naira with her and Naina hugged her tightly. She was getting emotional recalling the past incident so Meghna thought to change the mood.

Meghna — Cheeku guess what’s after one week ?
Naina — What Di ?
Meghna — How can u forget its ur birthday stupid !!
Naina — Oh!

Naina was the girl who gets excited for her birthday from six months before it comes. And it got well known by everyone staying in this house now. But this time only a simple ” Oh ” was what which they got. No excitement , nothing.

Khyati thought for sometime and then shouted.
Khyati — Why don’t we celebrate Bhabi’s birthday? We have not organized a party in ages guys.
She sounded too excited.
Naina — No Khyati leave it.
Khyati — Please bhabi!
Nirmala — Yeah Naina , we should celebrate. I’m really excited.

Meghna — Cheeku I’m too in this plan.
Naina knew that they were only trying to cheer her mood up and she didn’t wanted to break their heart so that’s why she agreed.
Khyati — Yippee!! So I will plan everything. It will be the best party ever.

Karan — Why a party Khyati ?
Karan entered the house coming from office. He missed the whole conversation.
Khyati ran to him and hugged him.
Khyati — Bhai we are celebrating Naina bhabi’s birthday!!

Karan smiled like nothing else. His face was telling that he was too excited. He went and sat beside Naina and then kissed on both Naira and Naina’s forehead.
Kunal — Karan yaar control yourself a little.
Karan rolled his eyes and looked elsewhere ignoring Kunal’s comment.

Nirmala — So Khyati come with me , we will plan everything.
Khyati — Yeah.
Nirmala — And Meghna its ur leave today from all work so u four enjoy the night and don’t worry about dinner.
Meghna — Ok Maa.

Meghnal and Nairan went to Meghnal’s room and sat down.
Kunal — So what to do now? Let’s play a game.
Naina — Jeeju I don’t want to spoil any of urs mood but before u play a game can I say something? I have taken a decision which I want to tell u all.

Kunal — Yeah Cheeku! Say it.
Naina — I don’t know if I will sound selfish or not but I want to say this. I have thought a lot and I have taken this decision. After all this happened , I just can’t stay in this marriage. I’m fed up of all this. I don’t want my heart to get break another time. I can’t let my life spoil like this anymore. I know I’m sounding really bad , but that’s what I think now. I want to end my relationship with Karan. I want to get divorce.

Naina’s words came as arrows for Karan’s heart. All were shocked but Karan was literally broken. He started to laugh.
Karan — Naina its not a joke! How can u say this being so serious? Don’t make fool us now.

Naina — Karan its not a joke. I’m the person whom u r making a fool of. I just can’t tolerate this anymore. I JUST CAN’T !!!

She shouted and left from there without saying another single word. Meghna tried to stop her but she didn’t listen to her also. She ran to her room and broke down there.

Karan sat there holding Kunal. Tears rolling down his eyes. His life was shattered because of his single mistake.
Karan — Everything has ended. I can’t do anything now.
Kunal — Bhai , We will make Naina understand. I know she will not go. She is just upset.
Karan — No bhai everything has ended. Everything.

Meghna — Karan!! Don’t say that. U were the person na who brought Naina here in Jaipur back. U were only the person who made her overcome from her past. U are one of the reason , Naina is back in this house today. If u can stay strong on that time why can’t u stay strong now ? Don’t be foolish and go and make her understand. We will also make her understand ok !! Now go !

Karan nodded his head and wiped his tears.
Karan — Yeah I can’t fall weak. I know she loves me and she will not go away from me. I will not let her go away from me.
Karan got up from his place and ran to his room to talk with Naina.

To be continued….


So will Naina agree to stay with Karan ?
Or Karan will left alone in his life ?
Keep reading to find out.


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    1. Jiya09

      Sorry for the late reply!! Please forgive me?!!! And thank you so so much!! You will know why Naina took this decision really soon… Thank you so much for ur kind words Di!!! Will try to post soon! Loads of love!!❤❤

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  3. Excited about naina’s birthday this episode is superb loved it keep it up lots of love post asap

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