EPI 36 :–

Meghna went to Isha. She held Isha’s hand tightly so she can feel the pain.
Meghna — Now what will u say ? U have changed!! I’m feeling like killing u right now. But no I’m not go that low like u.
She pushed Isha near Naina. And in that push the gathbandhan also got open.

Meghna — See , u have done this with my cheeku!! First trying to kill her , next kidnapping her.. Is my sister’s life a game ?
Isha was not saying a word. She was not ashamed of her work.

Karan — Bhabi please leave her!!
Naina was shocked seeing Karan still supporting Isha.
Nirmala — Karan u have become blind!! Where is ur love for Naina ?
Karan — Maa please.

Karan held Isha’s hand and brought her to one side but there talk was still audible to all.
Karan — Isha is Naina saying the truth ?
Isha didn’t said anything.

Karan — Please Isha!! If u will tell me the truth , I will support u only otherwise u have to leave the house now.
Isha — U promise me that u will support me ?
Karan — Yeah !
Isha — Ok I will tell u..
Isha believed Karan and decided to tell everything to him.

Fb starts..

It was the day Isha came out of jail. She was walking on the street when a car stopped near her.
She didn’t stopped and kept moving. But the car again overtook and stopped in front of her and came out Sandhya.

Isha — Who r u ? And what’s ur problem ?
Sandhya — My problem is same as urs.
Isha — Means?
Sandhya — Naina. I know u will still do something to take revenge from her. And I also want revenge from Naina and Chauhans so what say ?
Isha — What will I get ?
Sandhya — Karan! And me the property.

Isha — But what’s the plan ?
Sandhya — Naina is pregnant and I came to know its very complicated.
Isha — So ?
Sandhya — So the plan is..
Sandhya told her all the plan and the shook hands.

Fb ends.

Karan — What was the plan actually ?
Isha — That we will call her out of the house somehow and push her so she or at least the baby can die. But both got saved. So then we planned to kidnap her. We were following her movement and that night we got the chance to kidnap her.

She just completed her words and Karan started to clap hands.
Karan — Wow Isha!! What a planning!! Inspector take her away. U have listened to all her confession.
Isha turned back and saw Police standing there. They were having a recorder in their hand and as a evidence they recorded her confession.

Isha — Who called them ?
Kunal — I have called them. As we have promised cheeku we will never let anything happen to her.
The lady constable and came and put a handcuff on her hand.
Isha — Karan u cheated me ?

Karan — I have done the same thing which u were doing to us..
Isha — Ok I will go.. But before going I will tell u all one thing. Only we are not ur enemies. U have a enemy of urs in this house also.
Dadu — What do u mean ?
Isha — Ask Khyati what she was trying to do with Naina and what she did with her.

All were shocked.
Meghna — Do not tell anything about Khyati!! Like Cheeku , she is also my sister. I will not tolerate anything against her.
Isha — Don’t believe me. U will repent later.
Kunal — We will see that. Inspector please take her away.

The police took Isha with them and went out of the house. Khyati was shocked seeing Meghna taking stand for her. She never thought this would come from Meghna or Naina. All her anger melted in that one stand.

Khyati ( in mind ) — I was thinking Isha is good??? That girl who doesn’t thought for once before saying all those things which I shared. And here Meghna bhabi and Naina Bhabi , whom I was thinking don’t love me actually is taking stand for me and is protecting me.. How can I do this to them!! I’m really a heartless girl!!

She went to Naina and sat beside her. Her eyes were getting teary.
Khyati — I’m sorry bhabi.
Naina — Why Khyati ?
Khyati — I did very wrong with u. I tried to separate bhai and you. Unknowingly I supported Isha. And the biggest thing , I tried to separate u both sisters. I’m sorry.

She went to Meghna.
Khyati — Bhabi sorry! I thought u don’t love me. I was being mad for the slap. I again tried to do something wrong. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.
Naina — Khyati come here.

Khyati went to Naina. Naina hugged her.
Naina — Its much that u r accepting ur mistake. I’m not angry and don’t ask sorry. U r my sweet sister.
Meghna went and sat in the floor near Naina and Khyati.

Meghna — Hello !! U both are small. Where is my hug ? I’m the eldest , so I should get one first.
They all laughed and the girls group hugged.
After the group hug Khyati went to see if the babies are ok or not.

Nk — Ok ok! There was much emotional drama , now tell me how u came to know that Naina was in the factory ?
Meghna — By Isha!!

Meghna went and stand beside Kunal. Meanwhile Khyati also returned.
Nirmala — How by here ?
Karan — I and bhabi heard her.
Nk — What ?
Karan — Yes!

Fb starts

That day Karan comes out of the room after Khyati talked with him about marriage. He was passing by Isha’s room when he heard Isha on phone.

Isha — But how will I get Karan ?

* Gap *

Isha — I know Naina is with us. But if I don’t get Karan , u will not get property and I will
not let u do anything to Naina , as I myself will do something to her.

* Gap *

Isha — Just I want Karan. If I will get him u can do whatever u want to do to Naina I have no problem but listen first give Karan then take Naina as in kidnapping I have also contributed.

* Gap *

Isha — Ok bye. But remember my words.

Karan was shocked hearing all this news. He went to Meghnal’s room.
Karan — Bhai , bhabi!! I want to tell u both a very important news.
Kunal — What news? Say!!
Karan — Naina is kidnapped.. Isha has kidnapped her with another person.
Meghna — What?? I will not leave her.

Meghna was going out of the room when Kunal stopped her holding her hand.
Meghna turned towards him.
Meghna — Leave me Kunal.
Kunal — Meghna first listen to him yaar.
Meghna — Ok say Karan..

Karan — Bhabi I don’t know who the other person is but Isha and that person was having a argument.
Kunal — Argument on what ?
Karan — To harm Naina , but by their talk I can say that , the other person wants to harm Naina and Isha is saying that if their plan doesn’t get completed and Isha doesn’t get married to me , then she will not give Naina to that person and Isha will only harm Naina.

Karan was having teary eyes. Meghna was hell shocked. Kunal thought for sometime and then replied.
Kunal — Karan u will agree to marry Isha!!
Meghna and Karan — What?!!?
Kunal — Yes.
Karan — Bhai I can’t marry someone else. I just love Naina.

Kunal — Who is telling u to marry her ? Just agree. We have to give them what they want.
Meghna — What how will we get Naina by this ?
Kunal — See , Isha is badly obsessed with Karan. I’m sure that if Karan ask her something , she will tell him. But at first Karan have to make her believe that he has forgave her.

Karan — But what if she doesn’t get ready to say anything ?
Kunal — Then we won’t let this marriage happen anytime soon.

Meghna — But how can Karan ask about Naina to her ?
Kunal — He will ask her indirectly. And we have to follow her all the time , check her phone and if we get a clue before the wedding then Karan doesn’t have to ask her anything.
Karan — But… Naina!!

Kunal — Karan yaar , Meghna and I will oppose this marriage. And I know all the family will also not agree. And if till the wedding we dont find her then I will destroy the place where wedding will happens and u will postpone it.
Meghna — Ok , we can try it.
Kunal — Yeah! Karan agree yaar.
Karan — Ok. For Naina anything.

They all join hands.

Fb ends.

Nk — Wow Kunal! What a stupid plan u made and I’m surprised that it worked.
All laughed hearing Nk.
Kunal — Dad yaar ! I’m the hero in this adventure.
Dadu — Ok ok after that what happened ?

Meghna — Then we acted as we are against all this. And when i was going to bring water for Saheer I heard Isha talking with sandhya on phone and they were talking about changing Naina’s location to the old factory.

Kunal — Then she informed me about this. We went to Karan and decided that we will go out by saying we r taking Saheer to Vishal’s house so Isha doesn’t doubt us.

Karan — And when bhai and bhabi took Naina with them , Bhai informed the pandit to come so the marriage doesn’t get complete and Naina would come to stop this.

Meghna — We have called the police earlier only and we knew it that Isha would say Karan everything to marry him. And we recorded it as a proof against Sandhya and Isha.

Nirmala — Waah! U all knew it and didn’t tell us ?
Kunal — Mom u all r not good actors like us so u know we want it natural not overacting like Karan.

Karan — Bhai please!!
Just then he remembered he has to ask sorry from Naina. He turned towards her.
Karan — And Naina…

He saw that she was unconscious. He ran and touched her cheeks.
Karan — She is burning bhabi!!
Meghna — Oh shit!! Kunal how can I forget ?? We have to take her hospital.

To be continued.


So now is all ok for chauhans ?
Will any new problem come to them ?
Keep reading to find out.


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  1. The living dead

    Great, it’s obvious that our Karan will never betray his Naina at any cost. Loved it to the core, please continue soon. I’m dying with excitement for the next update,??????☺?

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much !! Glad that u liked it. Yeah Karan will never betray Naina. I will try to post soon. Keep reading and supporting. Loads of love.

    2. Resh

      Oh my god, yaar, Jiyyaaaa! From where did you get so many ideas? Too many twists!
      My eyes were just getting wider and wider as i finished reading each sentence.
      This episode was so thrilling and hocking.. I’m so sorry if I didn’t comment on the earlier ones but I definitely went through them and liked it.. either I didn’t find time or else I was lazy! So sorry!
      Coming back to the episode again! I was really pissed off with Karan.. and when he said he would support isha, I seriously lost it.. but then I continued reading and I got to know that it was all a plan.. it was so exciting.. thank god.. the problems are almost cleared now.. I’m a little scared.. but post the next one soon! Karan is shocked? And I’m scared!
      I’ll die with suspense! Post soon!
      Loads of love to you and 1,2 ,3 ,4 ,5…… 10…. totally 10/10 hugs to you! ?❤️️☺️

      1. Jiya09

        Thank you so much Resh!!!!!! Honestly I also don’t know from where I get this dumb ideas.? Its ok yaar! Don’t be sorry!! And till I remember u commented on most of them and the comments are really sweets. Yeah it was a plan !! And let’s see what will be the last twist of my ff. No long wait , will update soon surely… I’m just being a little lazy now.. Not a little but very lazy ? Loads and loads of love and 20 hugs to u!! ?❤❤

  2. So relieved after knowing that it was their plan….update next part asap….can’t wait at all after reading the precap

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Jiya!! Yup , it was their plan only. I can’t let Karan marry Isha.? Will try to post soon. Keep reading and supporting me. Loads of love. ❤❤

  3. Hi Di, I should have known Karan would never leave his Naina and it was their plan. I tried to read your update 2/3 times today but I kept getting disturbed finally managed to read it fully now. Today’s update was soo good. The way Karan got Isha to confess was really good as well. Sorry for not writing long comment, I am literally falling asleep. Thanks for updating and please update soon.
    Loads and loads of love,
    Sofia ❤
    P.S please say hi to Didi (Amena) for me l, I haven’t talked to her in a while

    1. Jiya09

      Hi Sofia!! Thank you soo much!! Yeah it has to be their plan only , I can’t let Karan marry Isha anyway. This happens to me also , when I read Resh’s ff every time my mom call me for some work and I get disturbed.? Its ok yaar , short or long comment doesn’t matter , u commented that’s the thing which matter. Don’t thank me for updating!! I will try to post soon. And yeah I will say hi to Amena and will ask her to talk with u. Keep reading and supporting. Loads of love ❤❤

    2. Jiya09

      Hi Sofia!! I have talked with Amena. Actually she is having exams. She said she will talk with you tomorrow. She is a little busy.☺

      1. Thank you for talking to her. ?

      2. #nairanlover:-)

        Hi JIYA I loved it.As usual it was awesome.Thistime a kinda different.Different means all the mysteries got revealed.Happy for it.Khyathi realised her mistake thank god.Meghnal were too cute today especially when kunal told I am the hero.That was so being kunal type of thing.Missing nairan and Anridh alot.I thought that Karan must be involved in it or say I hoped that was true.And yeah it came out to be it but in a different way.Your twists are always bang on.Again you left us on a cliff hanger.Its good actually it makes our level of interest more and more.So continue it.Loads and loads of love.Post ASAP.
        Hi Sofia.Sorry for not replying to you.Actually I was busy with exam.How are you?.I will say that every Monday and sometimes Saturday we have NEET.So to prepare for it I will be busy.On Monday I will be relieved so I check the ffs here.As exam was postponed today also I was having exam so I was not able to reply.Thanku so much for remembering me.This is so sweet.When JIYA told me about you i felt like really awesome.I will try to talk to you everyday.I am registered on wattpad if possible you come there JIYA is also there.Loads and loads of love.

  4. Minakhi

    I know that karan n meghnal are involve that super duper plan to naina n i was happy to read that story so im enjoying….n thnx to jiya for a beautiful story im super enjoying all this epsds so plz plz nxt ff updt vry vry soon bcoz i not waits ur ff ….i tell u something in my personal life that is even ur story i reads so that day im peaceful,happy,excitement bt why this fell i don’t knw….so plz u dont stop ur writing bcoz u stop writing then i fell vry vry bad n if u dont mind that ff u ends so new ff u will definately strt for ur frnds n me ….plz plz jiya u will do this okkk….so love u so so much …..love u a lot?????

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you so much Janmani Di!! Yeah Karan and Meghnal were involved. And I’m glad that u r happy reading my ff. I can’t express how its feels when I see so much of appreciation. Yeah I will try to write a new ff or os if I get some good ideas and I would love to post it. Will try to post soon. Keep reading and supporting. Loads of love.❤❤

  5. Awesome Jiya Di! Just too gud. Sorry I haven’t commented in ages but I have been reading this ff. Finally, today I got a chance to comment. Its obvious Karan will never cheat on Naina. Eagerly waiting for the next and Happy Diwali to u. ❤

    1. Jiya09

      Hii Chutki!!! Yeah after a long time.. I thought u stopped reading!!? How are you ??? Hope u r doing great!! And I think u stopped writing ur ff ? Actually missing it. Yeah its obvious that Karan will not cheat Naina anytime. Once again thank you. Keep reading. Will post soon. Loads of love. ❤❤

      1. No Di. I always read ur ff. I thought u forgot me. But u still remember Chutki..Thnx ?. OMG! Ur ff..Its absolutely superb! PS: I’m not on TU anymore but I am on wattpad. Actually my ff (Maahiya- Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi), I still write it but I find it so difficult with all of the Jodi’s at once. U can still read it but its now mainly on Sukor ( I love them more ). The other Jodi’s are still there obviously but don’t get that much scenes. The only thing you’ll probably wanna know is that Naina is playing a very important role. She is being a great sister. If u do read it, I promise there will be more Nairan as I need their nok jhoks to complete something.

  6. Hi Didi (Amena),
    I am fine. How are you? Hope your exams are going well. 🙂 I tried to wish you good luck on Reshma Di’s ff but I don’t know what happened to it. I had exams as well last week but I don’t think they were as important as yours probably are. Sorry for not replying directly to you but the website is not letting me. No need to say thank you to me fore remembering you, of course I would remember you, you and Jiya DI are my favourite Didis. Sorry for bothering you when you have exams, you probably think I am so annoying. Also sorry, I won’t be able to join wattpad because I’m not allowed to join sites. Didi, I know this might sound so random but can you drive? My mum is talking about driving so I thought I would ask. Also, if you don’t mind me asking when is your birthday, I can be prepared to wish you and maybe try and do something. I am registered on Duolingo so maybe you and Jiya Di can join me ’cause you can follow people on it and talk to them I think. Sorry for talking too much, when I start I can’t stop sometimes.
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      1. Its ok Didi. Can I wish you on 15 Jan cause it is in the middle. And about driving I will definitely try once I am old enough.

  7. Jiya09

    Thank you so much Amena!! I didn’t saw a reply option in ur comment so replied here. Yeah all the mysteries revealed and Khyati also turned good now. Yeah I’m also missing Nairan and Anridh badly.. Can’t believe one month is going to get complete without them!! Now slowly losing all hopes also.? Anyways thanks a lot once more. Will post soon. Loads of love..❤❤

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    Hii jiya awsm update dear I am regular reader of your ff and its my favourite one keep it up and please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please post next part asap…… And I am really sorry for not commenting till now I was being lazy sorry for that… And hope uh remember me

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      Thank you so much Arushi Di!! ( I assume as I saw Amena calling u Di , hope u don’t mind ).. Glad that u like my ff. I have submitted the next part for review!! Just waiting for it to be posted. Its ok , don’t be sorry!! U r reading my ff and liking it , that’s alot for me. And ur ff was one of the amazing one. Hope u will come with a new story!! Keep reading and loads of love..❤❤

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