EPI 34 :–

In an old house —

That person has just said the Karan is going to marry again.
Naina — WHAT??
Person — Yes!!
Naina — U liar!! My Karan can’t marry anyone.
Person — But ur Karan is marrying.
Naina — I know my husband more then u. U r a liar!! I trust him. U r just a bl**dy cheap liar.
Person — How dare u ? I will not leave u for this.
Naina — What will u do ? U will again slap me ? So here I’m slap me , beat me.
Person — No girl , ur one time food is also banned from now. Die without food.

That person laughed and left from there. Naina was totally shattered , she was not able to take the shock. Tears were flowing nonstop from her eyes.
Naina — Karan , I trust u. Please don’t break my trust. If u want to leave me then at least tell me. I will go away from ur life but please don’t break my trust.

In Chauhan house —

Karan has just break the shocking news.
All were shocked hearing this.
Meghna — WHAT??
Karan — Yes , I want to marry again.
Meghna — Karan have u gone mad?
Karan — Yes bhabi I have gone mad. Ur sister has made me mad. I have waited for her. Now I will not sacrifice my daughter’s life for her.
Kunal — Karan what’s the connection between Naira and this marriage ?

Karan — Bhai , Naira needs a mother and I can’t see Naira like this. She needs that love and care.
Kunal — We are searching Naina na !!
Karan — U will not get her. She has gone , she only knows how to run away.

Meghna — Karan!! Not a word against my Cheeku. I know her , I have stayed with her from the time when she was born. She is not a weak girl. She is stronger then all who r standing here.

Karan — I know. But I can’t compromise Naira’s life.
Meghna — I’m there to take care of Naira. I’m her Masi , I will give her all love and care she needs.
Karan — Exactly bhabi , u r Masi. Masi’s meaning is like mother. She is not mother. So please support me.

Kunal — Do u know what step mother is ? Finding a nice girl is hard for us. Why u want to destroy Naina and that girl’s life? Who will be Naira’s mother ?
Karan — I know a girl. She loves Naira a lot. And she is taking care of her. I want to marry Isha.

Isha who was silently standing in a corner looked up at Karan. Karan slowly went to Isha.
Karan — Isha will u marry me and be my Naira’s mother ?
Isha was standing silently staring at him in disbelief.
Khyati — Isha Di say something.
Isha — I will.

Karan smiled hearing her answer. And Meghna started to clap.
Meghna — Wow Miss Isha!! So this was ur plan! U wanted to take my cheeku’s place ? U wanted Karan , so u came in this house , this was ur mission right ?
Isha — Di please!! I have told u that..
Meghna stopped her in middle and spoke.
Meghna — I know u will say that u have changed but ur work is not showing that.

Meghna went to Isha and held her shoulder.
Meghna — If u have changed , just say that u will not marry him.
Isha stood there silent. Meghna shook her.
Meghna — SAY!!
Karan — BHABI!! U can’t force her.
Kunal — And Karan u can’t talk to my wife like this.

Isha — Di , I will marry not because I want Karan but because I love Naira. I want to be her mother.
In all this Nirmala first time took a stand.
Nirmala — But Isha u r forgetting that u r not mother of Naira. Naina is her mother and she will stay her mother forever. She has given her birth. And I know Naina will return soon. My heart says it. Its no profit for u.

Isha — But the mother who has nurture the baby is much bigger then the mother to gives birth.
Meghna — Oh really? But how will u be her mother if Naina returns?
Isha was silent. She didn’t say anything.
Meghna — Speak up girl!
Isha — I don’t know. For now I will marry him. We can see that after Naina returns.

Karan — Bhabi please stop this here. We will marry.
Meghna — Karan listen , Naina is legally ur wife. And u can’t marry any other girl until u give her divorce.
Karan — Bhabi don’t worry , Naina will not come. And the law is not helping in finding her and I know u will not go to the police.

Kunal — If Meghna doesn’t go na then I will go to them.
Karan — Do whatever u want to do bhai but this marriage will happen and thats final.
Meghna — Ok do whatever u want to do.
Meghna went to her room and Kunal also left from there after her.
Karan — Mom , dad , Dadu u all will support me ?

Nirmala — I’m not in all this. Sorry!
Nirmala also went to her room.
Nk — I’m with Kunal and Meghna. U will realise what u r doing is completely wrong.
Dadu — And I will always support Naina. Isha will never take her place. Sorry Karan beta u r wrong this time. And u broke my heart also. I will never forgive u for what u r doing to Naina beta.

Nk and Dadu left from there.
Khyati — Bhai I’m with u. Don’t worry.

He shouted standing in his place but this was audible for all to hear.
He also went to his room. Khyati took Naira and Isha to their room.

After sometime —

In Meghnal’s room —

Meghna was still really upset with the sudden news of Karan. Saheer came of her.
Saheer — Mumma u crying?
Meghna — No beta mumma is not crying. Come to me.
She took Saheer on her lap.
Meghna — So what do Saheer want ?
Saheer — Mumma water.

Meghna — Ok so my champ want water!!
She turned to Kunal.
Meghna — Kunal please pass the water bottle of saheer.
Kunal went and saw it was empty.
Kunal — Its empty let me go and fill it.
Meghna — U take Saheer I will go.
Kunal — Ok.

Meghna gave Saheer to Kunal and came out of her room. She was passing Isha’s room when she heard some whispering. She went near and hide behind the door.
Isha was talking with someone on phone.

Isha — Yeah u don’t know what happened!!
* Gap *
Isha — Karan asked me to marry him.
* Gap *
Isha — U gave me a good news. That Naina is broken , wow!!
* Gap *
Isha — Yeah yeah , u will get what u want and I will get my Karan back tomorrow.
* Gap *
Isha — That Meghna was being too harsh on me. But my sweetheart Karan , made everything right.

* Gap *
Isha — And yes listen its again the time to change Naina’s location!
* Gap *
Isha — Ok so u r taking her in the old factory again which is in johari bazar. Good.
* Gap *
Isha — We have won this game. I can’t to meet that Naina , as u know I’m the bride.
* Gap *
Isha laughed hearing the person.
Isha — Ok bye! One more day. Keep Naina carefully.

Isha kept the phone.
Isha — What a master plan. I got my Karan, Naina is out of my way and no doubt on me. Loving this game. And thanks to that stupid , dumb Khyati also. And yeah yeah , the irritating baby Naira also. She is the main card of my game.

Meghna was shocked hearing all this. She slowly ran back to her room.
Kunal — Give the water bottle.
Meghna — U will not believe me Kunal.
Kunal — What happened ?
Meghna was going to speak when Saheer interrupted them.
Saheer — Water??
Kunal — Meghna u take rest , after I bring the water tell me the matter.
Meghna nodded. Kunal went to the kitchen.

In old house —

The person came to take Naina to the factory.
Person — Get ready , ur home is again changing.
Naina — Oh again to another place. One day this changing place will only cause u the problem.
Person — Huh! Stop talking about my problems. Just think about ur problem. Btw I didnt tell u , Karan’s wedding is tomorrow.
Naina — Lie!!
Person — U don’t wanna believe ? Then see this video.

In the video , Karan was doing the preparations of wedding. And behind him was a big board in which it was written ISHA WEDS KARAN.

Naina was shocked. She didn’t say anything . Other time she used to protest when the person used to take her to new places. But this time , she was silent. She was completely broken. She didn’t know what to say , what to do or whom to trust.

In Chauhan House —

Kunal went to kitchen and fill the water bottle. He returned to his room and gave it to Saheer.
Kunal — Take this champ!
Saheer — Thank you Papa.
Kunal — Ur welcome champ.

Then Kunal went to Meghna. Meghna tightly hugged him. She was happy , sad , angry at the same time. Tears were rolling down her eyes.
Kunal — Topper what happened? Tell me.
Meghna — Kunal , I know where cheeku is. I have found her.

Kunal broke the the hug and looked at her.
Kunal — What?
Meghna — Yes Kunal..
Kunal — How? I mean where is she ?
Meghna — I heard Isha talking to someone. She has not changed. She has kidnapped her. They are taking Cheeku to the old factory of ours which is in johari bazar.
Kunal — Oh my God! I knew it. This Isha , I will not leave her.

Meghna — Kunal should we tell it to others?
Kunal — No, Isha is here. She is dangerous for Cheeku.
Meghna — So what should we do ?
Kunal — Just wait for tomorrow. We will let them do what they want and then we will do our work.

To be continued….


Will Isha and Karan’s marriage stop ?
Or will Nairan’s marriage break ?
Will Meghnal be able to find who the other person is ?
Will Khyati create more problem ?
Keep reading to find out.


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      Seyal!! After so many days!! Was missing u and ur ff badly. Hope u doing good. Anyways thank you so much!! Glad that u liked it. Yeah I remember that part.. ( It was one of my fav bcoz of Karan’s reaction ?). Thanks a lot once again. Will update soon. Keep reading and supporting . If possible please do update ur ff soon.. Missing it badly.. Loads of love.❤❤

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