EPI 33 :–

One Month Later —

A old house —

Naina was tied the same way she was tied in the old factory but this time a tape was also used to shut her mouth. She was trying to free herself.

The same person came and opened her mouth.
Person — What happened Naina ? Want to go back ?
Naina — Please leave me , what do u want ?
Person — I have told earlier also.
Naina — What are u getting by changing the place u keep me. From one month u r taking me from one place to another. U will not get anything please leave me.

Person — I will get many thing by changing place. And I will not leave u! I have told u , I want u to be here. Ok now eat this food.
Naina — 1 plate food for 1 day. Keep that food to urself.

Person — Stay happy in what u get.
The person started to feed Naina with a spoon. Naina tried to protest but the person forcefully fed her. Then without giving water to Naina , the person put the tape back in her mouth and went out of the house.
Naina ( in mind ) — Meghu Di where are u ? Naira , Karan hope u all are fine. I miss u all.

In Chauhan House —

Meghna and Kunal has returned back from searching Naina. Isha came with two glasses of water.
Isha — Meghu Di did u find Naina? Any news of her ?

Meghna — I have told u so many times don’t call me Meghu Di. Only my cheeku can call me that.
Isha — I’m sorry Di. Please drink this water.
Meghna — I don’t want water from u atleast.
Isha’s face frowned.
Kunal — Isha , she is upset. U go from here.
Isha — Ok.

She went from there and Kunal took Meghna with her in the room. Meghna went inside and her temper again went high when she saw Isha playing with Naira and Saheer.

Meghna — Isha get out of my room. U r staying in this house , that doesn’t mean u have to come inside my room. And I will take care of Naira now.
Isha — Ok.
She went out of the room and Meghna went to Saheer and Naira.

In Karan’s room —

Karan was sitting in the floor , his back was touching the bed. He was holding a picture of Naina in his hand.
Karan — Naina , why why why? Please come back. I’m waiting for u.
Naina — I’m here only Karan.

Karan turned his head and saw Naina sitting beside him. The same smile on her face. Seeing her Karan’s lips also curved into a smile. He hugged her.
Naina — Karan , relax I’m here only.
He broke the hug and hold her hand.
Karan — Where were u this days? Today one month completed and u are coming here after one month ? Don’t u care for Naira , don’t u care for me? I love u Naina.

Naina — I love u too Karan. And I’m sorry. I went without telling u.
Naina hold her ears and made a puppy face.
Karan — Its ok Naina.

Just then the door opened and Khyati came in.
Khyati — Bhai? With whom are u talking ?
Karan turned back to see Khyati.
Karan — Khyati, see Naina came back.
He again turned back but saw no one there.
Karan — Naina?!? Naina?!?
Khyati — Bhai I think I should after sometime.

She went out of the room. Karan again turned to the place where Naina was sitting.
Karan — Naina , where did u went ? Please come back.

*** Tu jo nazron ke saamne
Kal hoga nahi
Tujhko dekhe bin main
Mar na jaaun kahin

Tujhko bhool jaaun kaise
Maane na manaun kaise
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhein toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..

Kaat’ta hoon lakhon lamhein
Kat’te nahin hain
Saaye teri yaadon ke
Hat’te nahin hain

Sookh gaye hain aansu
Teri judai ke
Palkon se phir bhi baadal
Chhant’te nahin hain

Khudko main hansaun kaise
Maane na manaun kaise
Tu bata…

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhein toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina..

Hathon ki lakeerein do
Milti jahaan hai
Jisko pata hai bata de
Jagah woh kahan hai

Ishq mein jaane kaise
Ye bebasi hai
Dhadkano se milkar bhi dil tanha hai

Doori main mitaun kaise
Maane na manaun kaise
Tu bata..

Roke na ruke naina
Teri ore hai inhein toh rehna
Roke na ruke naina.. ***

Karan — No I can’t sit and cry like that. I have to go and find her.
He got up and went to the washroom. After washing his face he took the keys of car and was leaving when Khyati again entered.

Khyati — Bhai , can we talk ?
Karan — Not now Khyati! Later.
Khyati — Please.
Karan — Ok come.
They both sat on the bed.

Khyati — Bhai! U again saw Bhabi ?
Karan nodded in yes , then he spoke.
Karan — Yes she again came.
Khyati — Bhai where are u going now ?
Karan — To find her.
Khyati — Why don’t u forget her ?

Karan — What? How could u say that ?
Khyati — I know u love bhabi a lot but what she did? Again left u like earlier.
Karan — She is kidnapped.
Khyati — Oh really! Then did u get any call for money or something? She went out on her own wish. Understand this small thing bhai.
Karan — Ok if I try to forget her how will I get success in it ?
Khyati — By marrying another girl.
Karan — Khyati if u r here to talk about this then let me go.I’m sorry.

He got up to leave but Khyati hold her hand.
Khyati — Please bhai at least listen to me fully. If u love me u will listen to me.
Karan again sat on the bed.
Khyati — Bhai I too love Naina bhabi but here we have to think about Naira. She needs a mother. Bhai in this stage how will she grow without a mother ?

Karan — Meghna bhabi is there for Naira. She is her Masi.
Khyati — Exactly bhai. She is Masi not Maa. And she has the responsibility of office , whole family and even Saheer. Think about it.

Karan — Ok if I agree to marry also for Naira , whom I will marry? Who will take care of Naira like a real mother ?
Khyati — Bhai , I know a girl.
Karan — Who is she ?
Khyati — Isha.

Karan — WHAT ? Have u gone mad ? I will marry that ISHA!! She, who has tried to kill my Naina. I will marry her ?
Khyati — Bhai , she has changed. See , she never came near u in 1 month. She has been taking care of Naira from one month like a real mother. She is the best choice.

Karan — Please Khyati!! I will take care of my Naira. I don’t need any girl for Naira as mother except NAINA!! And that’s clear! I love Naina and I will wait for her. Now u may leave.
Khyati — But ….

Karan — LEAVE!!
Khyati — please bhai listen to me.
Karan — Ok u stay. I m going.
He came out of the room and slammed the door. He came down and passed Isha’s room , he waited there and saw her. After sometime he came down and went out of the house.

Evening time —

In Meghnal’s room —

Kunal was playing with Saheer and Meghna was sitting in a sofa thinking about Naina.
Kunal — Topper don’t worry we will find her.
Meghna — Kunal , how much time ? One month has passed and not a single sign of cheeku.

Kunal — Believe in urself. U will find her.
Meghna was going to speak but was stopped due to a knock on the door. It was Karan standing there.
Kunal — Karan , come!!
Karan — Bhai , bhabi please come down.. I have something to tell u all.
Meghna — But what ?
Karan — U come down , I will tell u all there.
Kunal — Ok we are coming u go.

Karan went to Nk and Nirmala’s room and asked them to come down. Then he went to Dadu’s and Khyati’s room and called them down. Atlast he went to Isha’s room.
Ke knocked on the door. Isha was playing with Naira.

Karan — Isha?
Isha — Karan , u ?
Karan — Yeah! I want to announce something , come down.
Isha — Me ? Is this important ?
Karan — Yeah its equally important to u also.
Isha — But Naira , she will be alone.
Karan — Bring her too.

Karan was going out when Isha stopped her.
Isha — Karan!
Karan — Yeah?
Isha — Thank you.
Karan — For what ?
Isha — For coming and talking with me for the first time.

Karan — Oh!
Isha — Will u forgive me now for the sin I have done ? I’m sorry.
Karan — I have forgave u Isha. Don’t be sorry now.
Isha — Thank you.
Karan — Its ok. Now come down fast.
Isha — Hmm..

They both came down with Naira. All looked up and saw them coming.
Khyati — Looking like a perfect couple.
Meghna — Khyati!! What are u saying?
Nk — Yeah !! They are not a couple. Say after thinking.
Khyati — Sorry dad.

Meanwhile Karan came down.
Kunal — Karan what’s the matter ?
Karan — I want to announce something.
Dadu — Say Beta.
Karan — Dadu , Naina has been kidnapped or she has left me I don’t know.

Meghna — She is kidnapped Karan.
Karan — I can’t say. But I wish both are not true. And even Naira is left without mother.
Nirmala — But why r u telling all this ?
Karan — Because I have taken a decision.
Nk — What kind out decision ?

All were shocked the hear Karan’s reply.

In the old house —

Naina was sleeping. She was still tied the same way. But due to rope her hands got cut , there were marks and a little blood. Her face has turned black with hand prints on it. She got many slaps on cheeks in this one month.

Her cloths were covered with dirt.After a lot of difficulty she has fallen asleep but that was also not present in her fate. A person came and poured a bucket water on her making her full wet.

Person — Its not time to sleep. Its still evening!! Get the hell up.
Naina — Now what ? U r not letting me go to my family also. At least let me sleep here and think about them. I have never seen a heartless person like u.

SLAP!! Naina got a slap on her face again.
Naina — Ah!!
Person — Family? Which family? About whom u r talking ?
Naina — My family!! Chauhan family!! ,My Meghu Di!! My Vishal bhaiya!! My Karan and My Naira!!

Person — They are not ur family now. Chauhan family , Karan , Meghu Di! My foot.
Naina — Don’t talk like that. How dare u ?
The person hold Naina’s cheeks with one hand

Person — Listen , u family is not ur now. They have moved on. Ur Meghu Di has lost hope and she has moved on. Ur Naira is getting new mom and ur Karan , he is getting Married!! Ur Sautan ( husband’s second wife ) is coming.
Naina — What!!!

To be continued….


What will be Naina’s reaction on this news?
Why Karan has took this decision ?
Will Naina be able to get out of that hell ?
Will this Marriage really happen and Nairan’s relation will break ?
Keep reading to find out.


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