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EPI 32 :–

Next day Morning —

Karan was sleeping on his side of bed. Suddenly he heard Naira crying.
Karan — Naina , Naira is crying.
He said this and didn’t move. But the cry was still on.
Karan — Naina yaar , please make are silent.
He turned and saw Naina’s place was empty. He got up and saw the time , it was 5 am.
Karan — Naina didn’t came here back!! She is so angry.
He went to Naira and made her silent. He kept her back in cot and went to bathroom to get fresh. He came back and saw Naira has slept again. He sat with her and waited for Naina to return.

It was 9 am when Naira again woke up. He took her and went down to see where Naina is. After coming down he saw Meghna in dining hall keeping the plates. He was going to her just at that time Kunal came and took Naira from him.
Kunal — Give her to me , we will play with Saheer.

Karan smiled and gave her to Kunal. Then he went to Meghna.
Karan — Bhabi , Where is Naina ?
Meghna — I don’t know , she didn’t came yet.
Karan — What ?
Meghna — Isn’t she in ur room ?
Karan — No bhabi , yesterday night she came out of the room and didn’t return yet.
Meghna — Karan what a joke!! I know Naina is in ur room. Let me call her.

She went upstairs to Nairan’s room and found it empty. She came down and went to Karan.
Meghna — Karan what happened? She is not in room.
Karan — Actually bhabi..
He said everything that happened yesterday night.
Meghna — WHAT ??

She shouted it loud. This was ok to gather everyone’s attention there. All came there.
Karan — Yeah , she again left me and this house.
Meghna — Karan , how could u ?
Dadu — Arey what happened ?
Meghna — Dadu ask Karan! He has done a huge mistake. Karan she didn’t leave u ok! I know she is in danger. From childhood when she is really upset she went out of house and cry her heart out but she return in 1 hour. So don’t tell me she left u , I will not believe this.
Kunal — But what happened ?

Meghna explained Kunal and others what was the matter.
Kunal — Karan she left yesterday and u are telling us now ?
Karan — Bhai I thought she was in house only.
Kunal — I think we should go to the police
Meghna — Yes Kunal.
Karan — Bhai I will also come.

Meghna — U stay with the babies. We will go.
Karan — But !!!
Nirmala — I will take care of them. Karan u go with them.

The trio left from there and went to the police station. The inspector asked them to sit.
Inspector — Yes, what can we do ?
Meghna — We have come here to write a missing complaint.
Inspector — Tell me the details.
Karan — Her name is Naina Karan Singh Chauhan , here is the photo. She is my wife.

He gave the photo to inspector.
Inspector — From when she is missing and how did this happened ?
Karan explained him everything.
Inspector — Sorry we can’t help u
Kunal — What are u saying? Why can’t u help us ?

Inspector — See, its not 24 hours yet and according to ur statement she went out of the house willingly so we can’t help u in this matter.
Meghna — Please help us.
Inspector — See we go according to law and we can’t help u before 24 hours. Come back after that. We will circulate this photo for now. And real investigation will after 24 hours.

Meghna — Ok no need! I will find my sister. I don’t need any help.
She storm off the police station. Karan and Kunal ran after her. They saw here crying near the car. They both went near her.
Karan — Bhabi relax we will find her.
Meghna — Karan , listen one thing if something happens to my cheeku , I will not spare u. I will never forgive u.
Kunal — Meghna we will find her , don’t worry. U r strong girl na? We will fight for cheeku together.
Meghna hugged Kunal and Kunal hugged her back.

They returned to Chauhan Mansion , Nk and Dadu ran to them.
Dadu — Any news of Naina ?
Kunal — No dadu! The police is also not helping.
Nk — Now what will we do ?
Meghna — I will find her. I will.
Karan — And I will help bhabi.
Kunal — Meghna come , rest for sometime then we will go together to search her! First we have to make a plan.

Meghna nodded and the trio went to Meghnal’s room for the planning. Nirmala was still with the children. Khyati was helping Nirmala.
Khyati ( in mind ) — Wow! Tensed Meghna bhabi , No Naina bhabi!! Super fun is going on.
Nirmala saw her smiling.
Nirmala — What’s the matter Khyati ?
Khyati — Nothing mom. See Saheer and Naira are so cute no ?
Nirmala — Yes they are cute.

Meghnal and Karan were in the room thinking what to do and how to find her. Karan was calling everywhere to ask if Naina was there or not. Meghna called Vishal and asked him indirectly if Naina was there or not. But Naina was nowhere to found.

Meghna — Naina is nowhere !! Now how will we find her ?
Kunal — We have to search the nearby places and keep trying to find her.
Karan — Her phone is also not reachable or switched off.
Kunal — Don’t worry ,we will find her.
Meghna put her head on Kunal’s shoulder and started to cry. Kunal once again calmed her.

In an old factory —

Naina was tied in a chair unconscious. A person sprinkled some water on her. She got up.
Naina — Where am I ?
Person — U r in ur new house baby..
Naina saw the person and was shocked.
Naina — U??
Person — Yes me. U thought that I will leave u so easily?? If u have thought that u are wrong.
Naina — Please leave me! My Naira would need her mother.
Person — I don’t care. My only target is u. I just want u here. So if ur baby is ok or not that not my problem.
Saying this the person went out of the room and Naina sat there crying.

In Chauhan House —

Meghna was coming down to cook the meal and then the trio would have went out to search Naina. Suddenly her eyes fell on the door where a person was standing. She hurriedly came down. Seeing the person she was shocked to the core.

Meghna — KARAN !! KUNAL !!
She screamed. They ran down and were also totally shocked seeing the person.
Karan — ISHA!!

Yes the girl is Isha. She was standing in the door smiling. Meghna ran to her and slapped her hardly. The other family members were also there.
Dadu — Beta why u slapped her ?
Meghna — Dadu she is the girl who pushed my cheeku that day from the cliff. She is Isha.

A shocking news was cracked between all.
Khyati ( in mind ) — New twist to the drama!! Now it will be more interesting to play and watch this.
Nk –But she was in jail right?
Meghna — Yes papa.

Karan — Isha what are u doing here ? How did u came out of jail ?
Isha — Karan I’m sorry. The court has given me 12 years jail but due to my mental condition it was reduced to 6 years. They treated me and now I know that I was wrong. I’m really sorry.
Karan — Wow!! The Isha has come to my house to ask a sorry.Wow !!

Isha — Karan please don’t do this. Where is Naina? Is she here ? I want to ask sorry.
Meghna — Do u really care if cheeku is alive or not? Or she is here or not?
Isha — See I have changed. Give me one chance I will prove myself this time.
Kunal — U want to know? So I will tell u , Naina is married to Karan and they have a cute 1 week baby and they are happily married from 3 years.

Isha — What? I’m so happy ! Thank god Naina is safe and happily married. Where is she? I want to ask her sorry.

She was genuinely happy. Her eyes were sparkling in happiness.
Karan — How could u be happy ?
Isha — Karan I’m again telling , they have treated me. I have changed.
Nirmala — Karan beta I think Isha has really changed
Meghna — But mom..
Khyati — Bhabi I think the same.
Nirmala — Bring her in now.

Isha came inside the house and sat on the sofa. She again asked for Naina.
Karan — Naina is missing from tomorrow.
Isha — What?? Have u not searched for her?
Karan — What do u think ? I will not search?
Isha — I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry.
Karan — Its ok.

Just then Saheer ran to Meghna.
Saheer — Mumma , sister crying.
Meghna — Come let’s go.
Meghna went and took Naira. She was crying badly. Meghna was not able to stop her cry. She brought her out. Nirmala took her and tried to stop her cry but in vain. Isha went near her.
Isha — May I ?
Nirmala gave Naira to Isha. Going to isha , Naira stopped crying.
Khyati — Waah! Isha u r great.
Isha — Its not like that.

Khyati — Yes its like that. I think u should stay here till Naina bhabi don’t come. U can take care of Naira.
Karan — Khyati its not possible.
Khyati — Bhai see u and Bhabi will be searching for her. Naira is small , someone is needed to take care. So please its for Naira’s good.
Isha — Yeah I will be happy. I can atone some of my sins.
Karan — Ok but she will not come in front of me.
Isha — Ok.

All went to their rooms. Isha started to stay in their house. She never tried to go near Karan. Her behaviour was showing she has changed. All her day and night went with Naira.
One week passed but Naina was still not found. Isha was as usual with the babies. Meghna never talked with Isha and same with Karan and Kunal. Khyati has became friends with Isha. Isha was trying her best and it seems that she has changed.

Karan , Meghna and Kunal were totally broken and Naina was very sensitive. Just coming from hospital and being treated very badly physically and mentally has made her weak. Karan was trying his best to find her.

To be continued….


Who is the person ?
Will Karan and Meghna be able to save Naina ?
What’s Khyati’s plan ?
Keep reading to find out.


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