EPI 31 :–

The doctor went inside and started the operation. Khyati was getting furious because of the slap she got in front of all.
Khyati — Karan bhai don’t u want the baby ? Why u said to save Naina ?
Karan — Khyati I’m already tensed. Please don’t talk with me about this. And I want Naina more then anything. Yes I want the baby but Naina is much bigger to me.

Meghna in this tension also smiled hearing Karan’s answer. They were waiting, two hours passed by but no news of Naina and the baby. After sometime the lights of operation theatre went off. All ran near the door. The doctor and nurse came out of the OT.
Kunal — Doctor ?
Doc — Ur baby is safe.
Karan moved back. He thought that Naina was dead.
Meghna — But Naina? We told u to save Naina na!!
Doc — Call it a miracle but we saved both of them. Naina is still not conscious. She lost a lot blood and carrying baby was also difficult for her. But she is also safe now.

Hearing this Karan nearly jumped in his place. His Naina was fine and his baby also.
Doc — Anyways its a baby girl.
Karan went and held Doctor’s hand.
Karan — Thank you so much !! U r god for us.
Doc — No no. It was our duty.
Meghna — Can we meet them ?
Doc — We have to keep Naina in ICU under observation. U can see her after sometime and u will meet the baby there only.
Meghna — Thanks a lot.
Doc — Its ok. Now I should leave.

The doctor left from there. All sighed in relieve. All were very happy with the news.
Meghna went to Khyati.
Meghna — Khyati I’m sorry. I was just being tensed for cheeku.
Khyati — No bhabi Its ok. I was also being mad. I’m sorry.
Meghna — Its ok.
Meghna smiled and hugged Khyati. Khyati hugged her back. Everyone smiled seeing them.

Khyati ( in mind ) — Its not ok bhabi!! Revenge for the slap is on. U love ur Naina a lot na? See what will I do! This time the baby will not melt my heart.

They broke the hug. Kunal went and sat between Karan and Meghna.
Kunal — So any name for the baby ?
Karan — Yeah! Naina thought about that.
Kunal — And what about u ?
Karan — Yeah we decided together.
Kunal — So say na.
Karan — Bhai our baby girl’s name will be Naira mixing our names.
Kunal — Waah!! Meghna we should have also mixed our names no ?
Meghna — So now will u change his name?
Kunal whispered in her ears.
Kunal — No but we can…u know have another one.
Meghna — Just shut up yaar!!
She slapped on his hands and Kunal winked at her.

After sometime Naina was shifted to ICU but she was still unconscious. Karan went inside. His heart was broken seeing Naina this way. Oxygen mask , machines beeping , her cute smile was not there.
He went and sat beside her. Just then the Nurse came and put the baby in the cot. Karan went and took her in his lap. She was sleeping
Karan — My cutie pie is sleeping!!

He thought not to disturb her so kept Naira back in the cot.
He again went to Naina and held her hand.
Karan — Naina get well soon!! I’m really angry on u!
After sometime Meghna and Kunal came in. They saw the baby and took her out to show everyone.
Few hours later Naina gained her consciousness. Karan was much relieved. Naina met with Naira. Seeing her Naina’s eyes got teary as she thought she has lost Naira.

Naina was in the hospital for 1 week. Karan used to take care of her and sometime Meghna. Karan was little upset with Naina. Many questions were going on in his mind. He wanted the answers to this questions.

After one week the doctors discharged her and she went back to home with Karan and Naira. Nirmala again did the aarti of Naina and Naira.
All sat in the hall but Karan took Naira from Naina and then went to his room directly.
Nk — Very excited to play with his daughter.

All laughed but Naina knew that something was going on his mind.
Naina — I want to get some rest , can I go upstairs? Of course if u all don’t mind.
Meghna — No cheeku u go up. U r still weak.
Naina — Thanks Di!!

She went upstairs and entered the room. She saw Karan has made Naira sleep. It was night time and he was also getting ready to sleep.
He saw Naina standing there.
Karan — U came ?
Naina — Yes Karan! U don’t want to eat ?
Karan — No!
Naina went to him and held his shoulder.
Naina — But why Karan ?
Karan — I’m not feeling to have it.
Naina — Karan is there anything that u r upset ?

Karan — Yes there are many things.
Naina — Won’t u tell me ?
Karan — No , I dont want to stress u.
Naina — I will not get stressed , tell me.
Karan — U wanna hear? So listen!! I’m upset with u.

Naina — But what is my fault ?
Karan — Do u know how much I was tensed for u ?
Naina — I know Karan u care for me.
Karan — No u don’t!! I was so alert for u and Naira but in return what u showed? U r careless!!

Naina — How could u say that?
Karan — What was the need of u to go out that night?
Naina — If a person calls me and tell that if I don’t come out then I will never see u, so what should I do ?

Karan — U should have stayed back. Is the baby not important to u ??
Naina — Karan the baby is very important but u r also important for me!! Baby can again come but my Karan will not be coming again and again.

Karan — No Naina , Baby can’t come again
Naina — What ?
Karan — YES!!!
Naina — Say it clearly Karan.
Karan — That day I went to doctor for ur reports? All were normal except one.

Fb starts…
Doc — See almost all the reports are normal except one.
Karan — Means ?
Doc — After checking her , we saw that chances of her being mother is really less. U can say only 10 to 20 percent chances.
Karan — But.. So she can’t be mother ?
Doc — There are ways like adoption , surrogacy if she don’t become mother , but giving birth herself is really less.
Karan — Can’t we do anything??
Fb ends here..

Naina sat on the bed. She was shocked. She was upset not because of the truth but because of the fact that Karan has hidden this for 1 years. She was feeling betrayed.

Karan understood that she was really upset. He was fighting with her. He was going to her when he saw Naina getting up.
She came to him.
Naina — Karan u are lying right ?
Karan nodded no. Naina shaked him by holding his shoulder.
Naina — Karan u didn’t tell me this big fact? U betrayed me!! I hate u..

Karan hearing the words u betrayed me got really furious.
Karan — Naina if this is betrayal , only I have not betrayed u. U are a much bigger betrayer. U left for Australia , u lied about ur memory loss.
Naina — Karan there was a reason , I was protecting my Sister’s life.

Karan — So here I was protecting my wife.
Naina — Karan u were not protecting me , u were keeping the biggest truth of my life away from me. And now I understand the things which were running in our mind. U think I have betrayed u. This was going on ur mind from 3 years. U think I don’t care for the baby. U are expert in keeping things to himself.
Karan — Yes I’m expert. But keep one thing in ur mind which I’m telling to now , u don’t deserve being a mother , u don’t deserve love , u don’t deserve care.

Naina was shocked. Karan was being like this to her. She could understand his pain but Karan’s last words broke her.

She sat on the floor. Tears started to form in her eyes. Karan realised what he have said to her. He just wanted Naina to be safe. He knew that Naina has complications in her pregnancy. And he was just upset with the fact that she came out of the house without anyone. He was tensed for her only. Naina was his first love and he wanted her only.

He went and sat beside her. He kept his hands on her shoulder. Naina pushed his hands.
Karan — I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I was just worried for u and Naira. What if anything would have happened to u both ? I would have left alone.

Naina didn’t said anything. Karan hugged Naina.
Karan — I’m sorry.
Naina didn’t hug him but broke that hug by pushing him.

Naina — I don’t deserve love. Don’t come to me.
Karan — Naina please don’t say this. U deserve love. I said all this in anger
Naina — I need some time. Bye Karan.

She kissed Naira’s forehead and went out of the room. It was night time , she went out of the house.
She saw a bench. Sitting there she started to cry loud.
Naina — Why Karan ? Why u said such things to me ? I know I have also fought but why did u hide a truth , why u said I don’t deserve anything ? Is the baby more important to u then me ?

*** Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte the
Naina.. bichad ke aaj ro diye hain yun
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte the
Naina.. sehar mein palken meechte hain yun

Juda huve kadam
Jinhone li thi ye kasam
Milke chalenge hardum
Ab baant’te hain ye gham
Bheege naina.. jo khidkhiyon se jhankte the
Naina.. ghutan mein band ho gaye hai yun

Saans hairaan hai
Mann pareshaan hai
Ho rahi si kyun ruaansa ye meri jaan hai

Kyun nirasha se hai
Aas haari huyi
Kyun sawaalon ka utha sa
Dil mein toofaan hai

Naina.. thhe aasmaan ke sitaare
Naina.. grahan mein aaj toot’te hain yun
Naina.. kabhi jo dhoop senkte thhe
Naina.. thehar ke chhaaon dhoondhte hain yun ***

She was still crying when suddenly somebody kept a handkerchief on her face with chloroform on it. She was trying to free herself but she was very few weak. After a while she went unconscious.

Person — Mission Successful.

After that a van came and the person took Naina in it.

In Nairan’s room —

Karan was crying in his room.
Karan — I’m sorry Naina , I should not have told u this things.What should I do to bring u back in this room? I can’t even leave Naira alone here for now. Please come back soon. I’m sorry , u r the most important person to me. I can’t live without you. Please i’m sorry.I have hide the truth because I care for u.. I love u Naina.. I love you…

*** Tere bin jee na paunga
Sach much mar hi jaunga
Yeh tay hai, yeh tay hai

Hasna rona tujhse hi
Mera hona tujhse hi
Yeh tay hai, yeh tay hai

Maujood hai har saans mein
Tu har dafa yeh tay hai
Tu hai dawa ya dard hai
Par hai mera yeh tay hai ***

Suddenly he heard Naira crying. He wiped his tears and went to her. After a lot of difficulties he made her sleep. Then he went to his bed and started to cry again. He was feeling guilty.


Who kidnapped Naina ?
Will Karan be able to save her ?
Will their misunderstanding get clear ?
Or will Nairan’s relationship break ?
What will be Khyati’s revenge ?
Keep reading to find outout


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