EPI — 11

At karan’s home —
Karan was crying.
Karan — Where r u Naina ?? Why u left that place without telling me ?? Uhh!!! Isha , I will never forgive u.

Pratik was also sad but he tried to console karan.
Pratik — Don’t say like that karan. She will be fine .
Karan became angry hearing that.
Karan — What she will be fine Haan ? Can’t u see she fell from there. How much pain she will feel. I love her. I can feel her pain .

He was shouting on Pratik.
Pratik ( shouting ) — What the hell !! What do u think in this world only u love her ? I have lost her for third time. U will not understand my pain. I was just trying to console u. And u…..
He broke down.
Karan came back to his senses.

Karan — sorry Pratik !! I was just a little upset.
Pratik — Its ok.

Just then , arushi and Rohan enter the house from the date. They saw the both boys crying.
Arushi — What happened guys?
Rohan — Yeah why u r crying. And karan u were going out with Naina na?
Arushi — Where is Naina ?
Karan — I have lost her.
Arushi — Say it clearly..
Karan explained it to them.
Arushi — Oh no !! I have to call Meghu Di .
Rohan — No Aru !! She will be tensed.
Arushi — But she is her guardian. I have to.

She called Meghna.
Meghna — Hi Aru!!
Arushi — Di Naina..
She told everything to her. Phone fell from Meghna ‘s hand. She was crying. The phone got cut.
Arushi — Are u Di ? Hello ?

In Jaipur —

Meghna was crying sitting on the floor.
Meghna — I can’t cry. I have to go there. Cheeku I m coming.
She picked the phone and ran outside. She didn’t seen Kunal and collided with him.
Kunal — Woah !! What happened!? Why r u crying ..
Meghna — Kunal Cheeku fell from the hill. Isha pushed her.
Kunal — What ?? Who is this isha ?
Meghna — I will tell u later. First I have to go.
Kunal — I will also come.
Meghna — Ok!
They took the next flight.

After 5 hours :—

All the friends were worried. Still no news of Naina was found. Suddenly a call came on Karan ‘s phone.
Karan — Hello ?
Vijay — Hello , this is inspector vijay ! We have found Naina.
Karan — U found Naina !!! How is she.?

All were happy hearing that.
Vijay — Actually she is badly injured. We r taking her to city hospital.
Karan — I m also coming. Thank u.
Pratik — What happened? Where r u going?
Karan — Naina is badly injured. She is admitted in city hospital. I have to go.
Meghna — What ??? Cheeku.
Meghnal has just reached there.
Meghna was crying.
Karan — Bhai , bhabi ?? What r u doing here.?
Kunal — This is not the time. First we have to go to Naina.
Pratik — We all will come.

They all went to the hospital.
Karan asked at the reception and they informed that Naina was in 1st floor emergency ward.
They all ran there.
Inspector and doctor were talking something !
Kunal — Excuse me doc. How is Naina?
Doc — who r u ?
Kunal — I m his brother.
Doc — Oh ! So the patient is very critical. We will have to do a operation.
Karan — Do whatever but save her.
Doc — We will try our best.

Preparation were made. The operation started.
After 3 hours the doctor came out.
Meghna — Doc is she fine now?
Doc — We can’t say it now. She might sleep in coma if she doesn’t get up in 24 hours.
Meghna — Can we meet her?
Doc — She is still unconscious. U can meet her but for five mins only.
Meghna — Thank u doc.
Doc — But please, only 2 people will go inside.
Meghna — ok , me and karan will go.

They went inside.
Both were heartbroken seeing her condition. Her bedsheet was covered by blood. Her smiling face was now left expression less.
Meghna — Cheeku!!
Karan — Bhabi control yourself. She will get fine.
Meghna — But… Karan..
They sat with her for 5 mins. The nurse then asked them to leave.


Kunal — Meghna how is she now?
Meghna — My cheeku! She is lying there lifeless. She is not talking to me..
Kunal — Relax Meghna. She will be fine.
Nurse — The visiting hours are over. Only one person can stay now.
Karan — I will stay. U all can go.
Kunal — No karan. U need some rest. Look at ur face. U will go home. I will stay with Naina.
Karan — No bhai. Bhabi needs u and I need Naina. So u will not force me to leave. I will stay here with her.
Arushi — I think karan should stay here jeeju.
Kunal — Ok! But if u need anything call me.
Karan — Ok!
They all left. Now karan was alone here.

He went and sat beside Naina.
Karan — Naina , u were going to give me a surprise na. But I hated this surprise.
U know that I can’t live without u. I love u , so why did u do this to me.? Now now u r not replying. Now also if u don’t reply then I will not call u miss beautiful. But will call u Naina badtameez.

No reply came. Only the sound of the machine was Audible. He felt thirsty.
Karan — Naina , I will be back in 2 mins.

He went to get a water bottle. When he returned , he saw some doc and nurse roaming outside the cabin. They were hurried.
Ward boy was taking Naina somewhere.
Karan — Sir what happened to her? Where r u taking?
Doc — Her condition suddenly got worse.
Karan — Will she be okay ??
Doc — can’t say ! Let’s see.
Karan started crying. He thought to call kunal but then he didn’t call.
After 1 hour the doc came out.
Karan — Is she OK?
Doc — I m sorry , she has slipped into coma.
Karan — When will she get up ?
Doc — Can’t say , it can be days , weeks , months , Years , or never.
Hearing this Karan sat there like a dead body.

To be continued..,

Epi — 12.

Soon the doctor again shifted her in the cabin. Karn went and again sat there crying.
Karan — Naina , please get up.
Soon he also went to sleep.

Next day ,
Meghnal and pratik came to hospital
Meghna — Did Naina wake up?
Karan — Bhabi…
Meghna — What karan ?
Karan — Last night she slipped into coma.
He blabbered all in a second
Meghna — What!!
She sat down on floor crying. Kunal consoled her. Everyday they came and went but Naina didn’t opened her eyes.

AFTER 19 days….

Karan was cleaning Naina’s face. Then he kissed on her forehead and sat down holding her hand. When he felt that Naina moved her hand!
Slowly Naina opened her eyes.

Naina — Where m I ?
Karan — Doc .
By his voice Naina turned and saw Karan. She pulled her hands from his.
Naina — Who r u ?
Karan — Naina!?
Naina — Meghu Di !, Pratik , Tanya!!!
She shouted. Kunal was in Jaipur that day. And Meghna and pratik was outside the cabin. They ran inside.
Naina hugged her Di !
Naina — Di who is this boy ?
Meghna — Naina , he is Karan . Ur Karan.
Naina pushed Meghna and hugged Pratik !
Naina — Who is Karan ? I don’t know any Karan . Why is he here ? Why is he holding my hand ?
Just then the doctor entered.
Doc — U all please leave. We have to check her.
Karan — Yes.
Outside the cabin —
Karan — Bhabi why she is behaving like this?
Meghna — I don’t know Karan.
The doc came out.
Doc — Our patient has lost some of her memory due to the injury in head. Don’t worry she will recover but it will take some time.

Karan’s head was banging.
Karan — This can t be happening. She has forget me ! No..
Meghna — Calm down ! She will get fine.
Pratik — can we take her home ?
Doc — Ok , but don’t let her take stress.
Meghna — OK.
They all went to Naina.
Naina — Di what happened?? Please tell me why m I here?
Meghna — We will tell u later Cheeku. First u need some rest.
Naina — I wanna go home.
Meghna — Yes Cheeku we will be going home. Karan is finishing the formality.
Naina — Karan?
Meghna — Ur best frnd. And no more question. We will talk about this in home.
Naina ( confused ) — OK.

In the car…
Pratik was driving the car. Meghna sat in the front seat to give Karan some time with Naina.
Naina was looking outside.
Meghna called Kunal.
Kunal — Yes miss topper.?
Meghna — Kunal we will not believe. Please come back fast. We r taking Naina home. She if fine now.
Kunal — What a news!! I m coming too soon.
Meghna — Make it fast.
Kunal — I have to book the ticket. Bye.Love u.
Meghna ( smiling ) — Same here.
She cut the call.
Naina — Di who is Kunal?
Meghna — I will tell u everything. Wait for 2 min.
Naina ( in her mind ) — What place is this? This can’t be Delhi. Karan my best friend. ? Kunal ? I m confused. Why I can’t remember anything?
They reached home.
Arushi came running and hugged Naina.
Arushi — Nainu u r back. I can’t believe.
Naina — Who r u?
Arushi was shocked.
Naina — Pratik please u tell me.
Pratik — Sit ,I will tell u everything.
Naina sat on a couch.
Pratik — Naina this is Mumbai. She is Arushi ur bff. And he is Rohan ur close friend.
Naina — No , I don’t know any of them
Meghna — U don’t remember bcoz u lost ur memory.
Naina — What??
Pratik — Yes!!
Meghna — It happened like this.
She explained everything to her. From her meeting with karan to isha pushing her. Everything.
Naina — What? Karan my bf? No No No. He can’t be my bf. I love Pratik . I only love him.
Karan — Naina u only love me. Try to remember. Damn it ! Try.

Naina tried but get unconscious. Karan carried her to her room.
Meghna — Karan like that we can’t make her remember anything. I can understand ur feeling but please.
Karan — OK bhabi. Anything for Naina.
They went out.
Arushi was sitting with Naina.
Naina woke up.
Arushi — Sit , I will call Meghu Di.
Naina — No need. U r my bff so u can sit here with me. I will try to remember u.

She smiled. Suddenly Naina saw a pic near her bed. She took the picture. She saw it . it was a picture of Naina and Karan.
Naina — Arushi , m I really in love with Karan.
Arushi — Yes Nainu. U love him more than urself . And he loves u too. U will not believe what he had done for u these days.
Naina — In which room Karan stays?
Arushi — Next to urs.
Naina — I will go and meet him.
Naina went to Karan’s room. He was talking to Naina’s pic.
Karan — I m really very happy , u r back. But please remember me!
Naina entered.
Naina — I will try.

Karan looked up saw Naina there. He was happy seeing that at least Naina doesn’t hate him. She still care for him.

Karan — Naina?
Naina — Karan , I will try to remember u. Our love story everything. Will u give me some time?
Karan — Naina , u had my life . Take the time u want.
Naina smiled at his this nature.
Naina — Now that I don’t remember anything , will u help me in my studies ?
Karan — Of course.
Naina forwarded her hand
Naina — Friends ?
Karan — Best friends.
They shook hands.
Naina went to her room after sometime.

Karan — Thank u Naina ! I will make u remember everything. Its a promise to my love.

To be continued ……..




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  1. Rosie25

    I loved it was weird with naina hugging pratik but I’m sure she will get her memory back maybe something happened so she fakes a memory loss also u didn’t upload for a long time yaar I missed u

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u Rosie !! And about the secret of memory loss , u will know it really soon. Actually I was busy with my classes so was a bit late. Sorry for that. So keep reading.

  2. ARK

    The episode was just…WOW!!!
    Love, friendship, emotions and drama just in one episode. Loved the bond between friends, Meghna’s love for her sister and of course the Nairan bond.
    It seems there r many new characters in your ff. As I was not following any of the ffs from beginning, I will be happy if u provide the link for prologue.
    Do post the next one asap???.

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much ARK!!!! Happy that u enjoyed the episode… Actually in the prologue I have written about the main lead only!! But still I will try to give it. And if u have any confusion with a character , u can ask me here. Once again thank u. Will try to post soon. Keep reading!!??

  3. Resh

    Jiya… this episode was just fabulous!!
    So many twists.. too much to take in!! I felt bad for pratik! And Karan..felt terrible
    But thank god Naina understood the situation and didn’t act like weirdo! At least she doesn’t hate Karan… so that it enough! Mein dhanya ho gayi prabho!!!
    Just love you for your wonderful work,yaar! Keep writing!!?
    Loads of love to you!!?❤️

    1. Jiya09

      Thanks a lot Resh !! Ur comments always put a smile on my face. From morning , I m upset thinking of the bride swap. ??But now I m smiling reading ur comment. I think I will die in that day when karan will marry sawri. Anyways once again thank u. Yeah for pratik and Karan , its really a hard time. Keep reading!!?

      1. Resh

        Yup jiya!! Even I feel like I’m being torn apart! We will meet each other in heaven on the day of their marriage! ??

    2. Jiya09

      Its a deal !!?? I really want to meet u and the place is just perfect.? Meet u soon.

  4. I loved it….. Nice episd ??????

    1. Jiya09

      Thank u so much janmani.. Really happy that u enjoyed !!? . Keep reading!

  5. Shruthy

    Awww this was so sadly beautiful. Karan’s limitless care for Naina, the way he took care of her all over her hospital days. ❤️? But when she forgot him and rejected him, the pain he had in his heart… poor babies !
    However, thankfully, Naina realised they have been together before this accident, and she sweetly comes to talk to him and asks him time to remember everything. ???
    What’s the precap’s suspense tho ? So tensed yet excited. ???

    1. Jiya09

      Thank you shruthy… Karan really cares for Naina and want her but Naina lost her memory.. With the precap u will know it in the next 2 episodes. Something will happen in their life. For that keep reading!!??

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