Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko Episode 5

Scene 1: Meghna and Naina’s room

Meghna was sitting in her room.

Kunal came and sat next to Meghna.

Kunal: Show me your hands.

Meghna showed him her hands.

Kunal: Let me try and find my initial in your hands.

Meghna: But Kunal…

Kunal: Let me try first. Don’t give me any hints.

Meghna: Listen to me…

Kunal: Shhhh!

Kunal scanned Meghna’s hand for ten minutes but did not find any trace of a K.

Kunal: I can’t find it! Where is it?

Meghna: I’ve tried to tell you that your initial wasn’t in my Mehendi but you weren’t listening!

Kunal: Oh, but why?

Meghna: Because I want you to write a K in my Mehendi!

Kunal smiled.

He picked up a Mehendi cone lying nearby and wrote a K in Meghna’s Mehendi. He then wrote an M in his hand with the cone and showed it to Meghna.

Meghna smiled.

Meghna: I need some help!

Kunal: What?

Meghna: I am thirsty and I can’t drink water due to my Mehendi. Could you please help?

Kunal: Why not?

Kunal picked up a glass of water and helped Meghna when Khyati entered!

Khyati: Awww! How cute!

Kunal: Khyati! Why are you here?

Khyati: Why can’t I be here? Because my Bhaiya is romancing with my Bhabhi?

Kunal: Khyati!!!

Kunal picked up a pillow and threw it at Khyati while Khyati dodged it. Khyati couldn’t throw a pillow back as she had Mehendi on her hands so she kept quiet.

Khyati: Chillax Bhaiya! I’m going!

Kunal: Bye!

Scene 2: Naina and Meghna’s home

Nand Kishore entered the house. He had gone for a meeting and just returned. He took Sandhya to a corner.

Nand Kishore: Where is Kunal?

Sandhya: Bhai Sahab, he’s with Meghna!

Nand Kishore: What has happened to Kunal? This girl is snatching away my son from me! Ever since I agreed to get Kunal married to Meghna, he is always with her!

Sandhya: Chodo na Bhai Saheb. They’re a young couple and they are going to get married. They’re just a bit excited that’s it!

Nand Kishore: Yes, whatever I say, you will always support Meghna. Where is Karan?

Sandhya: Karan is with Pavitra.

Nand Kishore: Is he helping with the preparations? No? Why did I even expect anything from him?

He leaves.

He comes to the living room and tells Sharda to called Meghnal.

Nand Kishore takes Kunal and Karan to a room.

Nand Kishore: What are both of you doing? Kunal, I didn’t expect this from you!

Kunal: What did we do, Dad?

Nand Kishore: What did you do? Why are you with Meghna all the time? The girl is driving you crazy, Kunal. She is snatching you away from us.

Kunal: I am sorry, Dad, but I won’t hear anything against Meghna.

Kunal walks away.

Nand Kishore turns to Karan.

Nand Kishore: Dekha? This is the result of your mom’s upbringing! You were already useless, tumse kya umeed rakhna but Kunal! He used to follow every instruction of mine! Now, he is going against me for that Bundi girl!

Karan: Why are you telling me this?

Nand Kishore: Good question! Why am I telling you all of this, it’s like speaking to a rock. Kitna bhi samjhau tum nikame ke nikame rahoge! Don’t know what sin, I did in my previous birth that I got a son like you! I feel so ashamed that you are my son!

Scene 3: Garden

Karan was sitting near the fountain outside Meghna and Naina’s home. He was saddened by the way Nand Kishore scolded him. He had felt much better after talking to Naina. But now, everything was back to “normal”! Nand Kishore had started to criticize him again, he felt like he was losing all his self confidence! Back to Square 1!

Someone offered him a cup of coffee. He turned back and saw Naina. He accepted it and Naina came and sat beside him.

Naina: Upset?

Karan: Hmmm

Naina: Uncle said something?

Karan: Said? Criticized me like always!

Naina: Hmmm. What if we do something to cheer you up?

Karan: What do you mean?

Naina: I have a guitar, do you want to sing something?

Karan: Are you serious?

Naina: Yes!

Karan: Can I sing now? Singing always cheers me up!

Naina: I’ll go and get the guitar!

She went inside to get the guitar.

Karan started singing.

Mujhe Yu Hi Karke Khwabo Se Juda

Jane Kaha Chhupke Baitha Hai Khuda

Janu Na Mai Kab Hua Khud Se Gumshuda

Kaise Jiyu Rooh Bhi Mujhse Hai Juda

Kyun, Meri Raahein,

Mujhse Poochhen Ghar Kahan Hai

Kyun Mujhse Aake

Dastak Pooche Dar Kahan Hai

Raahein Aise Inki Manzil Hi Nahin

Dhoondho Mujhe Ab Main Rehta Hoon Wahin

Dil Hai Kahin Aur Dhadkan Hai Kahin

Saansen Hai Magar Kyun Zinda Main Nahin

Ret Bani Haathon Se Yoon Beh Gayi

Takdeer Meri Bikhri Har Jagah

Kaise Likhoon Phir Se Nayi Daastan

Gham Ki Syahi Dikhti Hai Kahan

Aahen Jo Chuni Hain Meri Thi Raza

Rehta Hoon Kyun Phir Khud Se Hi Khafa

Aisi Bhi Hui Thi Mujhse Kya Khata

Tune Jo Mujhe Di Jeene Ki Saza

Kyun…….. Bande Tere Mathe Pe Hain Jo Khinche

Bas Chand Lakeeron Jitna Hai Jahan

Aansoo Mere Mujhko Mita De Rahe

Rab Ka Hukum Na Mit-Ta Hai Yahan

Raahein Aise Inki Manzil Hi Nahin

Dhoondho Mujhe Ab Main Rehta Hoon Wahin

Dil Hai Kahin Aur Dhadkan Hai Kahin

Saansen Hai Magar Kyun Zinda Main Nahin

Kyun Main Jaagoon,

Aur Wo Sapne Bo Raha Hai

Kyun Mera Rab Yoon,

Aankhen Khole So Raha Hai..

Kyun Main Jaagoon,

Karan put in all his feelings into the song. The song showcased his emotions. Naina was in tears listening to his song.

Naina started clapping with tears rolling down her eyes.

Naina: You have a very powerful voice!

Karan: Ro kyu rahi ho?

Naina: Kuch nahi! Just got a bit emotional listening to your song!

Karan: Shall we go inside?

Naina: Yes!

Kunal and Meghna passed by.

Kunal: They look cute together, don’t they?

Meghna: Yes!

Kunal: Just like us!

Meghna: Don’t get wrong ideas into your head. Cheeku won’t keep anything a secret from me. They are just friends!

Kunal: Ok. Relax!

Meghna: I can’t believe it! Humari shaadi! One month and I will be Mrs. Kunal Singh Chauhan!

Kunal: Yes! We’ll be one soon! I can’t wait!

Meghna: I love you!

Kunal: I love you too!

Kunal looked at Meghna’s hand. It had been four hours already!

Kunal: Your Mehendi’s colour is dark! Looks like you’re going to get a lot of love!

Meghna laughed.

Precap: Sangeet ceremony

Thank you so much for the comments and positive responses! I will post my next chapter on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I had a question to ask all my readers, I was in a dilemma about it…

Do you want Kunal to know about Karan’s disease, support him and have sibling moments with him or do you want Kunal to be oblivious to Karan’s disease and get to know about it later? Please do answer this question in your comments. I’ll go with the majority.

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