Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko Episode 4

Mehendi Ceremony

Scene 1: Outside Meghna and Naina’s house

Naina was supervising the men who were decorating the house. Karan walked in with Kunal, Pavitra, Sandhya and Khyati. (Nand Kishore didn’t come)

Naina welcomed them and led them inside the house. Karan tried looking at Naina’s hands from a distance and was relieved to find that there were no rashes on her hands. Naina suddenly noticed that Karan was looking at and checking her hands. She walked to Karan.

Naina: I don’t understand why you behave like this! You’re always so grumpy and you never let people touch you! You’ve created a circle around yourself and you won’t allow anyone to cross it. You’ve been acting weirdly ever since your hands touched mine! Why have you been checking my hands? Why do you behave so strangely?

Karan: None of your business. I don’t understand why you poke your nose into every matter. No one cares about me, why do you care about me?

Naina: Insaniyaat ke naate pooch rahi hu! Why do you shy away from people?

Karan: What relationship do we have that I will share my sadness with you?

Naina: Ok. If this is the problem then why don’t we have a relation of friendship? Friends??

Karan: I’ve told you time and again to stay away from me. Why don’t you understand? Staying away from me is better for you.

Naina: Why do you want me to stay away from you? Why do you think it is better for me to stay away from you?

Karan: What do you want from me? Why are you behind my life?

Naina: I’m not behind your life! Tell me what is bothering you!

Karan: Fine! I’ll tell you the truth! I am suffering from a skin disease! I keep away from people so that I don’t touch them and transfer my disease to them! I have been treated like an outsider all my life. No one even cares about me! Papa hates me!

Naina: I am sorry. Friends??

Karan: Why would you want to be friends with me?Friends with someone so weak? Friends with someone who locks his room and cries? Why? Do you pity me?

Naina: Why do you think that tears are a sign of weakness? Tears are not a sign of weakness, they’re a sign that you are brave. That you’re not scared of revealing your feelings to the world! You are unique and special to people in your own way! Why would I not want to be friends with you? To be honest, I have never met someone like you who is so selfless and caring!

Karan was overwhelmed. He had never heard anyone praising him in his whole life. Other than a handful of people, no one had ever not criticized him. Everyone had found faults in him. He had just met someone who didn’t pity him. Someone who could understand him! It would be his foolishness to let her go. One thing he had learnt in his life was to never take things for granted. Not many people cared for him, he couldn’t just let Naina go like this!

Karan: Friends! But I have a condition!

Naina: What condition?

Karan: You should not touch me! I don’t want to pass on my disease to my friend!

Naina: Ok, I agree. Even I have a condition.

Karan: Go on.

Naina: I don’t want you to ever think that people don’t care for you or that you are undeserving.

Karan: Ok

Naina: Shall we meet tomorrow? I have to go and prepare for the Mehendi ceremony!

Karan: Ok. We’ll meet tomorrow! Bye!

Naina: Bye!

Scene 2: Meghna and Naina’s home

It was the day of the Mehendi ceremony. Everyone was busy in the preparations for the Mehendi ceremony. The best of the Mehendi artists were called. Everyone wanted to get Mehendi applied! All the girls were looking at the Mehendi design books and deciding which design they wanted to apply.

The Mehendi artists were sitting in a circle with Meghna in the middle. Naina entered and Meghna quickly signed that she should come and sit beside her. Naina came and sat beside Meghna.

Naina: Di! Did you choose a design?

Meghna: No, Cheeku! I was waiting for you! How could I choose a design without you?

Naina: Awww! Let’s choose your design together!

Meghna: Yes! You choose my design and I will choose your design.

Naina and Meghna chose their designs and had their Mehendi applied. Meghna told the Mehendi artist to not write K in her Mehendi! Both of them sat on a cushion and talked about Meghna’s wedding for a bit of time.

Sharda entered. She looked at Meghna and Naina’s Mehendi and smiled.

Sharda: Both the Mehendis look very nice! You know Meghna, the darker the Mehendi colour, the more the love you will receive from Kunal and your in-laws.

Meghna giggled.

Precap: Meghnal scenes


I am extremely sorry for uploading the fourth chapter so late. I had to travel to India for an emergency so I couldn’t upload this chapter on Thursday. I know they were only Nairan scenes in this chapter but I promise that the next chapter will have Meghnal and Nairan scenes. I will upload my next chapter tomorrow.

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