Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko Episode 3

Hi! I was supposed to post my next chapter tomorrow but I decided to post it today itself. So here goes the third chapter…

It was the day of the Haldi ceremony. The preparations were on in full swing. The Haldi had to be received by the bride’s side from the groom’s side. Meghna was wearing a yellow salwar suit which made her glow. She had put on light make up which made her look even more beautiful. Kunal was wearing a yellow kurta. Both of them were warned to not step out of the house as it was a sign of bad luck.

Scene 1: Chauhan Mansion

Kunal was seated on a cushion. The Haldi and peacock leaf were placed in front of him. Kunal looked at his phone’s wallpaper which was Meghna’s photo. He missed her already! They had been told not to meet her the whole day. He decided to call her however Meghna didn’t have her phone with her so she couldn’t receive the call.

Khyati entered.

Khyati: What happened Bhai? Missing my going to be Bhabhi?

Kunal: Khyati ki bachhi!

Khyati giggled.

Khyati: Whatever Bhai! I’m your sis! How much ever you try, you won’t be able to hide anything from me! For you want me to help you talk to Bhabhi then admit it!

Kunal: Achha teek hai! I’m missing Meghna. Help me talk to her.

Khyati: Ye hui na baat! I will help you talk to Meghna Bhabhi.

Khyati called Naina and asked to speak to Meghna. Naina gave Meghna the phone and got busy in the preparations. Kunal thanked Khyati and signaled her to leave.

Phone conversation

Kunal: Hi

Meghna: Hi

Kunal: Finished your Haldi ceremony?

Meghna: Tum buddhu ke buddhu rahoge! Bhool gaye kya? Tumhari haldi yaha aati hain aur fir yaha Haldi ka ceremony hoga!

Kunal: Oh haan. Bhool gaya! Buddhu to hu!

Meghna: Par mein iss buddhu se bahot pyaar karti hu!

Kunal: Mein bhi iss Topper se bahot pyaar karti hoon!

Meghna: Awwww!

Kunal: Ye log kitne cruel hein! Mujhe tumse milne nahi de rahe! Ye log kya jaane mere bichare dil ka haal!

Meghna: Aww! How cute!

Kunal: Koi aa raha hai. Mein tumse baat mein baat karti hoon.

Meghna: Ok. Love you! Bye!

Kunal: Bye!

Scene 2: Meghna and Naina’s home

Kunal’s Haldi was over. The Haldi was to be given to the bride’s side now. Dadaji told Karan to go and Karan wasn’t able to deny so he went.

Karan stepped into the house looking around. Vaibhav and his friends were playing cricket, Vishal and Meghna were sharing an emotional moment, Kalpana was watching Sharda make Jalebis. Everything looked so perfect! An atmosphere he hadn’t ever been in before. An atmosphere filled with love and care! Karan was so busy looking at this happy family that he didn’t notice a stool in front of him. Naina looked up and saw Karan with the Haldi in his hand. She saw the stool and ran to warn him. It was too late…Karan tripped and fell on Naina with one hand on Naina’s waist and one hand on the Haldi bowl. Naina had one hand on Karan’s shoulder and one hand on top of his hand. Karan suddenly realized what was going on and composed himself. He quickly gave Sharda the Haldi and dragged Naina along with him using the tip of her sleeve. They finally reached the dining room area.

Naina: What is it? Badtameez ladka! Why did you drag me here?

Karan: Wash your hands!

Naina: What?

Karan: I said wash your hands!

Naina: Why?

Karan: Just do what I am telling you to.

Naina was quite puzzled nevertheless she washed her hands.

Karan: Show me your hands!

Naina showed him her hands.

Karan looked at her hands and found that there hadn’t been any sign of an allergy. He was relieved.

Karan: Next time, don’t come near me!

Naina: Excuse me! Mujhe koi shauk nahi hai tumhare paas aane ki!

Karan: Good! Stay away from me that is better for you!

Karan left. Naina was extremely confused.

Scene 3: Chauhan House

Karan was in his room. He was punching his punching bag without wearing boxing gloves. His fists were dripping with blood. However, it didn’t matter to him as he was accustomed to the pain. He was thinking about Naina. He disliked her no doubt but he was scared at the thought of her getting his disease. He knew how hard it was to have a disease which made you stay away from everyone. He couldn’t stand the thought of anyone being harmed because of him. He had stayed away from anyone any everyone since childhood. He had seen parents hugging their children and enjoying with them however he had never experienced anything like that. His father had always favoured Kunal and Khyati over him, he wasn’t jealous of them but he had always wished to be loved by Nand Kishore. He had always felt worthless when compared to his siblings. He lived in a fear of spreading his disease and so he had always remained quiet. Today, for the first time he had touched someone. He didn’t like Naina but that didn’t mean he didn’t care for her. He made a mental note to check her hands the next time he saw her.

Precap: Mehendi ceremony

Karan sharing his pain with Naina


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