Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko Episode 2

Hi! I know I had said that I would post my next chapter on Friday. But then seeing the response to my first chapter, I decided to post my second chapter on Thursday. However I made a mistake in my ff’s title so the chapter wasn’t posted yesterday. So sorry for that. The first chapter got 31 likes and 0 dislikes! Truly grateful! I am extremely thankful to all the commenters…TuttiFrutti, Fenil Bhaiya, Nairanlover, Sunny, Jiya, Sofia, Aafiya, Palak, Minakhi, Niyu and all the silent readers!

Scene 1: Chauhan Mansion

Dadaji had called everyone downstairs. One everyone gathered downstairs, Dadaji started speaking.

Dadaji: I have decided to finalize the wedding dates. I plan to go to Sharda Ji’s house with Kunal and Karan to finalize the dates. What do you all think?

Kunal was extremely happy. He did a happy dance in his mind and planned to call Meghna after all of this.

Nand Kishore saw Kunal happy and decided to agree with Dadaji as he wanted Kunal’s happiness.

Nand Kishore: Ok Bauji. You can go with Kunal and Karan and finalize the dates.

Karan: What is the need for me to go?

(In his mind): And meet that badtameez ladki

Nand Kishore: I knew it! Tumhe zimmedariyo se bhagne ke alawa aata bhi kya hain? (What else do you know other than running away from responsibilities?)

Karan: Aur aapko doosron ke upar apne faisle thopne ke alawa kya aata hain? (What else do you know other than imposing your decisions on others?)

Karan walks away.

Nand Kishore: Bigaad kar rakha hai aap logon ne iss ladke ko! Dekh rahe ho sar par chadane ka nateeja kya hai? Apne baap ki izzat nahi karta! (You have spoilt this boy! He doesn’t respect his father!)

Scene 2: Meghna and Naina’s home

Dadaji: We’ve come to finalize the dates for the sagai(engagement) and wedding. Do you have any dates in mind Sharda ji?

Sharda: Nahi, Bauji!

Dadaji: I’m thinking of having the engagement ceremony a week later, the next day we’ll have the Haldi ceremony, then the Mehendi and Sangeet and wedding after a month. Are you fine with it?

Sharda: Yes, Bauji! I’m totally fine with it.

Dadaji: To phir tay ho gaya. We’ll leave now!

Shardi: Ok

Scene 3: Vivette Banquet Hall in Malad

Kunal and Meghna came downstairs.

Meghna’s outfit:

Kunal’s outfit:

Kunal saw Meghna and was amazed! She looked extremely beautiful! Kunal looked at Meghna and signed that she looked extremely pretty. Meghna blushed.

Dadaji: So, shall we have the engagement start?

Naina took Meghna to Kunal and handed her the ring. Meghna and Kunal exchanged rings. Not a word was said but of them knew that this was one of the most beautiful decisions they had ever made!

Once the engagement was over, Kunal whispered to Meghna, “Tonigh at 11 sharp, park behind your home!”

Meghna was suprised but agreed.

Scene 4: Shivaji Park

Meghna entered the park and looked around for Kunal. Suddenly someone covered her eyes, Meghna immediately recognized the person to be Kunal, she turned around and hugged Kunal.

Meghna: I missed you so much! I couldn’t even talk to you today!

Kunal: I know. Meine koshish ki par Maa ne rok liya. (I tried but Mom stopped me)

Meghna: Awwww!

Kunal: I called you for something special today.

Meghna: What?

Kunal broke their hug and took Meghna’s hand into his.

Kunal: Meghna, we’ll be starting a new life after one month. I want us to make our own promises to each other tonight. Kya kehti ho?

Meghna : I would love to Kunal!

Kunal led her to a place in the park which had a bonfire in the middle.

Kunal: We’ll take 7 rounds around the fire. Every round we take we’ll promise each other something.

Meghna: Ok

Meghnal took 7 rounds around the fire, promising each other something at every round.

After the seven rounds, Meghna hugged Kunal.

Meghna: I love you so much!

Kunal: I love you too!


Happy Birthday to Shah Rukh Khan! ?

Any SRK fans here?

I know this chapter was quite short and boring and there were no Nairan moments…I’ll post my next chapter on Tuesday and it will include Nairan moments.

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  1. Fenil

    Nicely written.
    Sangeet,Mehndi,Haldi and wedding.

    1. Thank you Bhaiya!

  2. Hi, I am excited to see how Nairan fall in love and their moment though Meghnal were very romantic as well. Thank you for updating and please update soon. ?
    P.S I am a big fan of SRK

    1. Thank you! I will surely update my next chapter on Tuesday.
      Oh! You’re a fan of SRK! High five! ??

  3. I am so sorry about the cover. I don’t know why TU put up this cover for my ff! ?

  4. NeonNinga

    Hi Naina this is Ashnita big fan of srk. Anyways episode was awesome. Infact I’m a writer too on sdch Kanchi pair. I thought to say helo to srk fan. I’m die heart fan of srk

    1. Thank you!
      High five! I’m a huge, huge, huge fan of SRK!
      I will surely read your ff…
      Friends?? SRK fans ke saath bahot jaldi dosti ho jaati hain. ?

      1. NeonNinga

        Ofcourse friends srk ke liye kuch bhi. U fan I’m fan jami gi. OK bye

  5. Aafiya

    Hi… It was not at all a boring episode.. It was superb.. Post soon.. Next time please make it long… No problem If dislike comes you should be happy for the likes.. Am i right ?if I am not wrong… And of course I am a Srk fan…. ☺

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I’ll post on Tuesday.
      And yes, I’ll make it longer next time…I was a bit busy yesterday that is why it was so short…
      High Five! ✋?Even I’m a huge SRK fan!
      Yes, you’re right, even if there are dislikes, I should be happy for the likes!

  6. #nairanlover:-)

    The chapter was really good.But if would try to make everything in detail than it would have been more nice atleast for me.Because suddenly from college it came here.So I was like did I miss any of her episode.So sorry if hurted you but as a reader I wanted to tell you my feelings.I haven’t given the dislike too.But again someone started disliking.Please who ever it is it’s my humble request to just say the defects in the ff of her or Resh or JIYA or Tami Di.Its ok will be waiting for the next one.Post ASAP.Loads of love.Sorry if hurted you in any way.And yeah will be waiting for nairan moments.

    1. No dear you haven’t hurt me in any way. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve been honest with me.
      However I didn’t understand the college part…were you talking about my ff or someone else’s because I didn’t include any college moments…
      Yes, I’ll surely make the next chapter most descriptive and add Nairan moments…
      Loads of love to you too! ?

  7. Nice post asap

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I’ll post on Tuesday

  8. #nairanlover:-)

    Hey I am really sorry.I was too confused before writing the comment also I tried to check but as time was less I avoided it.So sorry I think so it was a different ff.I am too mad.Sorry again????.Glad that you took it sportingly.

    1. Oh ok…you don’t have to say sorry…
      I’m glad that you were honest with me!

  9. It was splendid!!!!!! I loved it??

    1. Thank you!

  10. Resh

    Hey Naina!
    I’m sorry I didn’t comment on the earlier one.. I was a little busy.. and I assumed that I had already commented on this one..
    I like this one! Looks like swabhiman is back again!
    I liked the episode !
    Yeah I was waiting for the Nairan scene… I’m still waiting for it!
    Post soon!

    1. Thank you so much Reshma!
      I’ll post the next chapter on Tuesday and it will include Nairan moments!
      So happy to see your comment…I love your ff…

      1. Resh

        Thank you so much! ☺️❤️️

  11. Minakhi

    Sweet bt this is vry short so plz nxt epsd to be a long ….n yeah im a big fan srk…loads of love?

    1. Yes, I’ll make the next episode longer…
      High Five! ?? I’m a huge fan of SRK as well!

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