Swabhiman: Mile Ho Tum Humko – Episode 1

Hi! I’m going to be writing an FF on Meghnal and Nairan. Please do support me.

This FF is going to start from the preparations of Meghnal’s marriage. The only changes I’m going to make are that Sandhya and Khyati are positive and this FF is going to be set in Mumbai.

Scene 1: Cafe Terra

Naina and Dadaji had wanted to plan a date for Meghna and Kunal. Naina and Dadaji had planned to meet up at Cafe Terra but Dadaji had to go for a meeting and so he wasn’t able to come so he sent Karan in his place. Karan wasn’t happy about this but he couldn’t refuse and he went to Cafe Terra.

(Cafe Terra is a restaurant in Mumbai which has a very romantic atmosphere)

Naina knew that Karan was coming so she looked out for someone young. Soon she spotted Karan and walked to him.

Naina: Hi!

Karan turned around.

Karan: I don’t know you.

Naina: Are you Karan Singh Chauhan?

Karan: Yes. I am Karan Singh Chauhan. How do you know? Wait…are you the person I was supposed to meet to plan Bhai and Bhabi’s date?

Naina: Yes! Ab chalo I want to show you something.

Naina reached for Karan’s wrist to lead him but Karan drew back.

Karan: Do whatever you want but stay away from me and don’t touch me.

Naina found it weird but didn’t say anything.

Naina showed Karan the way she wanted the chairs and tables to be arranged and how she thought a romantic atmosphere could be brought in. Karan chipped in a bit and helped a bit.

Naina: So how do you like it?

Karan: It’s nice.

Naina: So friends?

Karan: Meine tumse kaha na mujhse door raho! Baat samajh mein nahi aati kya?

Naina: Sorry! Itna kyu gussa ho rahe ho?

Karan didn’t reply and walked out of Cafe Terra angrily.

Naina: Ajeeb ladka hai!

Scene 2: Meghna and Naina’s room

Meghna was lying on her bed and thinking about Kunal. They were going to marry in two months time! Wedding time is always a lovely time! The emotions that come with it are priceless! Meghna looked at Kunal’s photo in her hand and knew that deciding to get married to Kunal was one of the most beautiful decisions she had ever taken!

Suddenly, she heard a voice, “Kisi ki yaad aa rahi hai?”

Meghna immediately recognized this voice to be Kunal’s.

She got up and ran to the door to close it however she forgets to lock it.

Meghna: Kunal! Tum yaha? Agar kisi ne dekh liya to? (You’re here? What if someone sees you?)

Kunal placed a hand over her mouth.

Kunal: Shhhhh! Kisi ne dekh bhi liya to kya ho jaayega? Hak he mera, mere khoobsurat si hone wali patni ke saath wakt bithana! (What will happen if someone sees us? It’s my right to spend time with my beautiful going-to-be wife!)

Meghna: Humari mangni bhi nahi hui hein! (Even our engagement is not over!)

Kunal: To kya hua? Ho jaayega! (So what? It will happen!)

They hear someone coming. Meghna pushes Kunal behind a curtain. Her hands are on his shoulder and his hands are wrapped around Meghna’s waist.

Sharda opens the door and looks for Meghna but doesn’t find her. She exits the room.

Meghna and Kunal come out.

Meghna: Dekha? Mein tumse yahi keh rahi thi! Par tum sunte hi nahi ho. Agar Mumma ne hume dekh liya hota to? (See? This was what I was telling you! But you don’t listen. What is Mumma saw us?)

Kunal: Sorry!

Kunal makes a cute puppy face but Meghna doesn’t melt.

Meghna: Ab niklo. (Now exit)

Kunal: Kya? Meine itni mehnat karke tumhare room tak climb kiya aur ab tum mujhe dhakke marke nikal rahi ho! Not done! (What? I did so much hardwork to climb to your room and now you’re kicking me out!)

Meghna: Kunal! Tum jaa rahe ho ya mein tumhe nikaloo? (Are you going or should I make you leave?

Kunal: Ja raha hoon! Kisi ko meri kadar hi nahi hein! (I’m going! Someone doesn’t care about me!)

Kunal goes down using Meghna’s dupatta.

Meghna smiles and thinks about how cute Kunal is.

Scene 3: Meghna and Naina’s house

Naina comes home. Meghna sees her and goes to her.

Meghna: Chiku! Kaisi hein? (How are you?)

Naina: Mein kya batau di? Aaj mujhe ek badtameez ladka mila. Bahot ajeeb hai! (What do I say di? Today I met a rude person. He’s very strange!)

Meghna laughed.

Meghna: Aur ye ladka kaun hai? (And who is this boy?)

Naina: Aapke saale sahab! (Your brother-in-law!)

Meghna: Meri saala saheb? Ye kaun hai? (My brother-in-law? Who is this?)

Naina: Uff oh di! Mera matlab hain mere hone wale Jiju ka chota bhai! (I mean my going to be brother-in-law’s smaller brother!)

Meghna blushed thinking about Kunal and Naina noticed it.

Naina: Someone’s blushing!

Meghna: Tu ruk! Mein tujhe dikhati hoon!

Naina started running with Meghna following and Meghna kept throwing cushions on Naina!

Finally they got tired, they sat down and laughed.

Naina hugged Meghna.

Naina: I love you Di!

Meghna: I know! I love you too Chiku! Agar tu ye soch rahi hain ki shaadi ke baad mein tujhse door chali jaaungi to galat soch rahi hein! Mein shaadi ke baad har din tujhe milne aaungi! (If you are thinking that I will go away from you after my marriage then you are wrong! After my marriage, I will come and meet you every day!)

Naina: Sachh! Yayyy!

Precap: Meghna and Kunal’s families meet up to decide the dates for the wedding
Sagai(engagement ceremony) takes place

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This is the end of my first chapter. I’ve made it extra long as I won’t be able to update my next chapter until next Friday. I’m so sorry about that. I hope you’ll understand.

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  1. TuttiFrutti

    lovely start.
    its Devar for Meghna not Saale saheb…

    1. Thank you!
      I’ll keep that in mind…thanks for correcting me…
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  2. Awesome start.
    its Devar for Meghna .

    1. Thank you!
      Aap wahi Fenil Bhaiya ho kya?
      I’ll keep that in mind!
      Thanks for correcting me! ?

      1. Fenil

        yaa i m only Fenil bhai keep this blue dp also in mind.
        Naina and Meghna’s brothers will be saale saheb for Karan and Kunal.

      2. Yes…I’ll keep the blue dp in mind.
        I’ll remember the devar thing also…Swabhimaan nahi dekhne ka nateeja hein ?
        Ohk…saale saheb Karan aur Kunal ke…rishte thode confusing hai…

  3. #nairanlover:-)

    I loved it.Will be waiting for the next.post ASAP.Loads and loads of love.

    1. Thank you!
      I’m so sorry but I’ll be able to post my next episode only next Friday!
      So sorry! Hope you’ll understand.
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  4. Great! Cant wait till next Friday.

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  5. Jiya09

    I loved it.. Great start.. I could feel the old Karan and Kunal has returned.. This scenes and the serial ones are going in my mind now.. Loved the sister’s bond. Will be waiting for next. Loads of love.❤❤

    1. Thank you so much Jiya!
      I miss Swabhimaan so much!
      I hope more people write FFs on Swabhimaan and we get a Season 2!
      Loads of love to you too!
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  6. Hi, loved the start of it. Can’t wait for the next update. ?

    1. Thank you!
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      I’m so happy with the response!
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  7. Aafiya

    Nice.. Post soon…

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  8. Great ff
    But why are u posting till friday its hard to wait till friday

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  9. Minakhi

    Interesting strting ….im enjoy ur ff so i wish nxt epsd will be post soon so im wait ur nxt epsd…n loads of love?

    1. Thank you!
      I wish try to post the next chapter before Friday dear.
      Loads of love to you too!
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  10. Okkk post soon
    With loads of love ??

    1. Sure!
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  11. Mansi …..it’s amazing start….loved it from bottom of the heart…..rishte are confusing..u say right?? ….Do update very soon. A big Congrats for your first ft….it’s ur first time na ….sorry I don’t remember? ….lots of love to u dear ??

    1. Thank you so much Niyu!
      Haan rishte are very confusing?
      Yes…it is my first time…I’ll update tomorrow…extra long episode for SRK’s birthday!
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