Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 61

Part 61:

It was Saturday morning. Meghna woke up early, showered and got ready for the day. She was tidying her room and then saw Kunal wake up slowly.
Kunal: Good Morning.
Meghna: Good Morning.
Kunal sat up on the bed and had his eyes closed.
Kunal: What’s the times?
Meghna: 7 am.
Kunal opened his eyes quickly.
Kunal: What are you doing up so early?
Meghna: Couldn’t sleep.
Kunal got out of his bed and then went to Meghna who was outing away clothes into the wardrobe.
Kunal: Meghna.
Meghna had her back to Kunals chest.
Meghna: Yes Kunal.
Kunal: What are you doing?
Meghna: Keeping my mind occupied.
Kunal: You want any help?
Meghna turned around and gave Kunal a smile.
Meghna: No thank you, I’m all good.
Kunal: I’ll shower up.
Kunal went to the shower and then came out 20 minutes later.

The twins had woken up and Meghna was getting them all washed up. Kunals phone was vibrating, it was a call from Khyati.
Kunal: Bhai! Why didn’t you tell me!?
Kunal: Khyati? What are you talking about?
Khyati: Arjun told me about what happened last night.
Kunal: Oh.
Khyati: How’s Karan Bhai and Meghna Bhabi.
Kunal: Not very well.
Khyati: I want to come over and see everyone.
Meghna: Put the phone on speaker Kunal.
Kunal put it on speaker.
Meghna: Hi Khyati.
Khyati: Hi Bhabi, how are you?
Meghna: I’m good, how are you, Rahul and everyone else?
Khyati: I’m good and they’re good as well.
Meghna: That’s good to hear.
Khyati: Bhabi, I’m coming over today.
Meghna: No Khyati, it’s your first day at your new house. There are many rasams for you to complete and you’ll be coming tomorrow for one of them.
Khyati: But Bhabi..
Kunal: Meghna is right, Khyati we miss you and really want to see you but we’ll see you tomorrow any way.
Khyati: Okay then, but please call me.
Meghna: We will.
Kunal: Bye.
Khyati: Bye.

Everyone but Karan were present at the breakfast table. Meghna and Nirmala were serving the food. Nikhil was waiting to be served when he saw Meghna and Nirmala sit to eat themselves.
Nikhil: Who will serve me?
Meghna: Your wife.
Nikhil: Well she isn’t here.
Meghna: Then you’ll have to wait for her.

Naina was getting ready when she saw Karans room still shut.
She walked to the door and wanted to stepping but didn’t. Meghna was making her way up and saw Naina standing there.
Meghna: Good in and check on him.
Naina turned around.
Naina: I don’t want to.
Meghna smiled: Chiku, don’t forget I’m still your sister. I know you’re lying.
Naina walked away and went downstairs.
Meghna went into Karans room and saw him still sleeping and it was 10 am.
Meghna knew he had a rough night but she needed to him back to his routine. She opened the curtains, letting all the sunshine in. Karan was irritated by the sun that hit his closed eyes.
Karan: Naina, close the curtains.
Meghna: It’s Bhabi, and it’s late so get up.
Karan opened his eyes and saw Meghna, he sat up and saw the state of himself.
Karan: Bhabi?
Meghna: Yes?
Karan: What’s the time?
Meghna: 10:01 am.
Karan: That’s late.
Meghna: It is, so now shower up and come down for breakfast, we’re all done anyway.
Meghna left he room.

Meghna came down and saw Naina giving Nikhil his breakfast. Then she sat to eat. Dadaji, Nirmala and Sharda had gone to the local Mandir and would be back for lunch. Karan came down and took his seat. Naina got up to serve him but Karan put his arm up indicating that he didn’t with her to do it.
Karan: I dint need a stranger to serve me my food, I’m capable of doing it myself.
Naina felt a sharp pain in her heart, she didn’t react but instead she sat next to Nikhil. Karan got his own food , ate and then hurried up to his room.
Meghna was busy feeding the babies to see what was going on. NK and Sandhya went to the office, Vishal and Arjun sat in the living area with the twins and Kunal was sitting in the living room on his laptop.
Naina went into the kitchen, Meghna didn’t see anyone else and thought this would be the chance to talk to Naina.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina looked up.
Meghna went to Naina and held on hand.
Meghna: Listen Chiku, you can tell me what’s going on.
Naina was about to say something but instead she stopped.
Naina: Oh Di! When will you understand that I won’t be able to say anything different to what I said yesterday.
Meghna saw that Naina was glancing behind Meghna as she spoke to her. Meghna knew someone was stopping her from talking.
Nikhil was standing outside the kitchen behind Meghna so she didn’t see but Naina could.
Meghna didn’t turn around instead she saw Nikhils reflection on a pan.
Meghna: Fine.
Meghna let go of Nainas hand, she didn’t want Nikhil to know she knew he was there and acted.
Naina: What do you mean fine?
Naina was confused, what was Meghna doing.
Meghna: After today, you don’t need to share anything with me. I know something is wrong but I don’t care anymore. You’ve tried breaking the sister bond we had and you won’t be successful. I’ll always be your Di and you’ll aways be my Chiku.
Naina was somehow relieved to hear that but didn’t act upon it.
Meghna least leave the kitchen and knew Nikhil hid away. After Meghna left Nikhil entered to kitchen.
Meghnna watched them from a distance, he was saying something to Naina but she couldn’t make out what they were talking about.
Meghna walked into the living area.
Vishal sat next to Meghna and Kunal.
Vishal: I need to talk to you guys.
Kunal: What’s up?
Vishal: Not yet.
Arjun also came to the trio.
Arjun: I need to talk to you.
Meghna: What’s going on?
Arjun: I can’t tell you with him in the house.
They knew him was Nikhil.
Kunal: Okay, I’m sure he’ll leave the house sooner or later.
Meghna: We’ll talk then.

An hour later Naina went upstairs to her room. Nikhil came down and left the house.
Kunal: So what did you guys want to say?
Arjun: Should I go first?
Vishal: Go ahead.
Arjun: Thanks, well guys. Yesterday nnight Arohi texted me saying she can’t see me anymore.
Vishal: Arohi?
Kunal: Arjuns crush.
Meghna: And someone else.
Arjun: Who?
Kunal and Meghna explained everything to Vishal and Arjun. About Trishna and Nikhil, how they saw Trishna with a man who might be Arohi’s father.
Vishal: All this and been happening?
Arjun: That sick thing is Arohis half brother!?
Kunal: Yes, it’s all very long. We found out everything a few days ago and have been trying to see what they’re up to.
Meghna: And now all of this has happened.
Vishal: Which must be part of some plan.
Arjun: Why do you say that?
Vishal: I was going to tell you guys that yesterday night I got up to ge a glass of water and then I saw Nikhil wake up as well. I passed their room and saw Chiku sleeping on the floor and then I saw Nikhil go back and sleep on the sofa. I hid when I saw them and then Chiku got up to close the door when Nikhil didn’t.
Arjun: He left the door open?
Vishal: He’s dumb.
Kunal: We know that.
Meghna: So that means it’s a charade, their marriage.
Vishal: We don’t know that for sure.
Arjun: How can we find out?
Meghna: I’ve asked Chiku myself but she didn’t say anything because Nikhil was standing behind me.
Kunal: We’ll need you to talk to her alone, outside the house.
Vishal: If Chiku is only listening to what Nikhil is telling her then…
Arjun: We’ll need to get Nikhils phone and text her.
Meghna: Good idea guys, but how will we get it?
Kunal: We can’t get it just like that, I know when we can.
Arjun: When?
Kunal: When’s the only time you don’t have your phone?
Arjun: When I’m showering.
Kunal: Exactly, we’ll make a situation which will make him get into the shower and he won’t take his phone in and that’s when we’ll grab it.
Meghna: You’re not as stupid as you look.
Kunal: Excuse me!
Vishal: Ghudiya!
Arjun high fived Meghna.
Meghna: Okay guys, this is what we’ll do….

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