Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 59

Part 59:

The wedding was taking place. Kunal was holding Maahir in his arms while Karan was holding Kaira. Arjun was standing between Karan and Kunal, the three of them were watching their sister lovingly. Meghna was standing next to Kunal and Naina was standing next to Karan. Vishal stood near Karan when he saw Naina walk off.
It was time for Naina to tie the knot for Khyati and Rahul. The Pandit called but Naina hadn’t come.
Meghna: One minute Pandit Ji, I’ll go and call her.
Karan: I’ll look as well.
Karan passed Kaira to Vishal and went to look for Naina with Meghna. They looked everywhere and came back.
NK: Where is Choti Bahu?
Karan: She was in the washroom and she told Bhabi to do it.
Karan lied. Meghna looked at Karan.
Meghna: Karan, Naina wanted to do it and n…
Karan: Bhabi, Naina isn’t here and I’m sure she won’t mind you doing it.
Meghna took her time walking to Rahul and Khyati, she hoped Naina would appear but she hadn’t.
Meghna tied the knot.
Meghna (mind): I hope for a very happy future for you both, I know Rahul will are care of Khyati and Khyati will take of Rahul. I pray that you both live happily ever after just like you wanted to Khyati.
Once she finished tying the knot, the couple took the 7 rounds. Everyone showered them with flowers. Meghna was worried as she still hadn’t seen Naina.
The Bidai part came and Khyati had hugged everyone and said goodbye. When she came to Karan.
Khyati: Bhai where is Naina Bhabi?
Karan: I know she wanted to say goodbye but why don’t you give me and extra hug and I can pass it onto her?
Khyati giggled with tears streaming down, she hugged Karan and then got into the car.

All the guests had left and the Chauhans along with Sharda and Vishal were sitting in the living area.
Karan was calling Nainas phone but there was no answer. Kunal approached him.
Kunal: Nothing yet?
Karan: Nope.
Kunal: What do we tell everyone?
Karan: I don’t know Bhai, I’ll check our room again to see if she left a note or something.
Kunal: Alright, I’ll be here with the rest.
Karan headed upstairs to his room.

Meghna brought the elders tea and distributed it.
She stood next to Kunal.
Kunal: Naina isn’t answering her phone but don’t worry I’m sure wherever she went she’s safe.
Meghna: Kunal, she’s never just disappeared like this.
Kunal: I know, but maybe something came up.
Meghna: I guess but…
The doorbell cut Meghna off and she went to open the door.
Meghna: Naina?!
Kunal was behind Meghna.
Kunal: What?!
The rest of the family were sitting down and were looking over at the door.
Dadaji: What’s going on?
Everyone got up and walked to see Naina standing with someone.
Karan was walking down the stairs and was talking.
Karan: Guys, Naina left her phone and there was no note. I’m worried.
Karan saw everyone huddled around the door. He made his over there and went to the front and saw Naina standing with none other than Nikhil. They were both wearing wedding garlands.
Karan: Naina?
NK: What is the meaning of this?
Sandhya: How dare you step anywhere near our house!
Nikhil laughed: Let’s get into the house then we can discuss what’s going on.
Nikhil held Nainas hand and barged through the door.
Meghna closed the door as everyone made their way into the living area.
Karan tried holding Nainas hand but she moved it.
Karan: Naina? What is going on?
Nikhil: Karan, why are you asking Naina, I have answers.
Arjun: We don’t want to hear any of your rubbish.
Naina: Let my husband talk.
Those four words echoed in everyone’s ears.
Karan: Husband?
Nikhil: That’s right, Naina is now my wife. Mrs Naina Nikhil Gupta!
NK: What nonsense!
Naina: Your voice down Mr Chauhan!
Meghna: Naina! That’s no way of speak to Papa.
Naina: He’s not my Papa.
Nirmala: Naina? What is happening?
Sharda: Chiku? What have you done?
Naina: I got married to Nikhil, can you not see?
Vishal: Why?
Naina: Because I love him!
Karan was stumbling back but Arjun and Vishal held him.
Meghna held Nainas arm: You’re lying! Why are you lying?
Naina took Meghnas hands off her: I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m telling you all I’ve married the person I love and yet you don’t understand?
Nikhil: You people!
Kunal held Meghna.
Sharda was growing angry: Is this what I’ve taught you? Is this what you’ve learnt? Betrayal? Look at me when I’m talking to you!
Sharda was raised her hand to slap Naina but Meghna and Kunal came in the way.
Sharda put her hand down.
Meghna: Mumma?
Kunal: Maa, what are you doing?
Meghna: Mumma, you’ve never raised your hand at any of your children, Vishal, Vaibhu, Naina or me. But today?
Sharda: This girl is not my daughter!
Kunal: Maa, please don’t say that.
Meghna turned around to look at Naina.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina didn’t look at Meghna.
Meghna then looked back at everyone else.
Meghna: I don’t know what’s happening but I know my sister would never do anything to betray us.
Kunal: Naina would never do anything like this, there has to be a reason behind this all.
Vishal: This isn’t even possible, Chiku you can’t be married to Karan and him.
Naina: I’m only married to Nikhil.
Nirmal walked to Naina: What?! You mean..
Naina: I have Karan a divorce.
Karan was still standing with the support of Vishal and Arjun. His heart was broken, his life had left.
Arjun: Where is the proof?
Nikhil tool out some paper and gave it to Sandhya who read it and didn’t understand.
Sandhya: The justice system doesn’t work like that, you got the Divorce papers signed only 4 days ago and neither Karan not Naina showed up to the court hearing and…
Nikhil: Oh, the justice system works anyway when you’ve got the money.
NK: You payed for this divorce?
Nikhil: Yes and it’s worth every penny looking at your reactions.
NK: That’s enough, get out of my house now!
Naina: We won’t.
NK: What do you mean?
Naina: I own half of everything Karan owns.
Sandhya passed the papers to NK.
Sandhya: It’s true.
Nikhil: You gave each of your child 5% of the house so now my wife owns 2.5% and she can do want ever she wants.
Naina: I’ve decided to live here with my husband.
Karan fell to the floor.
Kunal and Meghna ran to him.
Kunal: Karan…
Meghna: Karan? Get up please.
Karan didn’t say anything.
Meghna was angry upset and confused she got up and held Nainas arm.
Meghna: Tell me Naina, tell me! Tell me this is a joke and that you didn’t mean anything you said.
Naina: I don’t need to tell you anything.
Meghna: Yes you do!
Naina: Let go of me.
Nikhil raised a hand to slap Meghna but Kunal and Karan came to stop him.
Meghna saw her husband and devar.
Kunal: Don’t you dare try and touch my wife again you sick…
Karan: Don’t waste your words on him Bhai.
Meghna let go of Naina and then ran to her room.
Karan and Kunal let go Nikhils hand.
Everyone else departed to their own rooms, leaving Naina and Nikhil standing in the middle of the living area.


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    1. Tamihna0808

      Oh no! I’m sorry you’re disappointed but if you continue to read the later chapters you’ll understand! Just wait and watch! I hope you’ll still continue reading it, if you don’t then I understand of course! ❤?

  2. What naina marriage to nikhil !??? but i loved the twist ? I was totally in shock when they told they are married but looking soo interesting please post next chapter as soon as possible I’m dying to read the next chapter and u r fabulous writer and as I told story is becoming more interesting day by day I loved the twist the chapter was really emotional and I got butterflies in my stomach really really want to read next feeling pity for karan but I know is would a reason behind naina married to nikhil u know di I was totally in shock when I was reading the chapter my mother called me but I didn’t respond to her OMG di please post next chapter as soon as possible I think I can’t sleep tonight because I would why naina married to nikhil . BY THE WAY WHEN ARE U GOING TO POST NEXT CHAPTER post soon I loved the twist very very very very very much can’t wait yaar ???????????

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      OMG! Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! Really happy you’re enjoying it! Really happy with the response!! The next part will be up same time tomorrow! Can’t wait for you to see what will happen. ?❤?

  3. OMG I never expected naina to just ditch karan like that but I know for a fact that the story will get better and hopefully they will be back together

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      Thank you so much! Things will be revealed shortly! Keep reading! Thank you once again! ?❤?

  4. Pratha

    What a twist that was really unexpected.
    I really cant believe what a shot. A great shot in ipl by dhoni at last minute it was same like that…

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      Aaaw! Thank you! Love the cricket themes response ? I’ll upload same time tomorrow so keep look out! Thank you ?❤?

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    Nooooooo dii….. OMG poor Karan I love the twist but still I m feeling really bad for Karan…. Please unite Nairan as soon as possible…. Please its a humble request…. ?? ? ? but di episode was awesome ur a fabulous writer

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      Aaah! I know it’s sad but don’t worry! You’ll have to wait for what’s to come! I’m aureus you’ll enjoy it! Thank you so much! ?❤

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    1. Tamihna0808

      I know it’s crazy! But don’t worry you’ll eek what’s to come and it’ll be good. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Have fun in India! Happy Birthday to your Grandpa! Thank you for the lovely comment! ❤?


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      OMG! You make me laugh! So happy you’re intrigued by the twist! I’ll post same time tomorrow! Thank you for commenting❤?

  12. What a twist i didnt excdpt this honestly
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    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! Thank you so very much! You’re so sweet! I thought my storyline is kind of used a lot in hindi series but I’ll have more things coming! ?❤

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    OMG i really need to want to read the chapter. U are such a good writer love your ff

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      Aaw! Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! ❤ the next chapter will be up in a few hours! ?❤

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    1. Tamihna0808

      Aaw! You’re so sweet! This twist us going to show the strength and love between Nairan! Naina left Khyatis wedding to go and marry Nikhil and she came back being a “bad” person in front of everyone’s eesh., apart from Meghna and Kunal. The story is heading somewhere I promise and I hope you enjoy what’s to come! ❤?

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    Hey Tami di after solo many days..actually I have busy schedule these days but today I read all ur chappies..I know u must be missing my comment.today epi got me a stunned look..what a story girlll…really enjoying it…feeling bad for karan.
    Naina yeh kya kiya??!!!!!!
    But obviously its really good to read more nairan like thisss….but join nairan fast.coz after all nairan is nairannn.
    Loved all scenes
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      I really missed your comments and I understand how busy you can be! Don’t worry! Thank you for the compliment and Nairan will always be Nairan! ?❤

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      Nairan reunion will come in a few updates. Hope you enjoy the next part which is up! ??


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