Swabhiman-Meghnal&Nairan FF- Chapter 58

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Part 58:

It was 9 am and Meghna woke up, she saw the time and then looked to the cots which ahead saw was empty. She saw Kunal beside her.
Meghna: Kunal! The babies!
Kunal shot up from his sleep.
Kunal: Meghna, they’re with Karan and Naina.
Meghna took a deep breath.
Meghna: Sorry for waking you up like that I was…
Kunal: Don’t be sorry, I know you were scared.
Meghna: You go back to sleep, I should go downstairs.
Kunal: Okay, make sure you eat. I’ll ask everyone if you did.
Meghna smiled: I will.
Meghan got up, freshened up and went down to see everyone in the living area.
She took the elders blessings and then went to Maahir and Kaira, she gave them a hug and kiss.
Naina: Di, I’ll get you breakfast.
Meghna held Nainas hand: I’ll eat at the dinner table don’t worry.
They both went to the table and sat down. Naina served Meghna and sat with her.
Naina: You feeling good better?
Meghna: Much better knowing they’re okay, thank you for taking them.
Naina: Di, I wouldn’t let anything happen to my niece and nephew.
Karan stood behind Meghna: Haan Bhabi, we love them as much as you do.
Meghna smiled.
Karan: As long as we’re here, nothing will happen to anyone.
Meghna: Have you called ecmxtra security for tonight.
Naina: Haan Di, Papa has made the arrangements and same for the wedding on Friday.
Karan: Nothing to worry about Bhabi.
Meghna: Thanks again.
Naina: Oh yeah Di, Masi Maa showed the media the photo we had.
Meghna: That’s great, now everyone knows that it was a fake.
Karan: Yep, so we just wait for the wedding time be over and then we can handle Trishna and Nikhil. The Mendhi:

Khyatis outfit:


Meghnas outfit:


Nainas oufit:


The evening was a female only gathering for Khyatis Mendhi, though her brothers, father and Dadaji were present.
Nirmala was walking when she noticed a group of security guards at the door.
She walked to Naina.
Nirmala: Naina?
Naina: Haan Maa.
Nirmala: Why are they there?
Naina didn’t know what to say, even thing she knew what to say it just didn’t come out of her.
Naina: Woh… um…
Just then Karan stepped in.
Karan: Mom, they’re just security people.
Nirmala: I see that but for what?
Karan: Well, Dad just thought he’d bring some people from work to make sure everything is safe because of the recent things going on.
Nirmala: What recent things?
Karan: Near by robberies and things, nothing too serious but you know how Dad doesn’t want any harm to come to his special daughters day.
Nirmala smiled: I understand, well I’m going to check on something.
Karan smiled and watched his mother go.
Naina was standing there in silence.
Karan held Nainas hand: Naina?
Naina: Yes?
Karan: You okay?
Naina gave a small smile: Yeah, all is good.
Karan: You can’t lie to me.
Naina: Just worried.
Karan cupped Nainas face: You don’t need to be worried, we’re all together. I’m here.
Naina smiled properly: Thank you.
She gave him a hug.
The evening went by, Naina and Meghna were putting things away after the long evening when Naina bumped into Kunal.
Kunal: Naina, you okay?
Naina: Sorry Jeeju.
Kunal: Don’t be sorry, you were too deep into your thoughts.
Naina: Yeah.
Kunal: Is anything the matter?
Naina: No, not really.
Kunal: You sure? If you want to talk…
Naina: Don’t worry Jeeju all is good.
Kunal smiled and left.
Late at night Naina was in the kitchen making herself some warm milk. She was standing near the cooker in front of the saucepan that was filled with milk and over flowing. Meghna walked in and rushed to turn the gas off.
Meghna: Chiku?
Naina: Huh?
Meghna: The milk?
Naina looked down at the overflowing milk.
Naina: Oh.
Meghna: Chiku? Everything is okay right?
Naina was laughing a little: Everyone has been asking that Di, first Karan, then Jeeju and now you.
Meghna: Chiku you se…
Naina cut her off: It’s just been a long day, that’s all.
Meghna: You’re lying.
Naina: Di, it’s really nothing.
Naina was about to move but Meghna held her hand.
Meghna: Chiku, I’m your Di. I know better than you know yourself so tell me what’s really bothering you.
Naina: It’s about the twins, I’ve been thinking about the note.
Meghna: Chiku, everything will be fine. You don’t end to worry, once the wedding so over we’ll find out what’s really happening and stop it all.
Naina hugged her sister tightly.
Meghna knew how her baby sister was feeling.

The next day was full of preparations for the wedding. Friday came so quick.

Rahul&Khyatis outfit:


Meghnas outfit:

(She was wearing her Mangalsutra on her neck, some bold earrings and then Sindoor on her head. Her hair was curled and let out with a side parting. The dupatta was worn so her stomach wouldn’t be shown.)
Kunal wore a black sherwani with white detailing.
Nainas outfit:

(Same as Meghna with the Mangalsutra and Sindoor, she already had a necklace so she didn’t wear earrings and her hair was straightened and let out with her usual side parting. The dupatta again was worn so her stomach wasn’t shown.)
Karan wore a white sherwani with black detailing.

The wedding was taking place at the house, the mandap was all set. Meghna and Naina were in Khyatis room along with Nirmala and Sandhya.
Nirmala: I can’t believe you’re leaving us all today.
She said with tears in her eyes.
Khyati: Mom, this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I hope I’ll have your blessings with me when I start this new life.
Nirmala: You will always have my blessings Khyati.
Sandhya: You’ll have all of our blessings.
There was a knock at the door.
Khyati: Who is it?
A woman walked in.
Meghna&Naina: Mumma?
Khyati got up and took Shardas blessings.
Sharda: Live a long and happy life dear.
Sharda hugged Khyati.
Meghna and Naina took Shardas blessings and hugged her.
Sandhya: We’re glad you could make it.
Nirmala: Vishal is here as well right?
Sharda: Thank you for the invitation and yes, Vishal is downstairs.
Meghna: Should we take Khyati down?
Nirmala: Yes, Sandhya, Sharda Ji let’s go down and then the girls can come down in a few minutes.
Sandhya: Chalo.
The older women went downstairs.
Naina: All ready Khyati?
Khyati nodded her head.
Naina: We’re going to miss you.
Meghna: Yeah, we’ll miss you a lot.
Khyati: I know!
The three had a group hug and then slowly made their way down.

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